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Hi Marsha, This is such a great post because you've captured that first step of letting go and realizing it not only works, it's better! Thanks for sharing this! Kind regards, Tracy
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Hi Marsha, Thanks for sharing this. What a great conversation. I know I threw out my original rubrics and ended up only using rubics that aligned with Bloom's Taxonomy. So basically, I'd ask myself, what would this look like at knowledge/remembering? comprehension/understanding? application/applying? analysis/analyzing? -- And that's how I'd build the rubric tiered with Bloom's. I did find the checklists and feedback I gave throughout the pbl was the most beneficial. They already knew their grade before they even presented in most cases. Often times I'd have them self reflect and grade themselves and I'd ask for evidence of why they thought that -- and would join with evidence to support their choice (or in most cases I saw more than they did and we boosted their score higher after I'd ask probing questions to get them to think more about what they'd accomplished). The beauty for "grading" was, it was already done and wasn't this huge thing for me, the teacher; while kids knew exactly what they accomplished/their strengths, and set new goals for the next step. So, in a way, those rubrics became checklists (more like organic checklists). Does this make sense? Marsha, have you seen Mark Barnes' ROLE Revesal? Great discussion on this. Also, was this something you just saw on Twitter, or are there dedicated #pbl chats at certain days/times of the week? Kind regards, Tracy
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Aug 10, 2011