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I heard Ronnie Brown once glanced at a copy of the Book of Mormon, and once had a Steve Young rookie card, so we should get rid of him and Beck! Signed, Eric the bigot in miami
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Please, please trade John Beck! He'd ask for the trade himself but that would seem disloyal. I'm sure he can't wait to get the Hell out of dodge and go someplace with sane leaders and away from anti-Mormon bigots like ericmiami. Leave the unis the way they are. Let's not overreact like every other struggling team and assume we need weird logos and crap to turn the team around. The unis worked for the '72 Fins. If anything I say go back to the real unis, get the angry look off the dolphin, get rid of the black backed numbers, and go totally retro! We might also want to try not just shipping out Beck because he didn't do more than just average against LAST YEARS' #2 DEFENSE IN A PRE-SEASON GAME, WHO WAS PLAYING CVOER 2, AND MAYBE ACTUALLY TRY BLOCKING FOR BECK SO HE'S NOT HIT ON THE 2ND STEP OF A 3 STEP DROP. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE THAT'LL IMPROVE FORTUNES TOO.
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I for one want to see John Beck leave the team, but not for the same reasons a lot of you might want him gone. I personally think he deserves better than a lot of the anti-Mormon crap he's been getting from closed-minded people on blogs and fansites. I think he could use a fresh start in a place where he doesn't get thrown to the wolves in year one, have the offense and his throwing motion changed in year two, only to get the two week ultimatum crap laid on him by Parcells and Sparano. Please, release John Beck! Maybe he can sign on someplace with stability and sanity while he isn't shell-shocked into retirement!
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