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I thought it was a little cheesy, but a good commercial nonetheless. This stadium looks awesome. It looks like a classic stadium with total seat coverage and being shoehorned into a slot. Dear guy who owns the patriots, You could do this too, all it costs is all that tax money you wrote off for owning the Revolution.
He is from DRC, but who knows where his loyalties lie. I looked at the DRCNT and they have some strong clubs represented on the squad, but there are players that Danny could beat out.
Cap Dike lol Nonetheless, its good to see a Notre Dame grad playing well, maybe he'll be in MLS again
Does anyone know another stream, the Portland one seems to be constantly buffering
Only a half hour drive, nice. I know where I will be that week.
I will argue that to improve the club you need workable $ and Owner-Operators or whatever they are called don't want an MLS side to be a blackhole. I see these friendlies as a chance for the club to make money in order to spend money. Also when would you suggest playing the friendlies against clubs when the climate here in the winter is quite awful in some places.
The problem is that the players seem to be demanding, rather than negotiating
NFL guaranteed contracts, they don't exist
I just googled "Danny Szetela" There are images that look like scenes from the Jersey Shore. I would like to add as a native of the shore, I hate every single one of those meat head, tattoo covered, Heineken drinking, tanning salon monkeys. I hope Danny doesn't become one of them. That aside, Szetela is proof that young local products should be just that, local. In every damn country in the world, players that live near a club, or has their family move with them is the norm. I really wish MLS would accommodate players who want to play for the local side or at least create a good academy system.
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2010 on Szetela waived by D.C. United at Soccer By Ives
Its absolutely terrible up here in Jersey. Not surprised it was cancelled.
Assuming the match still is on, what are the odds of protesters being at the game?
the overall goal is to be similar in regards to design. Given this is the AWAY kit, the kit from 1950 would be a HOME kit. We don't know if there was an away kit and what it looked light, but the sash design with crest on the heart is the exact design from 1950. We all know the history of how the team performed in the group. The fact remains America had beaten what many considered the "best" team in the world and its the only time they had beaten England.
For all those who don't like the sash: google 1950 USA world cup jersey
Davies, nough said
Am I the only one sensing that there is another twist in the plot concerning the CBA? Especially with what Conrad said yesterday.
Ives, if there were to be an announcement in regards to the CBA and the potential future of MLS, where would be the best place to find out?
I wish ESPN still had the Champions League, I will now be forced to chase the streams during class.
ESPN Soccernet has "Watch Live" next to the game Anyone know if Stu might be on the bench today?
If they open up the stadium to 40K, they'd jump to #30
I have a gut feeling that this year is going to be special, not only for Chuck, but for the team. As bad as it looked with Clint being injured, Boca/Bradley not playing, etc., suddenly everything is starting to turn around. Am I the only that has such a feeling?
he's too proud to come back, he doesn't want to be seen as a failure.
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Jan 3, 2010