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LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing, Wil!
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I love this. Thank you for it!
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2011 on the value of a quarter at WWdN: In Exile
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Coooooool! Would love to get one!
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Two RFB's in two weeks?! Fantastic! Man, I hadn't realized how much I missed it until I listened to the last episode last week, and I'm thrilled there's another one today! Thanks Wil!
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Just Awesome!
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I love the idea of using it for gaming! I also, though, am a fan of the iPad in general. I do see, though, how it won't be for everyone. Still, for me, having a web surfing pad that's Mac, but not a full sized laptop, is great. I run a theatre, and spend a ton of time downloading/reading/emailing scripts and schedules, and for a while now my iPhone has done that, but the screen is tiny. Having a bigger screen that's not as obnoxiously bulky as a full laptop is something that I think will fit my needs wonderfully - maybe not everyone's needs, but I'm looking forward to using one... and you're right - gaming on it just makes it that much more appealing! :)
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Mar 31, 2010