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Woo-Hoo! Take that Blu! Hahahahaha! This is great news if Netflix and Microsoft partner up!
I didn't get one, but I didn't have any DVDs that were supposed to get shipped. I would assume the credit is only those customers who were affected, as I was not affected.
I'd probably buy a shirt or beanie hat.
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2008 on Netflix Brand Fleece on eBay at Hacking NetFlix
What do they do with DVDs that are not mailed out? Are they stuffed in an envelop and then wait for someone to rent them?
Netflix should start putting a disclaimer on newer sleeves that asks users to be careful while handling the DVD. It could read something like, "Please be curteous to the next renter and handle this DVD with care. Please keep it in this sleeve when possible". This could help prevent the disks from being scratched.
I've noticed just one DVD that took an extra day to be received. I believe the Christmas mailing rush just strains the USPS system and sometimes things just move slower down the line.
Why can't the parents just not rent the 'sinful' movies from Netflix? Doesn't make any sense to me.
If Blockbuster can get past this unaffected, I'm sure Netflix would simply redesign the envelopes to get around the fee. Maybe Netflix should starting shipping the DVDs FedEx?
HD-DVD will win this battle. Microsoft supports it, that is all that matters.
I find it interesting that there is an article on the future of the USPS, and then the next article states that USPS is not delivering today.