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Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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Allen Thompson The first sound in the name is a short vowel in Arabic. They are; "ah," "ih," or "uh." roughly. The names for these in Arabic are "fata," "kesra," and "dumma." Often the pronunciation of such a vowel is largely a matter of taste and local accent. I have always heard it said "eerbiil" by native speakers so Irbil would be my preference. pl
Haralambos Fred is right. The Confederate government never surrendered. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia but not Confederate forces overall. Joe Johnston surrendered his forces, etc., but the government never surrendered. That was one of the obstacles to trying Jeff Davis for treason. His defense would have been that he was a captured head of state of an unsurrendered government that had been treated as a belligerent by the US and that nothing in the US Constitution barred secession of the states. pl
Farmer Don If you have thought me a pacifist you were incorrect. I was in favor of the original expedition to Afghanistan to punitively depose the Taliban government for sheltering our enemies and to destroy as much of AQ as we could. I was and am opposed to the COIN effort to build a new and different Aghhanistan. I am generally opposed to Israel's heavy handed methods with the Palestinians which I think are deliberately planned as an obstruction to peacemaking. In addition to that the strategic bombing of Lebanese infrastructure all over the country was IMO a war crime as is strategic bombing of populations generally. War in the Ukraine bears the burden of a possibility of escalation to a nuclear exchange between Russia and the US. That possibility should not be toyed with as it has been. IS is different. It is IMO a mortal threat to the states of the region as well as in the field of international terrorist attacks and the movement has no great power protector. My proposed war goal in a war with IS would be the destruction of the organization and that would be all. In particular no long term occupation of territory, no nation building, none of that. pl
All A Declaration of War is a legal and constitutional procedure for prosecuting a serious overseas and/or domestic effort against a serious enemy. It does mean anything in terms of how you will fight the war. It does not dictate the scale of the effort. It does not set war goals and it most certainly does not require total victory and occupation of territory. It would not automatically grant POW status to those captured because they would still have to qualify as such under the 4th Geneva Convention. It would not cost a nickel more than the same actions performed under an AUMF. It does much the same thing as the AUMF post 9/11 but what it does do well is clear up a lot of legal niceties as in the question from Origin as to whether it would allow treason charges against domestic IS associated terrorists. IMO it would so allow. IMO the US can declare war on a non-state entity. pl
haralambos We are are not Greece. a declaration of war would enable many things. pl
Haralambos "Like the various wars declared in my lifetime (on cancer drugs, terrorism)," No it is nothing like that. Those were mere rhetorical gestures. this would have this would have the force of law. pl
Babak I thought you lived in the US. there is now far more of such marriages than there ever were in the ME. pl
All Michael Gordon has always been a tool of the neocons and remains that. pl
"US attacks on the Sunni Islamic State in Iraq and its cooperation and arming of the ruling Shi’ite government there, is the latest signal that the West is moving towards an arrangement with the Shi’ite Iranian axis, which includes Hezbollah,... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Tyler "Is Soros paying for trolls to confuse the issue now, taking a page from the Hasbara handbook? I'm seeing you guys on all blogs across the internet with the exact same "Talking points". " It is quite obvious that some here are trolls of one type or another. They sometimes lie in wait for extended periods hoping to build credibility but my Trolldar is well develople by now. Charles Bird has hifdden both his IP address and e-mail address. He has been warned. pl pl
charles Bird you must stop concealing your IP location and say whom you are addressing or I will deleted your comments. pl
fanto So, you are a German immigrant to the US. No, you don't live in East St. Louis. you live in Belleville, Illinois just to the south of East St. Louis. I was trying to be be polite. Be advised that if you continue your passive aggressive tone toward me you will lose your place here. pl
Cee "You're dismissed." You don't "dismiss" people here. I do that. pl
Cee "That isn't true" How do you know that? Is this an assertion? It seems that you have a dog in this fight. pl
fanto Now you are interesting. OK. You are not a Marxist. you just have many of their attitudes. How did you come to live in East St. Louis? Did it seem like home? In which country were you under the Stalinist yoke? pl
All The only thing that would be necessary to block an indictment for homicide would be the introduction of a hospital medical report that indicates that Wilson was injured by Brown. if the grand jury still indicts a trial will last a couple of hours before the judge throws the whole thing out. Then. all this Marxist revolutionary crap being spewed by and in the media will cause a revulsion across the country against Obama, Holder and the democrats. pl
Cee "Tsk, tsk" Shaming is not allowed here. You are not Mika and this is not Morning Joe. pl
Mark Tester I was raised by people who cared deeply about American government and I was probably about ten when I understood this subject. pl
FB Ali Hagel and Dempsey were on stage today covering IMO for The Golfer. Dishearteningly, Hagel stressed that all military assistance to the PM is still delivered through the Baghdad government "After all it is still one country," Hagel said. May god preserve us. pl
fanto "I did not say that at all!" Like hell you didn't. That is exactly what you meant. No amount of blowing smoke at me will fool me about that. Marxist cant. You live near St. Louis. Been to Ferguson lately? pl
Valissa Ah, I had forgotten Ruritania. It was a better world. pl
valissa "an imaginative alternate history and speculating about plot possibilities." I look forward to the re-emergence of Zenda as a sovereign principality. pl
fanto So, the 1%rs through their police "running "dogs" stalked and gunned down this innocent Black child just to keep the population in line? You actually believe that? pl
Stephanie You and Laura Wilson must not have any experience of actual participation in government. Policemen, like soldiers, or civil servants are humans not robots that you bought and programmed to follow algorithmic rules. pl