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Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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babak Neither the UK nor France are federal in nature. Since Napoleon France has been a unitary state and Britain has been the same since the Treaty of Union. This is a very different thing. US States share sovereignty with the federal government. pl
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bth As I wrote earlier, this depends on how well they continue to do. If they do well they will have a go at SA. pl
"Garryowen in Glory, the 5th Cavalry Regiment at Ap Bu Nho By a quirk of fate, “B” 2/5 Cavalry, was given the chance to demonstrate the plausibility of Spinoza’s despair several weeks later. A Montagnard agent reported that the 141st... Continue reading
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Babak What would a normal legislature be and how would it function? Would it be a rubber stamp for the rulers of the country? pl
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"A month-long conference on the 1970 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) ended in failure on Friday over disagreements on how to achieve a Middle East atomic weapons ban. Washington blamed the failure on Egypt, which in turn blamed the U.S., British... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
LeAnder I think you meant to say Qathafi. Yes, I was very involved in trying to get rid of him a long time ago. He was, IMO, a contemptible man. I thought the overseas Libyan community would rally to the country and prevail over the jihadis. Thus far I have been shown to be wrong in that. As for Egypt, I did tell you not to expect much from the Egyptian mob. I was right about that. pl
fosforos An understandable sentiment but no very useful. pl
FB Ali Those are all possibilities, singly and in combination. In addition to that it is a simple truth that contrary to popular belief we do not have unlimited air resources. pl
LeAnder When you can clearly express your question, ask it. It sounds to me like you are playing "gotcha" with me. pl
LJ I guess you are not paying attention. I have given my opinion that the document in question is a DIA cable from the field reporting the opinion of a foreign intelligence service, probably Israeli. pl
LeAnder It will be interesting to learn what malevolent and treacherous motivation b ascribes to the US. pl
LeAnder What is so cryptic about the reference to Lamson 719? The wiki seems quite clear. By the time this operation occurred most US ground combat troops had left Vietnam and Congress had passed a law forbidding the introduction of what US ground combat troops who remained in the theater into Laos. This law had been the result of the operation in eastern Cambodia. The main lines of supply for the North Vietnamese Army ran through the Laos panhandle from North Vietnam itself. Parallel roads built by the NVA through the mountains and jungle carried their logistics southward to points at which they sent their people and goods into South Vietnam. The South Vietnamese attempted to cut those supply lines by sending their army from their territory across the Laos panhandle to the Mekong River. The US provided air support for this as well as artillery fire from within South Vietnam and also supply. In the event the South Vietnamese were defeated by the North Vietnamese Army in this operation. US and South Vietnamese air power proved unable to prevent the North Vietnamese army from maneuvering across the mountains and jungle to trap the South Vietnamese in their penetration and largely destroy their forces. Do you now understand the allusion? pl
LeAnder "Pat suggested something different about Libya and Egypt more generally." What and when would that have been? pl
FB Ali It is true that IS claims khilafa over all Muslims in the umma, but their signs at the borders and the writing on their vehicle license plates say "dawla islamiya" ( Islamic State). pl
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Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
PB Another great piece of work. No Armor or Air Defense branch? what is basically depicted is a kind of swarm that assembles and forms kampfgruppe as needed. The Wehrmacht had fixed orbatts but continuously re-organized these into mission demanded battle groups (kampfgruppe). This is a sophisticated form of organization that is seldom successfully attempted. the rigidity of fixed orbatts is needed by most armies. The US Army first attempted it in the WW2 Armored Divisions, then in the ROAD divisions of the '60s. now it has adopted a brigade based modular structure but these attempt have always lapsed into habitual attachment of the building blocks to the same C2 headquarters modules. Is IS different? pl
walrus I agree with FB Ali. Pakistan would not do such an irresponsible thing. pl
mishkilij After looking at this some more I have decided you are probably right. I now believe that this particular item was an IIR that reported analysis received in liaison from a foreign service. I think it is probably verbatim as that is how DC would want to receive it. The language contains no British spelling and the reference to "the West" as something outside the identity of the liaison service inclines me to believe that it is probably Israeli in origin. pl
FB Ali Not even the idiots who have been running US foreign policy would have sought to create a Sunni Islamist entity that would inevitably have been a deadly enemy for the Shia dominated state they had been trying to create. pl
CP It is not the Saudi or Arab way to establish the kind of rigorously functioning chains of command that your question implies. They are much more prone to work through supposedly personal relationships that require service to a common goal and set of ideas. I don't know the answer to your question. Does IS fit the pattern I just described? The planning in their military operation would indicate that there is a good deal of western style military thought among the planners. Their actions remind me of the German Army in WW2. pl
babak Size? This is an interesting question. IMO this has more to do with the extent of "maturation" in systems rather than their size. When an organizational entity matures to the point that its own welfare and that of its aspiring members becomes more important to it that purpose of the larger human group that it serves then I think this pathology of rigidity and conformism sets in. pl
babak "I do not think cognitive dissonance is applicable to states and governments - they do not have a brain" You are quite wrong in this. I do not think you ever served in any government. the pressures for internal conformity and group think within the collective consciousness of a tightly organized state like the US is enormous. To resist that collective mindset is to risk destruction and expulsion from the collective mind. That is why people like Mike Flynn get dumped. Without an understanding of the collective mind of governments and their auxiliary groups like think tanks and media it is impossible to understand the rigidity, blind stupidity and inflexibility that often characterizes government. pl
CP Saudi money was channeled to the Sayyaf group through various Gulfie "charities." In that way the Saudi Government/Pakistan government official relationship was not complicated. At the same time the Pakistan government allowed these charitable groups to fund the widespread medrasas where Wahhabi and Deobandi teaching spawned the Taliban, often among Afghan orphans. As you remember, when the soviets withdrew and the communist government fell to the mujahideen groups there was then a civil war between the six mujahid groups that we had funded through ISI and the taliban. The Taliban won the war and remained in charge until after 9/11. whether or not the Saudi government gave the Pakistan government money to help fund the non-Sayyaf mujahideen is not something I know but clearly the US was the major funder for them. pl
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Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
gallid there was also an attack on a Shia mosque in Sanaa, Yemen. I read this as indicative of an IS intention to operate across the Arabian peninsula. pl