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"Oh, to live on sugar mountain...."
Quite coincidentally I recently posted two versions of an image and asked for thoughts (that is a way to get critiques). The same file, in one case minimal processing and a shoreline that is at an awkward angle. The second version has a straightened shoreline and some vibrance added. Opinions were divided, with a slight preference for the manipulated image. Critiques can reveal things you didn't see, but, I'm with Elizabeth on this, ultimately it's your image and your decision (I like the straight shoreline). Tom
"1. C'mon. Do I really have to tell you? You can't guess? Seriously, you already know, right?" Well, the 645Z should be on this list and since it hasn't appeared yet, it must be the choice for #1. Where's the Quattro? :)
Hi Mike: I hope you got away from the Wi-Fi and had a chance to see the sunset. The linked shot was taken that evening in Dunkirk, NY, about 40 miles from Erie. Happy travels, Tom
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Mike: My solution is to use printer ink in a fountain pen. The Epson large format cartridges often have considerable ink remaining (I believe that was the subject of a lawsuit); you could also use a new cartridge if you have a lot of signing to do.
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Those who have only lived in benign climates won't understand - how could they? The rails shot is lovely. Lithium batteries are a Godsend.
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Pentax 645D. There aren't many cameras that will yield a better file and when lens costs are factored in (used), it's a bargain.
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Bruno is correct, but perhaps supplies more detail than necessary. An AA filter that can be turned on or off is a really innovative development. Consider: are there many discussions of Nikon D800 vs. D800E?
Mike: I see the potential of youth and the hopes and pride of parents in this photo. Digital/film and +/- a black border doesn’t change much. Tom
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Thanks for the link Mike. Jay Maisel, Pete Turner and Ernst Haas among others have been an inspiration to me. They all share that joy of seeing.
Mike: This link works
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Hi Mike: Poking a hornet’s nest? Here’s a blog you might find of interest: I wonder how many of those who find your listing of Pentax inconceivable have used, or even held, one of their best lenses. Tom
Appears to have designed by the Borg.
Hi Mike: A very interesting read; I’m sure you will be happy with your speakers and I look forward to Part III of your story. You mentioned that Audio Ventures is famous for restoring old JBLs, that reminded me of a experience I had with JBL. In 1971, I purchased two JBL Lancer L77 speakers for the princely sum of $200 each (keep in mind that $200 was 1/10 the cost of a new Volkswagen in those days). Some 25 years later, the foam which suspends the speakers and passive radiators (had to have a booming bass in that era) had disintegrated. When I made the purchase in 1971, JBL speakers came with a lifetime warranty and sure enough, JBL arranged to have the speakers repaired for free. I still use those speakers today and have added a pair of SVA 1800s. Tom
Lovely picture; great color and lighting. It really captures a summer evening in the northern US, you should print it. NB: I can see mosquitoes on the screen :)
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Mike, I'm not sure of the exact year but it's not a '62; likely '66 or newer, but not so new that the ugly shock absorbing bumpers were introduced. The yellow lenses on the turn signal lights did not appear until later than '65. Tom Here's a '62
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2012 on Open Mike: Nostalgia at The Online Photographer
The new DA lens is simply a reduced coverage version of the initial D FA lens; perhaps by simple extension of the lens shade. There are a few troubling aspects of this change: The D FA version will continue to be available, but only in Japan, the rest of the world gets DA version. The reduced coverage DA lens cannot be used on film bodies or any future full frame 645DII. Pentax has reduced the coverage, but not the price. The only justification for the steep price tag is use on a full frame 645; for 5k, a Nikon D800 and 14-24mm seems like a good alternative.
" I couldn't, um, find the book. My house is like that. I'm not married." Hmmm. I often can't find things because I am married. Left to my own, I’m not especially neat, but I know which pile has the item I want. My wife, on the other hand, likes to reorganize. Most egregious example: My wife was out-of-town. I had just taken a shower and went to my underwear drawer and the drawer was filled with socks (no jokes please).
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Bravo Ctein. I learned my lesson regarding ETTR the first time I had an image with the sun included. Instead of the graceful transition to complete saturation yielding a circular image of the sun that even slide film exhibits, I got an amorphous blob that looked like a fried egg without the yolk. Noisy information in the shadows is a heck of a lot better than no information in the highlights
Boy do I need that for my 30-year collection of blurry Kodachromes. Who is the guy in the red shoes and why was he there?
Ouch! Some of the comments seem a bit harsh, but honest; better that than vacuous platitudes. I’ve been to Lisbon only once, but my lasting memories include the beautiful mosaic walkways. I saw little of those in Peter Turnley’s portfolio; it would be like a portfolio of Paris without the Seine or Eiffel Tower.
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2011 on In Love With Lisbon at The Online Photographer
From BJP: Both cameras also have a Smart Photo Selector feature, which, when selected, will shoot 20 full-resolution images in less than a few seconds. "You just press the shutter once and, utilising the pre and post capture technology, the camera starts to take the pictures before you've even fully depressed the button." The camera then automatically selects the best five shots, which are saved based on facial expression, composition and focus My emphasis. It's come to this? Next self-propelled cameras that you can send out and wait for them to return with good pictures?
...But although his colour work earned him fame around the world, in recent decades it has often been derided by critics and curators as 'overly commercial,' and too easily accessible.. Too easily accessible? That's a fault? Both artists and teachers reveal something to us. Who ever accused a teacher of being too accessible? Along with Haas, Pete Turner and Art Wolfe are photographers I admire. Both have named Haas as an inspiration; but then, perhaps their work is too accesible as well.
"If I were a 645D owner I would be crapping my pants, probably unnecessarily, but nevertheless." I am a 645D owner and my reaction is quite the opposite. Hoya clearly had no interest in camera sales and the positive developments under their management were likely motivated by a desire to make the camera division more attractive to a buyer, not any long range plans. Ricoh has stated an interest in DSLRs. Why else would they buy the camera division of Pentax? I knew I was gambling when I bought a 645D given Hoya's attitude toward the camera division, I'm much more comfortable with Ricoh.
Mike wrote "(Coincidentally, the Ricoh GXR just arrived on the porch of Chez TOP today, and I've been futzing happily with it all evening.)" Hmmm. Pentax is a sponser of this site, seems a remarkable conicidence. Mike did you know this was in the works?