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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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raven Just another "antiwar activist" troll. Friend of Ken? pl
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Dick T Nobody said you were rabble. Nobody. pl
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fred82 Rebelling against mom and dad? No idea. The intel enlisted men who worked for me in VN were all college grads who could have avoided the draft easily, but chose not to. They were quite bitter against the marchers with their display of enemy flags, etc. The SF men later were just indifferent to such creatures. pl
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kilofoureleven The moniker sounds like a SOG recon target designator. They were all things like Q24, L46, etc. I avoided going to the Wall for a number of years and then one summer night my wife said she wanted to go see it. I walked up and down for a while and began to feel better and told her that at least I did not see the names of people I knew. She pointed to one. It was the name of a man who had lived next door to us at Ft. Gulick in the CZ. I have never been back. pl
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"On Thursday, SpaceX is set to launch yet another satellite into orbit from the Florida coast — but this mission will be far from routine for the company. The Falcon 9 rocket that SpaceX is using for the launch has... Continue reading
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WarrenPeese OK. You don't like South Front. I assume you think much the same of Al- Masdar News. What would be your recommendations for sources on the actual on the ground and in the air fighting in the ME? I presume you would describe yourself as a Zionist? pl
b I agree that it is good that he is gone. He is IMO an example of someone who parlayed a free education (ROTC scholarship) a pleasing manner to superiors and good official photographs in his file into three stars. Along the way he became a mechanistic constructor of target packages for JSOC killings. He went a long way on all that but finally ended up in a position in which character counted and he did not have it. $ 500,000 is not an exceptional fee for someone with a prominent or credible name. I turned down an offer like that in the mid 2000 decade. All that was wanted was my signature on an application for a DoD re-construction contract. pl
London B In the clandestine HUMINT bidness, a basic aspiration is to recruit your liaison. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. In my long life of spookery I was in liaison so much with foreign services that I was frequently polygraphed to see which side I was still on. pl
nancyK you are remarkably Marxist in your POV about rich people. I know quite a few who care very much for poor people. the Guggenheim's would be a good example. pl
CL Flynn is an Army officer. He is a hustler with three stars. pl
CL I don't know Flynn and doubt that I would care to but he was working for a consulting company that had a Turkish contract. So far as I know he did not directly work for the Turkish government. There is a difference in that and it is a legal matter of some importance. pl
optimax We grieve with you and miss his voice among us. pl
Valissa Maybe you should try reading something that is not written by a leftist sorehead. pl
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DickT Look up my piece "The Huron Carol" We were not all a lot of drunken draftees counting the days until DEROS. pl
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CL I find all this talk about "the Turkish agent Flynn" to be amusing and reflective of a lack of experience of how international business woks. pl
ann You need to start looking at maps. It is impossible to understand military operation without maps. I never said anything about the seaboard or the major cities. The seaboard is already in government hands. You are putting words in my mouth. Idlib Province is a semi rural area that lies at the heart of western Syria and which is held by the jihadi enemy. Their men must be killed in that area and now in northern Hama Province and then this region must be wiped clean of jihadi and Turkish presence or the Syrian government will not survive in the long run. The Tabqa Dam? Yet another bright shiny object with which to divert attention from what should be the main priority, but, Assad seems to share your opinion. He will learn the hard way. The dam itself is a major feature of the Syrian efforts over many decades to control water flows in the two rivers. These are major civil engineering works (the Mosul dam is another). The militaries of any or all countries are incapable of dealing with such huge engineering projects in the context of an ongoing war. Basically there is nothing that can be done about the neglect and/or undermining of these big dams by our army or any other. pl
CL A lot of bloviation. Do you want Trump removed or not? pl
John Minnerath I was waiting for a bus to Travis AFB to get on the trans-Pacific flight. I marine gunnywas waiting with me. An awful looking fat woman in a mumu got out of a VW bug and walked over to us. She decided to spit on the captain, me. Even better, in 1974 when I was in grad school, at U of Utah with several other officers a young woman in a class on Islamic Art told the prof that we should not be allowed to be there because we were dangerous to decent people and might go mad and attack the civilian students. the prof was dumbfounded. My wife who was taking the class with me told this silly kid that if we were as bad as she claimed then she should be more careful when she talked about us. And, I, too was refused service by a cople of a-----e airline ticket agents because they resented having been forced to serve in the Coast Guard, or at some stateside AFB. I remember those two in particular. So, we did not wear uniform in big US cities until Regan came to office. then, all that changed and I remember walking down 17th Street near the OEB when a pretty girl smiled at me and said, "good morning, colonel." A new day had dawned. pl
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ex-PFC Chuck There is a very good section in "The Proud Tower" on the anti-imperialist movement in the US around 1900. pl
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helenk3 A lot of the "sanctuaries," like Alexandria, Virginia do not call them selves that. they just take federal money and do what they please. pl
Red Cloud They should not be allowed to escape from the exposed position that they have placed themselves in. Continued ground pressure must be applied to keep them moving. This makes them vulnerable to all that air power. Having weakened them that way the government should advance into Idlib Province and finish them. I favor a concentric offensive that ends with them squeezed against the Hatay border. pl
Richard Armstrong There have been several real ugly comments from people who want to call themselves "anti-war activists." I posted this one as a reminder that there are many who still do not understand that those that fought there are pretty much all anti-war activists. It is dogma on the Left that we were not spat on. I was spat on in uniform at San Francisco International airport in April, 1968. pl
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Elaine Name? pl
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A guided tour of the ISS conducted by the departing commander. pl