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James Truxon
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...and by "lying", I mean "stating or implying the truth of something I *know* to be false"
Toggle Commented May 2, 2012 on Trust Me, I'm Lying at Coding Horror
I find it interesting that people tend to talk about "The Truth", when there are usually a near-infinite number of Truths (plural) active at any given time around a given situation. They're subjective as @Skiihne pointed out, and part of what we consider free will is exercised in choosing which version to let past our teeth. Even a direct question like "do I suck at playing guitar?" has a huge number of "truthful" answers that may sound contradictory, based on the responder's own knowledge of guitar, musical taste, mood, interpretation of the talent pool the questioner wants to be compared against, etc. so my personal goal, which I see as being very different from the radical truthiness described above, is to avoid lying, enjoy my freedom to choose the truth that's the best representation of how I feel towards the person I'm communicating with, and be sure that whatever I say is something I would stand behind regardless of whose ears that information made its way to.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2012 on Trust Me, I'm Lying at Coding Horror
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May 2, 2012