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I have been writing about these topics for about 4 years & I lived them as well. Here is some additional information: The government subsidizes haphazard truck driver training The American Trucking Association has a group of coddled training carriers that take advantage of this government welfare program by churning unqualified male & female prospects and are forever claiming they have a shortage of drivers when in fact they have only a shortage of people willing to be underpaid & lied to. The exisiting womens trucking organization has acted as a buffer who assembles sponsors who are in litigation like CRST rather than advocate for women like the ones named in this suit. Many of the students recruited into trucking should not be behind the wheel of a truck & some SHOULD regardless of gender. Because of this unsafe training circus there is a shortage of qualified trainers which opens the door for predatory behavior. This EEOC case against CRST has been a problem in many training carriers & in carriers who use the "team business model" to move cheap freight. That means that 2 people who are paid below minimum wage when you calculate hours worked who are expected to live and work in a room the size of a walk in closet while rolling down the American highway. The EEOC had complaints for many years that they did not follow up on but once a few caught their attention that were grossly inappropriate they began to reach out & discover claims they had never followed up on and also sent letters out to CRST Women. If you talk to CRST Women from years past and other carriers in this same class of training carriers you will realize that this was the pattern and practice for many , many years for women to enter trucking. Women who reported sexual misconduct were retaliated against and blackballed from the industry. This still goes on today. The government failed and continues to fail by not stripping carriers who receive any sort of government subsidies or tax incentives who do not hold their Lead drivers, trainers, in-house staff or co-driving teams to a higher standard. Sex harassment training is almost non-existant in these "sweatshops on wheels" operations but they portray themselves in Washinton DC aligned with the American Trucking Association and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (who entered a "friend of the court brief" for this case on behalf on CRST and whose top dude used to head the ATA ) as if they are a reputable truck driver training carriers. CRST is as well known for ripping of student truckers for its lease owner operator program and other schemes to harm people as they are for this infamous sex harassment case. Everytime they get off scott free with a little help from friends in high paces
I would like to know why nothing is mentioned about safe trucker parking being included in any roads projects when the bill HR 2156 and companion S971 called Jason's Law has been sitting in committee stalled for months. Truckers are sitting ducks from high crime and this bill was written because of the senseless murder of fellow trucker Jason Rivenburg who was murdered when his wife was pregnant with twins just days after his body was found. He was killed while waiting to deliver Milk for a measley $7 and our own trucking representation have done little more than hold this bill up for membership drives for themselves or to sell their trucking magazines but have not put much lobby power to push this bill forward. Not even NATSO, the National Association of Truck Stop Owners has put any support forward and it is the high level of criminal activity they permit , the lack of suitable spaces and the disrepair that makes us seek parking elsewhere in many cases. We keep store shelves stocked for everyone else but working 24/7 thru each and every holiday and we are left to fend for ourselves like sitting ducks. Jason's Law is supposed to be drawn from the Highway Trust Fund which is funded from Fuel taxes but where is that money? Where is it? Nothing is done to provide safe parking for America's Backbone and this wrong.
Once someone gets to see all the work a truck driver is responsible for while maintaning safety it is difficult to believe they are still classified as unskilled labor. I hope this will be addressed. Overlooking safety affects everyone on the highway. A professional driver cares about highway safety & having the skills to manage obstacles without loss of life. This takes experience and they should be recognized for this and reclassified as skilled labor. TruckerDesiree
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Aug 6, 2010