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Tom, Very sorry to see you resigning from CILIP Council. Was any reason given for the proposal for nonelected members of Council or the proposal that the President should not be directly elected? I can't help but feel that any organisation that has lost over a quarter of its membership over four years needs to start thinking very hard about what it is offering to those members, rather than worrying about new names and odd election procedures.
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2014 on Farewell to CILIP Council at Tom Roper's Weblog
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Steve, I suspect that the authors of the report have measured UK patent activity simply by measuring GB patents. Searching graphene in title or abstract and EP as country code in Espacenet gives 131 hits. It is likely that most of these if granted will maintain the UK designation. Searching graphene and GB as priority (a crude and not wholly accurate measure of the location of the invention) gives 22 families, most of which will comprise two or more patents. In any case, the number of patents granted by a particular country in respect of a particular technology reflects more the definition of unity of invention applied there. Chris Torrero PS, there seems to be something wrong with your link to the BBC website, it gives a 404 error. The correct link is [Thanks, Chris ! Ed.]
Steve, Thank you for pointing out the improvements in Patentscope. Hitherto, I've generally used it when a PCT document is missing from Espacenet or if I want the IPER. One area that does look interesting is what appears to be the ability to set up an RSS feed for current awareness. Thus, if you search for PA:Siemens and click on the RSS icon on the next page, it appears that you can create a feed of patent applications in the name of Siemens. The Help page is a bit sketchy on the subject and I haven't tested it yet. Chris Torrero
There are proposals for a registerable image right in Guernsey. I'm not sure if it persists after death.
Steve, Thank you for the heads-up on what looks to be an interesting exhibition, but why does the associated website have to be so maddeningly complex? Chris Torrero [Chris, I quite agree -- the site for the museum is awkward to navigate and is hence an example of poor design in my opinion. Ed.]
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Nov 11, 2011