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Interests: Politics, astrophotography, union activism,
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Wow! This website is fantastic! I love to witness the pencil-dicked authoritarians lose their shit when a black Democratic President takes their "War President" ball and runs for a touchdown. The rightwing butthurt here is exquisite! Please, moar tears for fears!
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I am a little disappointed that a Democrat-leaning organization would ally itself with PayPal, after they cutoff donations to Wikileaks because of government threats. Unfortunately, I understand why it is a necessary evil, but I don't have to like it.
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She/her, of course, refer to Gabriel Giffords. I came back to get a link back to this site, and saw that I'd failed to mention Ms. Gifford's name at all.
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This is a terrible way to find out about this site. As a semi-Socialist living in Green Valley, I don't see too many non-Authoritarians, and I'd given up hope that there was sanity here. I'm also an atheist, so all I can offer is my sincere hopes for her recovery. I've given her hell in the past for some of her votes, such as the FISA/Telecom Immunity BS, but she's done as much as humanly possible to encourage science funding here in S. Az., and I know we could've done a lot worse, rep-wise.
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I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of people on the right who said, during the beginning of the health care reform proposals, that, while of course our health insurance situation is completely broken, with millions of people uninsured, insurance rates skyrocketing every 6 months, denials of service becoming the standard, but that they believed that it should be a "bi-partisan" effort, rather than the Democrats and Obama deciding on how to proceed. Those of us not wearing the special wingnut blinders were able to see how many Republican suggestions were included in the bills before Congress, yet not one vote for the bill was ever proffered. Now, we see the completely dishonest right-wing in all it's glory; now they don't see any problem with how the system was before the Democrats took majority control, and the cries about how, once again, the insurance reforms are being shoved down our throats are echoed in lockstep. Here's another point never voiced by the right; while they love to point to the polls showing the majority opposes this bill, they neglect to mention that large portion of those in opposition are those, like me, who feel this bill is not even close to reform, because there is still no real competition, and in fact, the mandate makes it even less likely that prices will stabilize. We oppose this bill because Single Payer was taken off the table before any debate began, and Obama, it now is revealed, made back room deals that assured the insurance industry that the Public Option would be sunk. Yeah, a lot of us who don't support the bill, do so because it ain't socialist enough!
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