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Tony Kan
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@Atwood: "While it still surely has its niche uses, I personally don't miss handwriting recognition. Not even a little. And I can't help wondering if voice recognition will go the same way." @Jared Taylor: if you can type faster than handwrite (which most people can) obviously handwriting recognition is pointless. Well I find I'm using HWR all the time. There is a danger about the keyboard, it can be too fast. Writing quickly without first forming one's thought and argument carefully leads to a less effective and persuasive communication. For this reason my Apple Newton continues to get daily use. I've even got one doing duty as a web server: For me, there are many situations where pulling out a keyboard device isn't culturally acceptable. I have lots of business meetings in a day. Staring into a screen and tapping into a keyboard is seen as distracting and if focused on it too long, people start thinking you're playing. @Rob O'Daniel: "On the handwriting tangent, ya hafta wonder why Jobs & Co. didn't build handwriting recognition into the iPad. Is it that he simply didn't see the need to compete with tablet PCs, he didn't believe it'd be successful enough, or that he views handwriting as a useless and all but dead technology?" I think Steve didn't want * the bulk of a decent sized stylus to ruin the aesthetic value of the iPhone design. * the complaints he might get from people with poor quality handwriting * to relearn the lessons from the Newton. Apple learnt from the Newton experience that it was much speedier navigating around and getting things done just by tapping rather than writing. The Newton UI guide talks about this and recommends to designers that they minimize any writing required: See and
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Jul 16, 2010