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Really just sayin.
"....while Stuart Holden looks to continue his strong season. " Woah Guy...Strong season by who's standards? Im a few games in and haven't really done much bur run around, made a few tackles, crosses...Come back and get on my jock when I score some goals or rack up some assists. (SBI-Hater.)
Come on Junior...its ok to laugh. Dont be so sensative.
Chill Braden...its all good. Im an over-paid over-hyped dooshbag that likes big chicks. I mean look at me!
awwwe...come on SBI primoone has some valid points. Hell, Ill be the first to admitt that Im not a superstar. Besides they are opinions... To be honest with you...I dont even like soccer...Im just in it for the chicks!
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Apr 8, 2010