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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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LG Translation - "Do not count those who were killed in the way of Allah dead, but live with their Lord, they will live" pl
LondonBob If you are using Mike's table I would once again remind that these ficures are not diagrigated by service. pl
mike I suspect that army and marine infantry population demographics were somewhat different. pl
Larry Kart Comments were closed long before my comment appeated. pl
Mike OK Statistics man, I only know what I saw in the field. pl
Lars The likelihood that someone like the man you describe would have become a "cargo pilot" is so small as to be absurd. pl
raven Not a conclusion, an observation from interacting with them. pl
raven In this case not SF, intelligence field collection team. I was simply offering an example of a kind of unit that had very different people in it. pl
LondonBob There were basically two kinds of people in Army infantry. White Southern boys as you say and Blacks (often from the South.) These Blacks were typically not from the Project 100,000 cohort. pl
outthere I told Wilkerson at the time that he was selling out his country in support of his bromance with Powell. He just waved me off. He continues to exploit his perfidy. pl
All someone will remember that US troops in VN were paid in a special currency designed to inhibit currency manipulation but there was an active three way traffic in Military Payment Certificates, green US dollars and Vietnamese money. pl
LeaNder The Project 100,000 men were almost all in menial logistics jobs where the biggest risk was of venereal disease or being killed by Vietnamese gangsters they were involved with over currency manipulation or blacketmarketing of US supplies. My first year in VN I ran an intelligence detachment in the mountains on the border. All my officers and enlisted soldiers were college graduates. pl
bernard you must be new here. As I have written before we lost the VN War in the US, not in VN. pl
fourthandlong My uncle, John Henry Lang was in the ship's company of both USS Palos and USS Panay. He liked the movie but said the US was unequivocally on the Side of the KMT. pl
TTG You were lucky. The crisis had passed. pl
mike You left the Confederates out of your list but they too were crushed in the end. In the case of both our wars for independence foreign intervention was crucial. You either had it or you failed. pl
outthere I should have included that. It strengthen my case for the structural instability of Iraq. pl
b I don't have a problem with any of that but I have to write for a more general audience. pl
Lars It was always the case that minor offenders were sometimes given that choice. It was a good way to get troublemakers out of a community. Some of the best sergeants I ever knew came in the army that way. So far as I know felons were never knowingly enlisted. officers had to have virginal records. The Project 100,000 people did not end up in the infantry very much. In combat you cannot afford o have stupid men. It was easier to make them truck drivers, cooks, supply room workers and the like. the typical VN KIA was a 22 year old white man from a small town or farm . pl
mike Well, I had to start somewhere, but you are right. The Kurds have always been difficult. BTW, the Kurds typically do not revere Saladin whom they consider to have been very Arabicized. pl
DJK IMO it is quite fair to blame Britain as well as the US for this mess. It was the British who decided to structure the country the way it is. from this all else followed. pl
not a vet Yes, they published it after I wrote about it on SST. pl
TTG I have very little confidence in the USG being able to follow a clear policy in Iraq. pl
" ... the Iraqi military announced that elite units had been "re-deployed" at the K1 base, about 5km (3 miles) north-west of the city of Kirkuk, and that other troops had taken control of the nearby Leylan area, the Baba... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
LeaNder At that time enlisted soldiers were provided uniforms at no expense to them. No attempts were made to recover clothing from them at the end of their service. Officers buy their own uniforms often from a tailor specialized in such work. BTW the period of service for a draftee was two years. Training at the front end of that and a year in VN left a few months afterward. People in that situation were generally sent to some unit for the rest of their time. I have a hard time thinking that the military would have sent someone with a few months left to Berlin. These drunks were probably lying to you and hoping for sympathy. pl