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Though I have only recently become a fan after first hearing you on the Nerdist Podcast Live at SDCC 2011 with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, I have always seen you not as a celebrity, but as more of a role model of sorts, in the fact that you always try and live your life with your wife, family, and friends coming before anything else. I hope you can look past one person getting butt-hurt because you wanted to go to bed rather than pander to their wants and needs, which I think is just unacceptable of any person that considers themselves a fan of anything. You, as well as any other guests at a convention, are human just like the rest of us and though it is nice when we get to interact with you, we all have a responsibility as fans to not overwhelm you more than you already are. The sheer fact that you responded to Lilith in a very gentlemanly manner, and even apologized for upsetting other fans, just goes to show that you really do mean well and you just can't please everyone. I hope you continue to do awesome work with everything you have been doing (Absolutely loving Tabletop, btw... my wife and I have bought almost every game that has been featured on the show). I hope you can eventually make it to the Houston area soon, I have plenty of dice for you!
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Jun 18, 2012