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Mar 15, 2010
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Posted Nov 23, 2009 at The Wizard's Edge
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Posted Nov 2, 2009 at Justin Time Specials
Dave, you are as insightful as ever in this piece, and it's an important one at that. I think it was Zig Ziglar who said, "The opposite of courage is not cowardice but conformity." That's the power of group think in almost any hierarchical situation. While in my 20's I enrolled in the hottest course of it's time, EST. Late in the morning, with no break in hours, an elderly lady in front of me got up and headed up the aisle. They were famous for not allowing bathroom breaks or other comforts. The trainer stopped and addressed her, asking where she thought she was going. She was clearly embarrassed. The ensuing dialogue was abrasive and verbally threatening. The entire audience, including me, sat there and watched her pain. She explained that she'd recently had surgery, which was why she had to leave. When he continued his vebal assault with her frozen in place, in tears, I finally got up and told her to just keep going and began to walk with her. The trainer was going nuts, screaming at us. I turned around and suggested something to the effect that he go fornicate himself. The word was harsher. The audience remained in shocked silence, looking back at this ogre, as he finalized his abuse by telling us to get out for good. Only one other person stood up and protested and left with us. There were over 500 in the room. That was the most important lesson I could have learned, and I was ashamed that it had taken me that long to stand in protest. Some of our modern day gurus, politicians, religious leaders, ad agencies and "celebrities" have well learned these super persuasion techniques. We have to be the guardians of our own minds and souls and what you are doing with posts like this is putting that out in 3-D. Thank you, Dave. Tom Justin Not A Guru
I like the new layout. The formatting doesn't work right. If I set links then change the type or size, I get various problems. The links don't work, or a link migrates to the paragraph or column above. Any change in formatting has some potential danger. Also, I can't get some type to size. Even after removing formatting, I raise it up 2 points, publish and it remains the original size. This has taken me far too much time, so be sure to let me know when it's ready, as it looks good other than that.
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Lark Williams is a generous and compassionate woman who is frequently so busy helping others she shorts herself. Her mic and stage presence are powerful and always enjoyable. She's as dynamic in her personality as she is in physical stature, and that's saying a lot! Her talents and generosity aside, Lark is a ready and loving friend to those of us fortunate to be allowed in and yet who are also wise enough to allow her to be who she is and not just a "personality" to be revered. I am proud, grateful, and happy for her friendship. Tom Justin
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2009 on Who is Lark Williams? at Larks List Reviews
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The Being Human by Tom Justin The God within has begun to stir. Slowly, feel the surge, As It pulsates through your being, Growing, Expanding, To Omnipresence. The Holy-healing light flows through you, As you embrace and amplify this Love that is God, Know that you are protected. Like a magic wand of the universe, You are an initiator, A presenter of the infinite, With all the love and joy that God can bring. Rejoice and live your life with peace of mind, And total freedom of your soul, On every level of the physical and astral plane. You have... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2009 at The Wizard's Edge
I wish I had a nickle for every GB I've used on YouSendIt and a penny for every GB used by those I've referred. It's like a fire extinguisher in a hot zone. Gotta have it, gonna use it! Tom Justin