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No, lilredbird, that does not work as an explanation. In your devotion to defending American against what you see, mostly correctly, against creeping Islam, you have just revealed the orthodoxy of your atheism. Though you are an atheist, you come from Christian assumptions about what defines religion. Most assimilated Jews btw make the same error. Zionism is the restoration of the Jewish people to its homeland. The Jews are a people with a faith, a national way of life that can only be fully expressed in Israel. You're simply revealing atheist prejudices. Condell may be an ally of furious American conservatives, he is an enemy to Jews.
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SPQR, no - it's just disgust and frustration with the prevalence of arrogant, threatening creatures like you who have replaced our eternal truths with all sorts of shabby replacements. It's also a certain amount of anger that so many human beings - like you - elevate themselves among these truths, then respond with labels and threats when you hear them voiced.
Posted Aug 2, 2010 at Rianun04's blog
There is no doubt any longer as to the side that he's on, auntie izlam. An organization linked to Obama also supported Qadhafi's flotilla, according to another Geller post. Ayers linked to earlier flotilla attempts. Brennan praising Jihad as Islamic spiritual self-examination. A way to look at Obama is simply as the nadir of Western political 'leadership' and the embodiment of political corruption in reference to Islam, Saudia Arabia, etc. If you have already made yourself 'white slaves' (King Fahd's reference to US soldiers in Gulf War I), then why not simply make it an official thing? So the 'building bridges' is simply meant - or at least grasped by the Ummah - as the Western elites 'coming out' and admitting that their loyalties are to the money and power enabled by OPEC and cultivation of Muslim dictatorships.
Relax, Charles. Sarastro was just venting. He is weary of the assault against his culture, his government, his life. You, on the other hand, do not concede that it is occurring. I'll take one over-zealous Sarastro to ten of you.
John's post describes it well. Stay safe. I have been thinking and mentioning this possibility. Take extra precautions from now on, Pamela. By this I mean from now on = forever.
Okay, I broke my vow again. :) Let's make clear I think Obama is very bad news for the United States and the world, though he does have a certain value for Israel because he forces Bibi and the elite to consider whether to be sovereign or not. Back to the thread - I agree with Bill Fisk here. I think everybody is missing the point. I believe the Iranians and Syrians (Assad Sr) were responsible for Lockerbie using a Shiite from Lebanon. It's likely that this Shiite, who was using the particular flight run as a way to transport drugs from Lebanon - and was allowed to do so because he was feeding intelligence to the West - simply turned out to be a double agent and planted a bomb instead. It helped that Pan Am didn't match passengers to luggage, a fact that helped end their life as an airline. The Libyan is a terrorist, but he was almost certainly the 'fall guy' because it didn't serve anybody's interests to know that Western intelligence agencies were letting a drug dealer smuggle dope with their 'permission.'
Considering the reality of NYC, that choice of explosives doesn't automatically mean incompetence. It could also mean smarts. // Very good point, Armaros. The media is already 'looking for a white man in an alley.' According to al-Reuters, well, the cops are driving to PA to talk to the photog. Got to track down the white guy. Hey, maybe it's a lone McVeigh? Next trick is for the Lefties to declare it a NWO or Zionist plot. You'll be reading things like 'this has the fingerprints of the Mossad all over it.' The anti-Semites will tell you that the Mossad is all about deception, and then in the next breath that Netanyahu was in London on 7/7/2005 to 'oversee' the bombings there. After that, it will be 'hey, what has Dubya Bush been doing? He's a lone white man.' And so on...
pythagoras, I don't think anyone has a plan for removing Mr. Obama from power; not one that would be agreed to by any influential judges. Looks like many of them are corrupt as well.
Testing, one, two, three...
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They need to find out where the Muslim kid in Virginia was, the one that threatened the South Park creators. If they had real intent to find the perp, they'd be making a presence felt in all the various mosques etc. But they will not.
The matter is really not that simple. I have previously taken flak for critiquing Pam's style. I will do it again, even though I believe she is right on the facts, but... 1) the issue is indeed exaggerated; 2) the list of insults as noted by another blogger is impressive. This undercuts some of your efforts, Pam, but nothing ever stops you from using insults as a common form of expression on your blog. And that is a pity.
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Congratulations & Mazal Tov.
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Got it. Just try to hang onto that one eye and your forehead. I think your forehead is even bigger than mine. As when someone here compared the size of Bibi's cranium to Barack OB-The-One O'Bama.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
Very confusing. BTW, Bill, what happened to the rest of your head?
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
Woods' problem with his driving is in his swing and in his mind. Maybe Tiger should consult our Golf Page at up to fitness dot com?
Very good speech. One correction - it's not 'the old testament.' Call it the Bible, or call it the Tanach, please. The 'New Testament' is an odd-on to the Bible. Simple fact. No, Jews are not safe in America. The anti-Semitism is sprouting up more and more. Jews as ever have one homeland.
Good points, 4infidels. You are absolutely right.
Rodney's point is a good one. OTOH the Dems might consider using Blago as a means of getting rid of Obie without having their entire reputations ruined for bringing in someone they knew/know is illegal.
It's a stupid joke. Jones probably did not understand that it was anti-Semitic. He may have even heard a Jew tell the joke. It is true that, as 'lame' as this joke is, it can be 'read' as supportive of Jewish 'cleverness' and us supposedly getting the last laugh on our enemies. Of course, that would only be funny if we really historically did often get the last laugh, and of course that is not true. I think what he was doing was saying 'hey, I'm one of you, I can even tell lame inside-baseball anti-Semitic jokes and that is a sign that we are one.' Something like that. He of course is not 'one of us' but he may not understand that either. It must be said in his 'defense' that the behavior of many Golah Jews and some Israelis encourages Americans and others to think that they are our protectors. When our only protectors are our brains, courage, the IDF and security services, and Hashem. I know this angers many, but Pam and many pro-Israel people who are addicted to the idea of America as saving the world can't understand that the US has never had a clearly pro-Israel policy. It's just that under Obama, as under Clinton or Carter, it heads towards anti-Israel.
Pam's comparison is fairly accurate between the terrorist and the mind-set of the Administration. The real question is 'how did the American people elect this man to be their leader?' I suspect that there are multiple answers, and many have been given. What still amazes me is that his background was known, his associations were known, and few liberals decided either not to vote or vote for a flawed but better McCain. Just what were the people thinking?
The real 'holy grail' is truth and morality. Opposing Islam is fine and necessary, and dangerous (obviously). I don't get the surprise at Comedy Central's attitude; after all, they also give you Jon Stewart. Apart from the threat of economic boycott and 'losing your head' is the fact that people like Jon Stewart think 'all religions are the same.' As a secular Indian I know claimed, 'it's all garbage.' It's not all garbage, of course. Then again, if we want to talk about 'truth', then we have to discuss some of the pillars of Christianity, specifically those things that derive from Mithra-worship, Greek myth, the incorporation of Egyptian and Babylonian concepts. But wait! The Evangelicals claim that these are all Jewish inventions.... And so on. And on. And on.
Let's be fair to O'Reilly. I did not like his 'conclusion' but he did not exactly praise the Jihadists. I too hope the South Park boys will hire security. I don't say they 'should not have' done this. They have to be aware of the risks. Pam, you have put yourself out there in a courageous and admirable way. Few people have this kind of guts. If Parker and Stone do, again, I admire them. Clearly, all three of you are more brave than O'Reilly. If he would censor satire of Islam on his show because of fear, it is both sad and understandable. Literally, these people are killers, as he said. It also explains some of the Stockholm Syndrome of the Left, or the Liberals, in every Western Country. We should all stand up boldly, in theory. Yet I can not ask another to endanger his family because I say he must. And O'Reilly does capitulate, as you say. It is cold truth.
Yousef also claimed 'credit' for Flight 800. Numerous eyewitnesses reported seeing missile-type trails going upwards. All of it discounted.
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