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Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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GCP I have told you two before that this is not the arena for expression of your hostilities. pl
herb I am all for introducing unexpected things into the scenario but am opposed to creating dei ex machine. pl
All Not at all unusual for bundles and indeed people to end up in enemy territory unless you use the new steerable chutes that someone mentioned earlier. pl
Allen Thompson They could be using one of the Dragonfly systems, but if the footage shown is of actual drops those are just plain old cargo parachutes. pl
DH OK. CENTCOM says this stuff is all from PM stocks. pl
Aka Yes, of course it was for a domestic audience. So what? It was still said. pl
DH source? pl
- I think it was the Beirut Daily Star that yesterday ran a story on its site that the US is sharing the fruits of air reconnaissance over Syria with the Syrian government. The mechanism is supposedly through liaison contacts... Continue reading
Posted 14 hours ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
All I read somewhere that the US is sharing air recon generated intel with Syria through Russia and Turkey. Does anyone have a citation? pl
bth A highly Islamic outfit like IS is usually organized with some sort of shura council (ijma' machine)under the supremo (Baghdadi) The members in this kind of thing (shura council) would be emirs or the like. They are likely to have operations decentralized to the emirate level and are likely to have a hard time bringing themselves to share resources. This kind of thing has led to many cases of fitna (disorder) in Islamic history as the 'umma divides itself into tawa'if (factions). The old Iraqi Army was nothing like that. Straight line and block chart chain of command was their way of doing things, so the technical advisors may be concentrated in some but not all of the emirates. pl
Thomas I agree that IS has to stay on the offensive or go down. pl
makosog "“We had a walkie-talkie tuned on the Isil radio system, that we had taken from a jihadist that we killed,” said Mr Kharaba. “When the first air strikes hit, we heard them on the radio screaming in panic." Ah, now this is interesting. If IS is using commercial hand held voice for commo their positions can be triangulated and the content may yield casualty data. pl
Image OK. Name your poison. pl Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Origin "Kobani is already a strategic defeat for IS." IMO it is too early to make that judgment. Let's see what happens in the rest of the country. You don't actually know how many men IS has lost at Kobane. pl
Adam L. Silverman "Also makes me wonder if the Badr guys were ever really what they were made out to be" Meaning what? pl
Liza Yes, that is a possibility but who will do it? The Shia militia? I doubt it. pl
ex PFC Chuck Both. pl
Haralambos A lot of gossipy rubbish of the kind that scholars often indulge themselves with. pl
Haralambos "Is Kobane a diversionary move leading up to your thought of an assault on Baghdad?" I presume you are asking for an estimative opinion. Unless you have access to the mind of the opposing commander you can never answer a question like that other than as an estimative opinion. That's why the quality of analysts' minds is so important. It is always possible that you can get lucky and have a prisoner, a deserter, some SIGINT or a spy in the enemy camp. One or more of these things might give you the inside information needed to make a definitive statement but that is rare. Normally the "product" is your opinion expressed to the commander. The neocon dolts before 2003 insisted that they were just as capable as professional and highly experienced analysts at divining the truth buried in incomplete and ambiguous data. they were wrong. pl
"... two Islamic State car bombs hit Kurdish positions on yesterday evening, leading to casualties. A cloud of black smoke towered over Kobani on Sunday. A fighter from one of the female units of the main Syrian Kurdish militia in... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
oofda, Ian of V. et al I agree that the units of the Canadian regular army are very god, but there are so few of them that they cannot play a major role in a sustained expeditionary effort. The same is true of the Brits. Yes, it was a hell of a shot but snipers, like SOF, do not win wars. With the size forces that Canada and the UK has I am mystified as to how you can manage "post, camp and station" activities as well as things like your service schools. How do you find enough students to justify the activities? For example: How large are the classes at the staff and war college levels? There are many reserve, militia or other part time units listed in Canada's ORBAT. What is the state of readiness of these units? pl
rjj US ground forces are structured in such a way that a lot of the "tail" needed to sustain a big effort for a long time in such fields as construction engineering, medical and other general logistical activity are concentrated in the Army Reserve and to some extent in the National Guard as well. The Regular Army (active force) and active USMC are heavily weighted in "tooth." This structure was engineered by service leadership (especially Abrams) after VN in an effort to prevent future administrations possible desires to send the active forces to war alone as Johnson had for political reasons. rummy was enraged by this and refused to be blocked by this structure from big expeditionary wars. for that reason he started outsourcing massively to civilian companies. As Risen points out in his new book, that was a golden opportunity for looters of the public treasury. Another such opportunity was the proliferation of official and unofficial "think tanks" like Joint Forces Command and the Nagl/Flournoy boondoggle. In these places contracts for meaningless studies fell like manna from heaven while at USJFCOM the thinking process was made into a 12 step program. pl
“British parliament’s decision this week to grant ‘Palestine’ diplomatic recognition is essentially a symbolic move since Britain’s government, headed by Prime Minister David Cameron, is not obligated to translate it into actual government policy. “Passage of the motion, in contrast,... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Cee Way too easy for me, I am sorry to have mentioned these clowns. I prefer Snake Davis and Bill White. pl
Haralambos Yes. Hagel either does not know that or this twerp doesn't make him feel uncomfortable. pl