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Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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GCP Lordy! Lordy! as the LOLFSC would say. If 18th Century thinking is so worthless let's throw out all the founding documents including the Bill of Rights that protects you from the likes of me, and then guys like Tyler will explain to you what their contemporary thinking dictates. "Popguns?" "Popguns?" You have never fought guerrillas. You think we did not seek to bomb the opposition out of business in Iraq or Afghanistan? Do you think we are not trying to do that now with IS? Come on! You are smarter than this nationalist BS. pl
All I was an enlisted NG soldier before I went to college. I was very young and the company was full of WW2 veteran sergeants. I learned an awful lot from them. pl
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Pete Deer I don't know. The men on guard have unloaded rifles, This is next door to Ft. Myer. pl
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oofda, Ian in Vancouver, John Measor et al You have a funding problem. We have all kinds of other strange issues that derive from our history and political process. One of my favorites is a ridiculous situation in which the US effectively has four ground armies: - The US Army and US Army Reserve (completely integrated with the "tooth" being in the Regular Army (active force) and much of the tail needed for long term sustainment being in the US Army Reserve. -The US Army National Guard. The Regulars have always wanted to treat the NG as a reserve echelon of the Regular Army, and the NG firmly rejects that. They are state militia troops supported in part by the Regular Army. They have a great deal of political power both in their states' and congressional delegations and in the National Guard Bureau the head of which is an NG officer (four star) and who now is a member of the Joint Chiefs. The NG has a mixed force of both "tooth" and "tail." - The USMC. This a balanced force larger than the ground forces of Canada or the UK. It has increasingly distanced itself from the US Navy. Hagel recently states that USMC has become a separate army. - The SOF community. This is a frivolous waste. pl
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All Understand that ad hominem attacks on me will only get you banned here. pl
FB Ali Yes in re the foreign policy change. Maybe if we get our asses kicked a few more times that idea might soak in. pl
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Pete deer A while back a friend was CO of the 1st Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment (the Old Guard). The Secret Service wanted to take the firing pins out of his troops' rifles. He told them to get lost and they did. pl
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John Measor Yes, I see the point in terms of population proportionality. This, of course does not answer the point about percentages of GDP spent on defense. The disproportion is one that exists with just about all our NATO allies. Having thought it over I think my figures were wrong in that my number represent not just infantry but rather all maneuver battalions. On that basis I imagine Canada has half a dozen more armored units that ought to be in the count. I wholly accept the point that the two countries should be much more integrated in N. American defense. How that would be accepted by Canadian nationalists, I do not know. Such further integration and the adoption of a non-interventionist foreign policy by us would allow us to reduce our military establishment especially in the ground forces. pl
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A century ago, a single act of terror struck down the established order of Europe. The act was not intended to reorder governance in the world’s great powers, but in spite of its original intent the world was never the... Continue reading
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bth My uncle, WO John H. Lang was Quartermaster of "Mamie" that day and standing on her bridge. Long may the tale be told. pl
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DD And then there is this: "... The loudspeakers broke their silence, “Enemy squadron sortieing from port!” Seven or eight French ships were coming out of the harbor of Casablanca at high speed. Several held a course that would take them into the convoy of troop-carrying freighters. A light cruiser and three destroyers turned toward Massachusetts. As Sean watched, the four warships moved from column formation to in-line abreast and accelerated. The bow waves of the four rose and rose until the forward parts of the ships could hardly be seen. These standard bearers of French ideas of honor looked like greyhounds coursing across a meadow in pursuit of a rabbit. The tricolor could be seen at the mastheads and the cruiser began to sound its horn. This war-hoop spread from vessel to vessel until the four ran at the American battleship howling like Comanches. “Lay us across the destroyers’ bow,” said the voice in Sean’s headphones. The super dreadnought heeled as she turned to lie perpendicular to the direction of the attack. The 16 inch turrets swung until the rifled cannon stared at the small attackers with their nine unwinking “eyes.” As he watched them come, Sean could see that the French ships were making an “all-ahead” torpedo attack on the battleship. There would be two torpedo tubes “forward” on each vessel and two more on the four stern decks. Eight torpedoes would be fired in the run in and then when the attack turned away, eight more. The French ships began to make smoke to cover their withdrawal. This meant that the torpedo launch was imminent. The nine 16 inch rifles “spoke” with one voice. The secondary batteries of Massachusetts joined the choir. USS Augusta added the weight of her metal to the fire. In the next instant the French attack was over. The four ships lay burning on the water. Two were sinking. My God, Sean thought. That’s the bravest thing I have ever seen. My God, who would believe that they would do that… Ships all over the American covering force put their boats in the water as quickly as they could. French seamen soon came up the ladders, helped over the side by sailors and marines. Casualties were hoisted aboard in sling loaded stretchers. A capitaine de vaisseau was brought to the bridge. He gravely saluted Massachusetts’ commanding officer. The salute was returned and a handshake followed. The American accepted the promise offered of good behavior and obedience to the captors’ orders. On the weather decks below, cigarettes and “medicinal” brandy were passed around. French Navy officers ate in the wardroom mess that night." from "Casablanca" W. Patrick Lang
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walter "It is better to understand than be understood." I have tried to live by that rule, but if in the end the process of understanding leads one to believe that villains should be treated as though they are wounded children. then all that remains is a tale told by an idiot. My conclusion has always been that villains are responsible for their conduct and I probably understand jihadi villains better than you. As for the business about our brains all being the same, I rather doubt that. brains are highly plastic thugs. In many ways they are like some set of digital computers all of the same model and with the same components. The machines initially have the same capacity but as differing software is added they become very different systems. pl pl
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FKDahl I believe the Old Guard has unloaded weapons on post. pl
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Edward Amame " and Hispanic numbers jumped big time for facing obstacles like id/registration issues, too long lines, and not receiving their absentee ballots." If such things deter them from voting then they are unworthy of the franchise. pl
Cee Tyler is a former US Army paratrooper who served in both the Iraq and Afghan wars. Did you have kin who served with him in these wars. I doubt that he is afraid of "black men." He is a federal law enforcement agent. pl
John Measor Hey! Wait a minute! I was corrected here a few years back by some other Canuck who insisted that the summer tourist entertainers were from the Governor Generals Foot Guards, a reserve unit. Which is it? pl
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kim sky " "A plea for more and more money for the Security state?' Me? what a joke! I want to reduce the defense budget massively and adopt an isolationist foreign policy. I should ban you just for that remark. Yes, you are way out of line. This murderous lunatic was a dirt-bag. Where did he get the gun? "The peacable kingdom?" If you have no sense of irony, you don't belong here. pl
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farooq There is an amusing anecdote that claims that a car filled with men from the sub-continent pulled up at a toll gate on the Garden State Parkway. The attendant looked in the car and asked "Engineers or doctors?" pl
GCP Cute. Read Federalist #46 pl
Cee Surely you do not wish to characterize a policemen attempting to do his duty in the apprehension of a possible felon as having acted from "a bullshit reason." pl
John Measor I did not mean in any way to denigrate Canadian soldiers. I have stood in front of the War Memorial many times in deep admiration. As some here know my favorite uncle was a Canadian soldier in WW1. It is nevertheless true that by my count there are 9 battalions of regular infantry in the Canadian Army at present. Please correct my figures. There are many reserve battalions but what is their actual state of readiness? It would be delusional to think that reserve units can be maintained at the same state of readiness as regular units By contrast the US Army has over 100 Regular(active force) infantry battalions and the USMC has around 25 more. The question is validly asked here as to whether you and the Brits are valid NATO partners. An equally valid question that some (like me) ask is why are we retaining such a force structure? I am sure you are familiar with the defense share of GDP numbers. pl
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blowback You are a Londoner. Do you think the same concerning the Brigade of Foot Guards and the Household Cavalry? pl
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Pete Deer If a huge man as Brown was, physically attacks and beats you with his fists, he is not "unarmed." The fact that Wilson's gun was fired in the car and that Brown bled in the car indicates a struggle in the car. pl
Edward Amame So what. Always the defensive liberal. The media on both sides of that divide are sentimentalists seeking sensation. pl