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Congratulations on the new puppy. That is one beautiful dog and that face is so precious. Rescue dogs and cats are awesome- they just know they're loved and wanted.
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Come to Austin Con in October and not only with the weather be beautiful but I will make sure to give you some dice for your collection :)
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muahahahahahha you can't fool me with your military time. You were late for your 2PM appointment. I enjoyed reading this. You really have a way of making us feel like we are with you int eh room auditioning. I hope you get the job. If not, then at least you are getting your auditioning legs back under you. Also, Hitchhiker's Guide for the WIN!
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Really cool look inside your office. Agree with other posters about use of a G-pod or other stabilizer- will help a lot and you can put it down so that you can read or look directly at the camera. Also, thanks for supporting the Bastrop Fire relief. I live in Central Texas and it was not a good summer. We got not only the effects from the fires in West and Bastrop but also from fires on Ft Hood. It was just a bad summer and I am so glad that we are now getting rain.
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Dec 3, 2011