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Tracy Wolfe
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Tracy Wolfe added a favorite at WWdN: In Exile
Jun 21, 2012
Lovely post! I had a similar experience, also in the 80s. I had struggled in most of my English classes in both analytical and creative writing, but always tested extremely high in comprehension evaluations. I took this in stride; I figured I just wasn't so great at writing. My grades were great otherwise, until 11th grade I had an English teacher who was of the "find the symbolism in this book and there is only one right answer" variety. I would submit my essays and have them returned to me with not many comments besides "Nope, that's wrong." Luckily I didn't really end up hating the books themselves (okay, I will probably never ever re-read "Lord of the Flies"), just the instructor. All I managed to take away from that class was "okay--I really, REALLY suck at writing, and apparently critical thinking, too." I somehow managed to pull a C and thus would have qualified to take AP English the next year. Only problem was, same instructor taught AP English. I declined to enroll in that class and instead took a really basic Brit Lit and some other class that was basically a remedial English class of the "pick a book and write a book report" type. I liked both of those classes just fine, but of course not having taken AP English, had to enroll in an English class the next year in college. I dreaded it; however, this instructor was amazing. Long story short, he helped me learn how to not be so terrified of writing. In fact, the creative writing paper I did for his class, he liked so much he read it in front of the class. (Yeah, kind of embarrassing but secretly I was very pleased.) Also got to read Brave New World in his class and was blown away. My first A in English!
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Tracy Wolfe added a favorite at WWdN: In Exile
Jun 16, 2012
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Jun 16, 2012