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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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mike Suggest you change your moniker and tell us the new one. pat
mike So IYO was this a helicopter delivered barrel bomb or a Russian air strike? pl
Johnson R "stop supplying them or else." Or else what? I don't now what your background is but it is a profoundly mistaken fantasy to believe that the US still has that kind of leverage in any of these places. As I have said I was head of DoD intelligence liaison to the IDF general staff for seven long years. In my experience, the Israelis always act against enemies upon whom their fears and insecurities are focused. Iran, Syria and Hizbullah are their enemies of choice. To destroy them they are willing to make common cause with irreconcilable enemies. the idea that wide spread jihadi activity centered in a jihadist Syria would not be dangerous to Israel or would be easy to defeat by invading Syria is, IMO, simply mistaken. pl
wisedupearly You think the IDF is stronger now than it was in 2006? I do not. They remain incapable IMO of breaching Hizbullah's defended belts of fortifications in south Lebanon and are unable to deal with the threat of Hizbullah rocket and missile fire against their populated areas from Tel Aviv north. The battlefields are far away? No. Damascus is forty miles from the crest of the Golan Heights and Israel's Nusra allies are fighting IS on the slope leading up to the Golan heights crest. This is "far away? I assure you that after the possible victory of the jihadis the jihad will be on Israel's doorstep. pl
All Someone said to me today that the Russians are simply eradicating Aleppo. IMO that is not the case. They are carving East Aleppo into bite sized pieces the better to devour them and eliminate the rebel pocket. There probably not more than 50,000 civilians left in East Aleppo. The jihadi rebels regard them as valuable as IO pawns and have refused to let them leave through corridors opened for that purpose. In fact the rebels have executed some who have tried to leave. pl
Laguerre Come now! Why would a jihadi commander brag of making common cause with the Zionists and Crusaders unless it were true? Ah, I remember, you are relentlessly anti-Syrian government and this makes the rebels less "appetizing." pl
Toivo S Disagree all you like. Israel will think it has won but it will be a short lived satisfaction. An Islamic state where Syria is now will not be a weak enemy, quite the opposite. Have you not learned anything from the persistence and malevolence of Islamist jihadis across the region? pl
xtommix You and a number of others here refuse to understand that in the US, the CIA is not an originator of policy. It is an executor of policy of the elected government. Even then it is only in the legal bounds of what is called a covert action under the national Security Acts of 1947 and 1958 that the CIA executes US foreign policy. I know that you will not believe this. you have read too many cheap novels and seen to many movies to believe me. Ah, to hell with it. pl
"Abu al-Ezz, commander, says about Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda): “We are one part of al-Qaeda. Our principles are: Fighting vice, pureness and security. Our affairs and our way have changed. Israel, for example, is now supporting us, because Israel is at... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Herodotus At what point does the type and weight of ordnance indicate a "war crime?" We Americans should be very careful about establishing such standards of judgment.
FB Ali we are presently under attack at SST by Clintonistas, R2Pers and various kinds of neocon. I block from view the most obnoxious. It is now clear to me that the US has in large part come to be ruled by fools who think we bestride the earth and that we can by exertion of our collective will rule the world. It is expected by such people that all that is needed is a forceful leader who will call all the earth to submission. pl
Henshaw It appears that the money will be spent in US companies and from there will cycle to major shareholders who are friends and patrons of BHO. Their money would be useful for his library. pl
mike Article 22? I am more familiar with Article 15. pl
Harry Are you the English "Harry?" If you are not I do not believe I know you. You "came across me?" How privileged I was. pl
The combined security/Intelligence communities held a high-powered public conference at the University of Texas in Austin last week. This has become a regular event blessed by Chancellor (Admiral) William McRaven who previously commanded headed JSOM. (“I'm not a political guy.”)... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Nanacy K That would be an E-7? Sounds like SIGINT. One of my father's brothers (John H) was a quartermaster warrant officer and another (Gordon P)a torpedoman warrant officer. There is a wiki on John and I mentioned earlier that Gordon endowed a chair at wellesly. pl
Nancy K I was head of DoD liaison with IDF general staff intelligence for seven years. I would not be surprised. What does your son do in the navy? pl
PvP IMO there is no way to do that and if you could you would be asking for a US-Russia war. Do you live near a significant counter-force or counter-value target? I do. pl
mike I don't get the Halabja reference. pl
I am at a loss to know what the US, the UK and France think they are going to accomplish at this special session of the Security Council. Samantha Power seems deranged. Her desire to impose R2P solutions on the... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Nancy K I think you cannot simultaneously say that Trump is in thrall to Ziocon interests, has Jewish family and is simultaneously a neo-Nazi. That is cognitive dissonance with a vengeance. I agree with you that there are far too many Ziocons around him; Woolsey, Flynn/Ledeen, Gaffney, etc., How much influence these people would have on him as president or for how long is an open question to me. OTOH, she, IMO, is a compulsively controlling cold blooded super-grandma type with dictatorial instincts who is still now, so long after her speech at graduation from Wellesley planning to change us all "for the better" whether we want it or not. pl
Pundita interesting but I don't think anything like that is happening. pl
"A solid majority of Americans would redirect $38 billion the Obama Administration pledged to Israel toward other priorities. The Obama administration last week signed an executive agreement with Israel pledging $38 billion ($3.8 billion per year) in foreign aid for... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Vietnamvet "If Turkey agreed to cutting off supplies to Aleppo rebels" I don't know what that means. I can read a map. There have been no routes for re-supply for quite a while. "The destabilization of Russia carries on ..." I don't know what that means either. Russia shows no signs of instability. Putin just won an election in parliament. pl
pundita What does "a version of the French Foreign Legion" mean? pl