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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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GCP You are a remarkable sophist. You have been very specific in your disdain for the Deplorables. pl
All I was busy today and only now have read some of your comments. I was particularly unimpressed with the halfwit who tried to define "strategy" and "tactics. Consider this space closed until I get over my frustration at the ignorance and stupidity of many of you. I ask guest authors not to post or approve comments until I decide if to continue this forum. pl
mike "Memes?" You think I am a propagandist? pl
lars "but at some point the powers to be will have to deal with them. How they do that will influence the results." So, you wish to overthrow the result of the November election. pl
lars Were you here in the 60s? IMO the 1964 civil Rights march in Washington was an expression of a state of mind the country had already reached. It caused nothing. The pro-communist demonstrations in which well to do students marched in the streets carrying the enemy's flags in Berkley and other places intimidated the Congress as they were intended to do and caused the congress to vote against furtherer support of the anti-communist Vietnamese. This collapsed their government. By that time the US had been out of VN for two years and a ceasefire was holding. pl
gowithit What is it about black kids in Chicago? don't be an ass. pl
Aussie Citizen the armed forces are heavily committed to the inaugural. These commissioned officers were administrative aides who were asked to move because the "shot looked bad. pl
FB Ali Yes. I think he is somewhat handicapped. pl
I am not going to further tolerate those who indulge themselves here in personal scorn and abuse. Tomorrow I will ban some of you in the hope of cleansing SST of your boorishness. I will examine the list of commenters... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
EA Consolidate your comments or I will not approve them. pl
GCP You seem to me to be an irreconcilable anti-deplorable. In your America the Deplorables are uneducable dead-beats who suck at the federal teat endlessly and who are largely toothless consumers of grits and other deplorably disgusting things. You, EA and Raven do not want the rest of us as countrymen unless we accept a second class of "citizenship." do you really want to be on this blog? IMO your angst is permanent. perhaps you should join some sort of ant-deplorables group. Ah, you already do belong to one. . you are a Democrat. pl
All We do all remember that Lincoln was a minority president in his first term, right? pl
freudenschade "I'd suggest it's a very antiquated notion and doesn't apply at all." Why? I'd suggest that you have been indoctrinated with the idea that free trade is necessarily good. IMO, It is if it benefits you. Adam Smith said the same thing. In fact FT is wonderful for investors like me because it brings us profits at the lowest costs, but if your industry is wiped out and you have no job because of it then it is a very bad idea. pl
GCP "Why does he make those ties in China?" Business. You can do business with adversaries. Washington's money was safe in London banks throughout the revolution. nobody says he was stupid. pl
GCP IMO you mischaracterize the Deplorables as inhabitants of the Rust Belt. IMO it is much wider than that. why would you not think that congressmen from the Rust Belt would be much more likely than others to vote for deficit financing of infrastructure projects. How do you account for the general devastation of the Democratic Party across the country? Gerrymandering by the GOP? As you know that was only doable when the Dems lost control of the legislatures. Which was the chicken and which was the egg? IMO the punitive tariffs he speaks of are merely a threat and bargaining position. what he really wants is a new business tax structure to lure business home. pl
larry kart that sounds a lot like the present federal civil service retirement system. the problem is that most enlisted men, IMO, especially the younger ones, are not mature enough in terms of financial planning skills to save the money they will need. pl
GCP That is a fair point. They should not be expected to do anything but if they want their way they must muster the votes for it under our constitution. pl
GCP "For those of you who say things like this I would like one of you, just once, to give PRECISE policy recommendations as to how Trump or anyone else can rectify this problem" No! No! I do not run the government. I do not have the responsibility to do what you ask but I have eyes to see what is wrong. Your remarks condemn the American people to a future of poverty. I do not accept that and trump does not accept that. pl
GZC "They already privatized the military retirement system!" I had not noticed that. pl
mike, kooshy and raven 1. I don't care about which words he uses. They mean little. Let's see what he does. So far, he has cancelled the TPP. Anything else of real significance? 2. "Carnage?" If you have a nice income or a university hide-out like the three of you then there is no "carnage." On the other hand if you are an unemployed or semi-unemployed Deplorable the "carnage" is evident on every hand. 3. mike lives on the beach in prosperous Washington State. Kooshy lives in La La Land and Raven is probably some sort of academic person (student or faculty) around Athens Georgia. You fellows do not, IMO, understand the anguish of so many at the globalist philosophy that has deprived so many Americans of their livelihoods. Automation? We can do automation better here than in Mexico or anywhere else in the 3rd World if the game is not rigged in advance to send jobs and factories abroad using taxes and wages as tools. The Deplorables are well aware of the Democratic Party's devotion to globalism. This awareness easily explains the presidential loss and the general devastation wrought upon the Democratic Party everywhere in the USA except in La La Land. You don't seem to understand the depth of the anguish. If Nancy K's "movement" were to succeed in bringing Trump down there would be IMO wide spread violence that would make yesterday's marching around look silly. It does no good to describe people who might resist as "criminals." The British called our ancestors that. 4. With regard to Trump himself, I am increasingly concerned that the man has something physical, and possibly neurological that is wrong with him. His inarticulate ham handed utterances, his reputed hyper-active behavior, his inability to focus long enough to read whole books or watch complete movies, his ridiculous statements about Iraqi oil up north, He does not seem to understand the geography of the ME. These things make me concerned that he may well be an ADHD case or something similar. His little son worries me. The boy does not seem to walk normally. Is Trump actually handicapped to some extent? pl
All I saw Madonna out there saying that she is thinking about blowing up the WH. Am I right in remembering that she gave up US citizenship to avoid paying income tax? pl
HCG My favorite Arabic proverb. pl
Bandolero IMO you are correct. As the cognoscenti appreciate, CIA is best at Combat in Washington. If they crank up the Wurlitzer for him, using people like Ignatius and Harwood it will have an effect. pl
EA Perhaps his concept is to reduce the federal work force by a great many people. pl
Nancy K What is the goal of "the movement?" pl