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I agree - whatever works for you is what you should go with and I would never presume to tell someone what they should do, if they have a workable routine. In my local homebrew krewe, we have everyone from guys to do kits only to guys who do 20 gal. of gravity assisted all-grain at one throw. I have a buddy who I get nervous helping because of his damn-the-torpedos approach to cleaning equipment, and one (a NICU pediatrician) who drives me nuts with his "laboratory approach". They both make great stuff.
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I apologize in advance, because this is gonna sound smug/arrogant since it violates what almost every homebrewer considers the prime directive. I've been homebrewing for over 20 years. For the first few years I was beyond anal about sanitizing everything. Then my buddy, who has a Ph.D. in biochemistry, wanted to learn. He came over and I was showing him the elaborate process I was going through to sanitize all the bottles. He said, "You know, if they're clean without any crud on them, if you just fill them to the brim with tap water and let them soak for a few hours, it'll kill any bacteria." Could this be? Yes it could!!! I haven't used sanitizer or bottle brushes since the mid 90s. When I drink a brew, I rinse the bottle thoroughly and put it away. When I'm ready to bottle a batch, in the morning I fill my empty bottles to the brim from the sink, and dump the water as I'm filling up from the bottling bucket that afternoon. This works, and it saves hours of crappy un-fun prep. For the fermentation and bottling buckets (and hoses and bottler and lid, etc.) I just fill them with a weak household bleach solution for a couple of hours, drop all the ancillary equipment in, and rinse them before use. To respond to a previous commenter: bottling doesn't have to suck. It can be a fun hour or so with a friend, spent mostly sipping homebrew as you do it. I think I will now go get a 22oz. of my Ginger/Honey Double IPA Hop Bomb from my fridge.
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