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Zorn: Thank you for your reply to my post about Ervin Jefferson, and you make a fair point about the many murders here in Chicago. But you surely know that the Trayvon story has gotten the attention it has because he was shot by a "White Hispanic" whatever that means. Had it been a black neighborhood watchman who killed Trayvon, no one would care, just like no one seems to care about the black killers of young, unarmed Ervin Jefferson. So aren't you just fanning the racial flames by buying in to the Sharptons of the world who want to create conflict between the races?
I am eagerly awaiting the Zorn minute-by-minute breakdown of the murder of a black teen shot in cold blood by two neighborhood security guards who were never charged with a thing....oh wait no one cares about Ervin Jefferson. I wonder why that is.... ZORN REPLY - -Just heard about this story and recall that most of us in the media started following this story when activists and protesters got all het up about it. So when Al Sharpton goes to Atlanta and the national stink begins, I might be interested. Until then, we have a couple dozen murders or so here each month.
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Apr 20, 2012