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Thank you Stephanie for sharing this story and bring this very personal point to focus. I have pictures of me dancing naked as a baby and I remember loving to take off all of my clothes and run through the yard. After reading your story and everyone's comments, I am left wondering when I lost that joy too. I think it happen for me when my body hit puberty. I was told to wear a robe after my shower and I was scolded for how I looked in clothes that were "inappropiate". All in all I became very aware of my appearance and that my body could look bad if I was not careful. Wow, strong stuff when you are young, I guess. Strong stuff even now as an adult. Of course, I can say all of this, but I know that I will still not feel comfortable to be "sky-clad" as my nudist friend like to say. I also think I am okay with that though a good naked dance in my bedroom after a shower may be in order. I agree with you, Stephanie, I think we are all beautiful too. Its just sometimes I need to remind myself that includes me. :) Thank you again for your beautiful story and for keeping us focused on the good things.
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