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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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All I am pleased with the ensuing melee caused by this intentionally provocative post. It succeeded in peeling the onion enough to reveal that under the "21st Century" baloney you are all still the crew of ravenous mutually hating beasts you always were. The United States of Europe? Dream on! pl
JLCG "When loggers cut down a forest they profit from a growth for which they have done nothing" You need to brush up on managed forestry, tree farming, etc. Also, every generation of immigrants in what became the US told the earlier arrivals the same crap about how uselessly they had consumed. My puritan, Yankee ancestors probably told the Narragansetts, and Wampanoags the same BS in 1620. pl
Bryn P "Yanks go home?" You want us to retreat from the world scene? So do I. If the price of seeing that happen would be to take a million of THESE refugees I would pay that price. As a follow up program I would abolish NATO, build up our navy and air force even more and make foreign affairs mean (for the US) dealing with the near abroad, i.e., Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. We can trade with you but beyond that... What more than that do you want, "forty acres and a mule?" pl
All Dr. Somkuti apologizes for a malapropism in his original text and has asked me to amend his sentence in regard to Hungarian xenophobia to read "I can assure you, that with the exception of an ever present small group of idiots, hungarians are at most somewhat xenophobic,like Jack Nicholson’s character in ’As good as it gets’." pl
NMS I have spent a lot of time in Alaska which I think matches your description in terms of climate and insects. I once made a 100 mile ski march at 50 below zero Fahrenheit. Come to think of it Ft. Drum, NY would match anything in terms of sparrow sized mosquitos and no see ums beyond number. My Canadian founder ancestors moved south eventually in self defense. pl
Dismayed What I said here and earlier is that the German government has expressed a willingness to take 800,000 refugees from this wave of immigrants. What "notion?" pl
NMS I seem to have missed a zero I accept your number of around 46,000 Jews in Hungary now. pl
NMS According to your UN data the US had 35 million foreign born residents in 2000 and had 46 million in 2013. The latter figure is something like 120% of the total population of Canada. pl
tyler Budapest is not El Paso. If the Germans want them let them have them. pl
The current migrant situation because of which Hungary is again in the headlines has a number of reasons. Please find below a local’s short summary of the events. Let me start with a some basic observations. There has been a... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
"I fear that we are again heading into dangerous times. –Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is often said to be “stable” under certain conditions. It follows that it becomes unstable under others. Thus, we can predict that since our world is... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Ursa Major I used to have an e-mail button on the blog but it has disappeared. Please don't write to tell me that Hungarians love Turks or some such thing. pl
TTG Agar Adamson suffered with dignity from a wife who was of dubious loyalty. She had the money. pl
Tidewater pl
Toggle Commented yesterday on The Moneta Massacre at Sic Semper Tyrannis
TTG pl
oofda & TTG My next door neighbor for many years was the grandson of Lt. Col Agar Adamson, DSO, who was for most of WWI the Battalion CO of the PPCLI in France. His letters to his wife who was in London during the war are most interesting. pl
Russ Yes, the fashion in the medical profession for eradication of pain led to that and then when the fashion changed, heroin became the substitute of choice. pl
Toggle Commented yesterday on The Moneta Massacre at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Haralambos Yes, the actual collectively remembered past is complex. An antiques dealer in Izmir wanted to sell me a pair of magnificent bronze candlesticks from a mosque in Thessaloniki. They were about four feet tall. I did not buy them. A Greek officer friend stood beside me in Hagia Sophia and wept from sorrow and desolation. pl
Ishmael Zakariyah I totally agree, but the women are often good looking. A certain way to get an impassioned outburst from Hungarians is to remind them that Hungarian and Turkish are related languages. pl
Bryn P The five year annual average of LEGAL immigration to the US is 1,135,000. You may have noticed that we have 11 million ILLEGAL immigrants in the country. What is it that you want us to do? You are a Brit? How many are you all going to take. You need more Black people. Your % of people of Black African descent in the population is about 2.5%. Ours is 12%. pl
NMS IMO this mass migration has nothing to do with water shortages and everything to do with US disruption of the political systems of the MENA states. So, you want me to wait a Friedman Unit before you will concede on the oils question? Fine, I will do that. BTW how many of these representatives of this latest volkervanderung is Canada going to take on their way to eventual settlement in the USA? pl
WRC The whole initial expansion of Islam became in its early stages much like IS. And, then there were the two revivalist invasions of The Ommayad state in Andalus. These (Moravides and Almohads) were intended to create entities like IS. pl
Bandolero So, the Germans want the white refugees? pl
NMS "Aside from the above the situation in Budapest does not reach the problems of the Superdome in New Orleans." What a mean spirited thing to say. How's the "peak oil" thing working for you? Tit for tat. pl
"Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz prevented consideration of a resolution at the party’s summer meeting here that praised President Obama and offered backing for the nuclear agreement with Iran, according to knowledgeable Democrats. The resolution was drafted with... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis