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David, I couldn't agree more with your list. In fact, I think if you do the first three points with fervor, frequency and great content you'll end up being approached by a publisher anyway. That's exactly what happened to me. I didn't plan on writing a book, but after I was approached by a number of publishers I decided there must be something to it. Can't wait to have the book done. It's painful... so different than my blog strategy or writing guest posts for others.... arghh.... Thanks again for your insight. - Drew
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I too hope to be a back cove owner one day and look forward to come and tour the facility in Rockport. Thanks for the open invite and looking forward to cruising the main coast. Thanks, Andrew
I didn't like the Pork Slap... I've tried it. Actually, I thought it used to be called Pork Slop - which I think is a better name! I think the pork farmers didn't like that so they renamed it. Miss you guys!
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