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Trex Simon
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Thanks for the update Alfred & Tolec ! Always good to hear from you guys. I get the feeling you are not owned by Rupert Marduk. Interesting that the ovum (Earth) had to travel to a place/time to be fertilised. Not unlike the fertilisation of the human egg. No wonder Drunvalo kept quiet about it until now. It wouldn't do to have a 4D Earth born into the bondage of a felopian tube.
Another good interview Alfred. I love the clarity in George Kavassilas' descriptions of the nature of consensus reality in the multi-verse. How the parallel time-lines are formed and how the nature of reality is of our own manifestation. So, "folks", next time your whinging about a global elite government enslaving you. Don't forget you asked for it. & if you can't swallow that, well how about you accepted it and allowed it to manifest, so now you have to see it through...
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Jul 23, 2011