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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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Grazhdanochka I wouldn't want to give my views of them all. that would quickly become judgmental as people of my type are prone to be. the best thing is to get a book that discusses all the 16 types. pl
Bandolero "Reds" being the SAA? pl
jody kanuck "So far as offensives to recover territory in Syria go, I’m not sure the Russians are paying attention." I would bet you a bucket full of Canadian money that they can walk and chew gum at the same time. pl
Grazhdanochka ESTP? A lot of results are culturally driven. pl
scott s Not enough volume. pl
e Which Wilkerson relative are you? are you the same one who wrote to me years ago asking me to "understand" him. Forget it, at least in my case. pl
laura You are a historian of the American West? I have no intention of aligning myself with the neo-marxist Democratic Party and its oligarch sponsors. pl
laura ah, yes the "end to white America syndrome" (ETWAS) actually, a desire for minorty majority is racist. pl
Charles I didn't ask you any questions other than in a rhetorical sense. I explained to you how foreign human assets are recruited. All the rest of that crap about Potemkin villages is just cheap fiction. pl
Charles Butler was a soldier in America's colonial wars, not an intellectual of any kind. War is not always or even predominately an economic activity. US policy in Syria is altogether a result of Zionist political power in the US and the Likud's obsession with Syria, Hizbullah and Ian. pl
In the ongoing battles around Damascus it seems more and more clear to me that the Syrian Government is consolidating its position in its heartlands in anticipation of an armistice negotiated by the Russians, an armistice that may last for... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
jid I have known Linda for a long time. We worked together. I attribute your NF status to your cultural origins in central Africa where you still live. Being an NF does not make you a nice person, It just gives you the possibility of being one. pl
outthere Wilkerson told me (through a mutual friend) well be fore the UN debacle that he and Powell had the situation under control and that I should shut up. It was also Wilkerson who persuaded Powell not to take any intel analysts to CIA when they went to be briefed by Tenet and company. why did he do that? Hey! Why would such semi-divine beings as he and Powell need expert help? pl
j Marineland is its own country. Army Special Forces have much the same mentality. Bing West is also a USMC fanatic. pl
r. Whitman Yes. Some of you are not bad people. Some Republicans are not bad people. pl
Catherine Let the investigation begin! Ecce homo. pl
Leaky Ranger He is NOT a former general mon petit connard. He is a retired general. pl
Linda And? I would guess an NF. I always liked you. pl
fred In my experience the probability is very high. pl
outthere Larry Wilkerson helped Powell sell out the US for favor at the WH. pl
ISL My point. pl
james Did I ask for your advice? Nevertheless, thanks. But a lot of the people here would not have recognized it as irony. pl
tyler Your comment is obviously directed at me. pl
radioman What kinda radioman? I remember Shapiro who stood at my elbow for two years when I led 42 good men and true. pl
Laura You like my comments on the Team of Sycophants? You have not seen what I will write about the Democrats. Pelosi? She is a self centered wretch enriched by her silicon valley admirers through no merit of her own who despises the people her father fought for. HC? I hope she is a drunk. I could like her better if she is. Her contempt for ordinary Americans who do not share her adolescent utopian revolutionary ideals is laughable. Perhaps Wellesley did that to her. My uncle endowed a chair there but I never liked him. pl