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Toney Carter
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This Season, has been a nightmare for the FIU family. We have to change the direction of the FIU's Football Program, the Athletic Department,needs to be changed so we can dislodge ourselves from this homemade. FIU, has so much potential, however, it's underutilized or not utilized at all. The student, staff, and the community should be coming to the games, and if they’re not, we need to ask why? Also, FIU needs to stop trying to be UM. We will never be in their league, that's reality, but my question is why, are we trying to? The school needs to be true to itself and the fans and money will come. However, I have sent emails to the FIU's Athletic Department and have not gotten a reply canned or otherwise, about some of my concerns. I have contacted the department about other matters and again, no reply. Again, we need to get rid of Pete Garcia, however, who would want this position once, we remove Pete and his minions?
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Dec 3, 2013