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Travis Long
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Love the dunk by Pierce... but guess I'm just a Ray Allen fan that three was beautiful. He knew it was good the whole time, in D-Wades face. Plus its clutch, and in the playoffs. Voting for Ray.
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Anybody wanna shot? I figure we should take some shots, since my teammates couldn't make any shots... ya know. Hilarious
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Agree. Rondo was into last game. He was playing hard, IDK what game you guys were watching. The reason he probably walked away from the huddle is because he WAS giving it his all. He WAS attacking the basket, trying to draw charges, getting after loose balls. The rest of the big three were not. I'm sure he was frustrated. The BIG THREE need to step up. Not RONDO.
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I don't think Rondo has been himself lately. I don't know what the problem is, but I hope he kicks in it come playoffs. His energy just isn't the same. He doesn't seem like he's really into the games like he used to be.
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Mar 13, 2011