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I would very much like to own a copy of this story in the form of your next fiction chapbook.
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We had to scrap a few ideas for the Transmetropolitan art book down the line before it became what it is now. It was tough to set aside things we thought would be brilliant, and yet couldn't quite execute. But later on, when a sponsor wanted ideas for a not-for-profit pitch, we had those "dead" ideas in a box just waiting to be sifted through. If their pitch works out, there might be a cool Transmet surprise at SDCC 2011! Even good ideas can become better ideas. We didn't know what we were going to do with the wonderful essay donated by editor Stuart Moore, and then a perfect Dave Taylor illustration came along and now those have been paired as an Afterword (incidentally, Warren Ellis claimed the Foreword, lucky us!). I guess what I'm saying is, your post applies to other creative projects too-- not getting lost down the narrow path of one precious idea or detail, and accepting that a better idea or solution might be right around the corner if you change direction.
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I have the PAX version of this chapbook, and it's fantastic! Be warned, you'll want to lend this one out, so spring for the paperback copy, it's worth it! :D
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You should do the roll of the dice on UStream, that would be awesome! :D
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Great episode, Wil! "DON'T SAY IT! THAT BARELY APPLIES HERE!" Funny from beginning to end. :)
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Dec 13, 2010