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Tracee Bland Hartman
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I just lost my daughter Aissa 27 to the same type of drugs November 22 2009. She left behind 2 children... I know we all will be hit with this in the future. someone you know... It may be a child or a loved one but,, it will happen. and i am sorry for that but... please don't judge something you know nothing about. this is just the tip of what will happen in the future. I just pray you never have to say goodbye to a child or a loved one for something to this nature because,,,, it will never set right will you. It kills me to not have been able to change what had happen to my child. but that is life and thank god I know she is in a better place. so keep your loved ones near, know what they are are doing at all times and pray they will make all the right choices.From a mother that has been there.....and someone that will never stop hurting. just my view Tracee
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Dec 24, 2009