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The computer boots up and starts Windows. The 1st snap/click of the amp sounds off. Let there be light. The 2nd snap click of the Denon AVR tells me that there is sound waiting to be heard. Heard at very high levels compared to what the average troll listens to audio at. Silly people with ½" plug 3" desktop speakers. O that nasty hollow crackle as you turn your tiny nob to adjust your volume. Or the user with the other 3 to 4 plug ½" PC surround sound kit. With a hand sized "powered sub woofer". (but can it hit 30Hz and below? NO!) Better yet, the headphones guy. They can hear eeeevvvvverything right? The headphones are "surround sound" (WTF? 2 Speaker surround? next you will tell me Jesus made them just for you). Then there are the men, the men who live with sound. Creators, producers, master's,audiophiles. Those who do not live with mother and father. Those who do not rent, where they stay. Those of us who can play songs so loud you can feel it in the fibers of your clothing. So loud you can hear when the song that you are playing was ruined by compression via some space saving chump with no sense of hearing. You can hear someones ipod crap mix. Crackle crackle fizzle fizzle. And dont let there be any cymbals. O my, did anyone hear that tweeter fry? Im sure those who cant/ couldn't hear the difference, really could not because their equipment could not reproduce the entire "experience". My system automatically changes its settings for best listening experience "if you want it to" depending on the source. It will display for you the original file/sources info, on either the face of the unit, remote, or on whatever monitor you are viewing. Now obviously, a 16BIT, 128kbps song, will not utilize anywhere near the full spectrum of sound my AVR is capable of performing. Not even close to say, half, which is 7.2 surround. It would simply click, and route the song to the front 2 channels. 32Bit, 356kbps, now we might get somewhere around 3 channels with sub woofer if the song is properly coded. Then there are the audio DVDs that I own. O what a treat when you have properly encoded blast beats, and double kicks, and insane hammer-on's disturbing air-waves and watering eyes. I have hated the mp3 codec since forever. FLAC, AIFF, even the bloated .WAV is acceptable. But user beware, go to your restrooms, grab a Q-tip, and clean your ears out. Not too far in , might loose something there. Go buy a component of caliber, and finally bask in the embrace of sound.
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Jun 28, 2012