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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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Bill H "I know you are isolated from modern American news, sir, but try to keep up." It seems to me that you are overly affected by "modern American news." Does it bother you that not everyone has been conditioned by neocon memetics? Tell me how you KNOW that it is Putin's intention to "rebuild the Soviet Empire? How do you KNOW that? How do you KNOW that it is his intention to invade and occupy all the nations added to NATO? How do you KNOW that? There is no evidence that Russian forces are committed in eastern Ukraine. None. You admit that to be true and cite it as evidence of Russian aggression. I remind you that I do not tolerate ad hominem attacks. pl
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The Democratic Party convention and the media are full of the assumption that Russia is the enemy of the United States. What is the basis for that assumption? Russian support for the Russian ethnic minority in eastern Ukraine? How does... Continue reading
Posted 1 hour ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
John H 600 Bernistas walked out last night when Bill came on stage? The MSM is not reporting that. pl
b Alfred W. McCoy is the source for the unsigned chronology from PBS. is as fervent a fantacist about the US government as you are. I invite anyone to look at his citations in the listed work and report back on that. BTW Air America was not founded for the purpose of supporting the drug trade. It had many function and I doubt that was among them.
Larry Kart "Lincoln in 1856" John C. Fremont, the Pathfinder, was the Republican candidate in 1856. pl
Bill Herschel "I sincerely believe that Trump is owned and operated by Russia (cf. missing tax returns)." Really? Why? Business follows capital and markets. What would be wrong with doing business in Russia, or China, or Turkey, etc.? I think you are just looking for a propaganda opportunity. OTOH I think he should release his tax returns just as herself should release her Wall Street speaking transcripts. pl
" ... a formal set of principal goals which are supported by a political party or individual candidate, in order to appeal to the general public, for the ultimate purpose of garnering the general public's support and votes about complicated... Continue reading
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Dubhaltach "one should consider not only the information but its source" That is not what I said. Your formulation of implies that you should condition belief by considering the source. In a general sense that is true but the essence of my "maxim" is that information should not be discounted solely because of the source. The reason for that being the possibility that other information may establish a truth in which the original item is confirming. pl .
b "from and through Turkey and the CIA" You have no proof whatever for this accusation against the United States. None! It is rooted solely in your unrelenting enmity for the United States. A book published by some "scholar" who shares your prejudice is not proof. I want names, dates, places. pl
Phil Cattar 17th? The Mayflower generation is 9 generations back in my family. I was at Ft Devens in 1962-64. He must have been a WW2 veteran. There were a very few of those who had limited educations. BTW, my unit was a tenant on the post and would not have been under the post commander who was basically a housekeeper for the facility. pl
Swamp Yankee John Alden is my 9th great grandfather. I am descended from his daughter, Elizabeth. When I was a kid lieutenant platoon leader in 2/2 Infantry Regiment we were at Ft. Devens. The place was too small to train in adequately so we trained a lot at Camp Edwards in the shank of Cape Cod and in Leominster forest. for bigger things we went to the White Mountains National Forest, Alaska, Yakima in Washington State, northern Norway, tidewater Virginia for amphib training. It was a great thing for a 22-24 year old with 45 men. pl
kodlu "The days of coups are long past." Do you really believe that? Why are they "past?" pl
b Giraldi lived for many years in Turkey. How about you? pl
smoothiex12 "it is hard to imagine this happening again with today's Turkey" Ah! you are a victim of the false idea that history has direction and evolves. pl
b IMO you are deluded. He intends to destroy secularism in Turkey. "The schools, universities and hospitals closed are, as far as I could tell, all Gülen related" How do you know that? Is it because the government says so? pl
Michel brenner I do that all the time. That is why some people are no longer here. pl
Michael Brenner Are you going to assign grades? pl
Lurker "with all due respect, whether the CIA supports the POTUS' foreign policy and/or whether the incumbent CIC loves Erdogan or not, these are largely irrelevant considerations from the Turks' perspective." I don't care what the Turks choose to think. People believe all kinds of crap because they want to. I care about the actual truth. pl
Swamp Yankee out west of Boston? Somewhere around the Leominster state Forest? pl
"In the immediate aftermath of the Turkish military’s attempted coup on July 15, the international community responded with relief. While many people within Turkey and outside of it are no fans of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s authoritarian regime, the bloodshed... Continue reading
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tyler Ah, c'mon. I am just giving people a chance to discuss it. pl
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Cee I agree with the "suberb care." I don't use VA medical facilities but a friend's wife is a VA doctor and if she works there it must be pretty good. My only suggestion about VA medical care is that a "credit card" feature that lets veterans use civilian facilities when VA is not available is a good idea. pl
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"It was supposed to be the night the Democratic Party finally exorcised its demons. Instead, on a sultry, hot day in Philadelphia, the long-simmering disillusionment of Bernie Sanders supporters erupted into anger. And not even the Senator himself could calm... Continue reading
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Comment on this topic using the is as an anchor post. pl Continue reading
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Comment using on this topic using this as an anchor. pl Continue reading
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