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Tightening your belts - with Obama's 2012 budget? Where in this great budget is the plan to pay down the deficit? Or where is the plan to try and balance the debt? All I hear is the same ole thing "Spend baby Spend" who cares how we are supposed to pay it back...blah, blah, blah! When will you wake up Ray, 2012?
What a boat load of crap...If you all in the DOT and the rest of your gutless entourage had a whimper of a concern for a drivers health, then you would be fighting the ANTI-IDLING laws, and not allowing these rest areas to be closed. Why not quit wasting all that tax money on bike paths, and get us some parking places built!
Hey Ray, Why not tell the whole truth? From the great Governor's blog: "As we now know, the range given then – $10.878 billion to $13.736 billion, not including the $775 million for a new Portal Bridge – far exceeded the working assumption of an ARC tunnel project at $8.7 billion plus the cost of the Portal Bridge."
This makes very little sense to me, to spend billions of dollars we obviously don't have, judging by the shape the roads are, in order to give someone a ride on a train at over 2oo mph. I say this because, unless the train pulls up to exactly the place the person is going to, you still will need a car or bus to get there.
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Jan 28, 2010