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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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Stonevendor He was at that time Dean of the Faculty at VMI. pl
Stonevendor I don't remember that this was a commencement address. I don't remember what it was. He used to speak a lot for veteran's groups and in prisons as he mentions. pl
FB Ali Alan still persists, living alone on Stallings Mountain near Glasgow, Virginia among the buildings he built with his own hands and bulldozers. pl
All My apologies to Sir Max Hastings. I had confused him with another historian with a similar name. pl
Toggle Commented yesterday on Not enough troops ... at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Imagine I buy that but if I were an Israeli I would want to explore how real the Palestinian willingness to accept two states really is. pl
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Not enough troops ... at Sic Semper Tyrannis
IMO No, the Russians would prefer Trump. pl
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Not enough troops ... at Sic Semper Tyrannis
BNW Oh, nonsense, the country will be re-built and those who do not have the balls to participate in that deserve nothing. pl
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Not enough troops ... at Sic Semper Tyrannis
VV Well, then we must resist to protect our identity. pl
Doug Colwell Tactical surprise is often unattainable but it is necessary to go on. pl
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Not enough troops ... at Sic Semper Tyrannis
LeaNder Don't expect the rest of us to hide from the larger reality. pl
Earthrise If you have the preponderance of force, tactical surprise is much over-rated as a necessity. pl
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Not enough troops ... at Sic Semper Tyrannis
LeaNder What I said was that I think you have believed that the values of the progressive left have conquered the USA. They have not. That is what the struggle this year is concerned with. The thing about people using bathrooms is ridiculous and trivial. If you want some pseudo-woman to come into the bathroom and enthrone itself on the thunderbox next to you, good on ye. Unimportant, but HC calling for social revolution in this country, that IS important. And you admit that you don't know any Americans outside the lefty enclaves. pl
Will Reks There isn't much differences in the trade and business policies of Borgist Republicans and Democrats. pl
LeaNder "I will always look at the trees first." Why would you do that? Is that not an emotion driven way to look at a problem? pl
If you watch the embedded SITREP in this South Front report you will learn that the authors at South Front (I assume we are in one way or another talking about Russians) agree with me that the R+6 coalition is... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
STT has recently experienced what I consider to be abuse of our hospitality in comments made by people who after repeated exchanges asking for documentation for comments that attack the US as an evil country that is the curse of... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
LeaNder "How precisely am I as "prog" dictating to you to see five fingers when there are only one" How? How? The federal government threatens the withdrawal of funds from states that do not obey! Remember! These are funds from the common purse. pl
LeaNder Ah, you have thought that the left progressive agenda now rules the US? you have to remember that we do not have a parliamentary form of government and the Republicans now hold both houses in Congress and are very strong in state governments. I thought you had lived in the US. If so it must have been in some left progressive enclave like New York City, San Francisco or Seattle. having worked with a number of European or Europeanized Arabs I have noticed that they instinctively want to stay in cities like that and are rather fearful of the people who live in most of the country between these "islands." The fact is that much of the population has not accepted the "future of mankind" vision of people like Obama and Clinton (she). That is why Clinton screeches that Trump must be defeated so that the vision of the left for transformation of America can be fulfilled. The Democrat Left desperately wants to believe that "the right side of history" and changing demography will bring them control so that they can continue to drive the country toward the left. We are going to learn if they can win this year with a combination of white leftists, minorities, LGBT people, some women. The big problem for the left is that their free trade and anti-business policies (coal most notably) have lost many in the blue collar part of the population their formerly well paying industrial jobs without prospect of improvement. pl
Seamus You did not answer any of my points and preferred to whine about people being called "Geeordie" Is that what you are, a professional Irishman who now is really English and who lives in England? Are you from greater Tyneside?Tell me how it is "presumptuous" to mention the term Geordie? You presumptuously spoke of American Indians and seem to know nothing about them. We could discuss Indian tribes, confederations, languages, cultures, Indian history and the complex history of white/Indian history since 1600. Are you aware that white Americans ALWAYS had Indian allies in fighting other competing and often oppressive tribes? Narragansetts, Mohegans, Pawnee, Mandans, Navajo, Crow, the list is long. Want to talk about that? pl
Seamus Of course there are. Have you ever been to the US? I probably know a lot more about Indian tribes than you do. "Redskin" is not a racial term. It is not equivalent to "nigger" or "chink." It is a term long commonly in use in the US to refer to all the Indian nations. it is something like calling Germans "squareheads," "boche" or "krauts," or calling northern English "geordies." You may have noticed that Germans and northern English are more or less white. Only the SJW crowd like you think otherwise. Have you noticed that it is only the professional Indians and SJWers who are offended by "Redskin?" did you see the Washpost artice in which Indians were polled about the term. remember the Washpost is a liberal/neocon paper. pl
Allen Thompson As I wrote before, IMO the secretary could not be fired for violations of her own regulations by anyone but POTUS. The real question here is her probable violation of US statutes. pl
Seamus "So why reduce them to racial ones?" I don't. "Irish?" So what? The attitude is the same , the same pretentious arrogance. pl
Seamus The only group differences that matter are cultural differences. If you are from the Highlands of Scotland and look as black as Idi Amin, you are still Scottish if you think like one. You keep looking, searching for a way to make us into idiots. IMO this is the Brit superiority thing, still resentful over Little Britain. pl
Seamus Nobody on this side of the pond would believe that NSA doesn't read all their correspondence. pl