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Trina N
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I love Phở when I'm sick, but it has to have extra cock sauce! Hum... Sriracha sauce! Next time I'm feeling off I'll have to try this instead. Calamity Bird, lol. Jihee is always very enthusiastic.
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Laphroaig tastes like burning peat bog. I'd prefer my scotch to be woody. Then again scotch is not the not the only thing I like with wood. Ha!
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ECCC is one of those places that remind you just how awesome people can be, our potential, and the things we have in common. It is the cumulation of people and things we love that make ECCC so magical. If there was a skill to cause happiness, ECCC would give people +10 to their roll. Wil, ECCC would not be the same without you. Thank you for being awesome. :)
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Mar 8, 2011