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Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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"The prime minister’s body language was that of a man suffering intestinal discomfort. As soon as the cameras went on for the brief “pool spray” (a pre-meeting photo op with a small group of journalists), Netanyahu uncrossed his legs and... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
babak The de facto partition of the city is certainly a possibility but Iraq would be gone replaced by a Shia rump state. The US has no plan. None. pl
Larry Kart You wrote that my novels are drenched in sadness. Yes, how could they not be? pl
IZ The Israelis and their American neocon lobby may well have a plan but the US does not. We are trapped in a paradigm created by ethnic manipulation of our political system and our actions are both reactive to that and deluded by a foolish idea of the possibility of creating a utopian world order. pl
Robert44 " why shouldn't Iraq's Shia Surrender Baghdad?" IS would butcher the Shia like sheep. pl
TTG Walrus asked why Iraqi soldiers should fight to protect Americans. I presume he means those now in Iraq. I will reverse the argument Why should Americans fight for Iraq? The worthless bastards are too cowardly to fight for their country. To hell with them! IMO we should abandon Iraq to its fate. We can side with the Kurds and the Jordanians if they want to fight, but the Saudi regime should be dumped as well. Let the Australians fight for Iraq. pl
walrus That is not the question. The issue is whether or not they want to keep Iraq as a country in the form that the British created. pl
Jack The Shia militias would fight for their parts of the city. pl
Aka SOF commandos and SWAT teams don't defeat armies. you need mass for that. pl
The assumption that IS cannot move its forces because of coalition air action is widespread. IMO that is an over simplification. If that were true then why is it that IS continues to capture bypassed Iraqi garrisons in Anbar as... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
OGP Tanner's revision of his book cites an article I wrote. therefore it must be good. pl
Babak The governments will act to support high oil prices. pl
TTG Yes, I think that is right about movement by infiltration. The BDA I hear from the verbally flatulent media people speaks of one tank here, am artillery piece there another truck over there. That's is not a lot of damage. It might make a big difference if the Turks open batman and Incerlik to tactical use. If they do that then they had better act to defend the airfields against sabotage and ground attack by IS sympathizers. pl
bth I suspect that the defenses of Baghdad are a "house of cards,' Potemkin village or whatever term you wish to apply. One hard knock at the door and the whole thing may disintegrates. weapons don't fight. Men fight. pl
kunuri Robertson, James I., Jr. Stonewall Jackson: The Man, The Soldier, The Legend. New York: MacMillan Publishing, 1997. ISBN 0-02-864685-1. pl
Babak Religion is particularly dominant in fly-over America. Where do you get this stuff? pl
trent "Racist and misogynistic?" Who? What? Most of us have always liked girls, any kind of girls. Racist? Well over 50% of our alumni died in the WBS (damned few in blue), so if you think that was just about race then you could think that. '63?" Did you tell me his name? pl
kunuri Underestimate the enemy? I thought you knew me better than that. Stonewall Jackson was a college professor, and an autodidact on a grand scale. He was a poor boy who through luck and perseverance was able to get into West Point. he really wasn't adequately prepared but the examining board of officers was so impressed by his effort that they admitted him anyway. At the end of his first year there he was last in his class of those who were not dropped. He rose steadily each year until at graduation he was near the top. In the Mexican War he was breveted twice for valor. When he was professor of physics at VMI he studied every night in a wide variety of subjects including military subjects. He was one of the greatest soldiers in American history. pl
bth The old Iraqi army was thoroughly trained in Maskirovka by the Soviets. they are hiding things in buildings, under highway overpasses and moving around in small groups mixed in with civilian vehicles. pl
All They are probing all around the Baghdad defensive belt. pl
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Obama as neocon convert at Sic Semper Tyrannis
kunuri He was a massively self-educated man. pl
fred IS seems to be familiar with Stonewall's thinking. pl
b US policy is in total disarray. POTUS is living in some sort of fantasy world. The Ivy League kids are running the show. You are right. IS artillery around Kobane should be easy targets. IMO you are correct IS is preparing for a major operation. You are also correct that they are giving up ground to the SAG so that they can mass their forces somewhere. pl
Jim Buck Is that supposed to be profound? Get over yourself or go somewhere else. pl
toto I don't buy that line, nor the line about the diplomatic hostages. IMO Erdogan is a crypto supporter of IS. pl