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Am not a Todd and Blair fan if was pointed at me. Am a Trevor St John and only a Trevor fan. So I don't know where you get am Todd and Blair fan. I love Todd with who ever they were going to pair Todd with. Kelly, Evangeline and I love him with Tea now. So I don't know where get am a Todd and Blair fan.
Well it worked. Susan Haskell hasn't had anything to do since being paired with John and winning her Emmy. So what does the show do in order to not only give Marty the buzz but to jump start her character so they can head her into a triangle storyline with John/Natalie/Marty put her in a scene with Todd. Oh yes that will give her a buzz and it worked. For those who hate Todd it gives Marty the buzz they want. Don't you find it strange after all these months of Todd and Marty not having scenes together they throw this scene between the both them in? They made Todd look like a ass so they can get an reaction out of the fans. And yes it worked with Todd oh so well. It gave Marty the buzz she needed. Lets bring Todd the prop master out to help Marty. This scene should of never happen. Am tired of hearing of the rape, am tired of the rehashing of it over and over again. Am tired of Trevor St John getting bash constantly just because certain fanbases only hate him when things are not going their way. And most of all am tired of the show using Todd/Trevor as the prop master to jump start characters that are failing. This scene was a joke and use for the shows agenda's and its getting tiresome. Trevor deserves more than this. And yes this is JMO