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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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YT Is he supposed to be representative of something? pl
smoothiex12 One should always negotiate from a position of strength. If your negotiating "partner" thinks you are weak the process is not negotiation. It is a way to surrender. pl
JJackson I am pleased to learn that you did not mistake my Ketchup Embargo suggestion for irony. pl
Tigermoth TTG and I have extensively discussed this subject here. Bestir yourself to find it. pl
"Kerry said that without a ceasefire in Aleppo, Syria's largest city before the civil war erupted in 2011, the violence there was in danger of spiraling out of control. The plan now being worked on to ensure a more lasting... Continue reading
Posted 8 hours ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Bill Herschel IMO Trump can beat her by proceeding to abuse her over her many vulnerabilities. Some of these are connected to her history and others are more deeply personal. He would be wise to have surrogates attack her while he stands silent in the matter but he may not be capable of doing that. Skillfully done he can destroy her step by step as a plausible future president. Another handicap he has is his imprecision of language. Like a lot of generals and other grandees he seems to think that ambiguity in speech, partial sentences and omitted necessary words make him less vulnerable to criticism. That is a mistake. He needs to say things like; SOME Mexican illegals, A FEW Arabs, etc. pl
Peter in Toronto I watched the whole speech when he gave it. I heard two distinct elements in it. On the one hand he said whatever was necessary to assuage various special interest groups; Zionists first and foremost, internationalists, etc. OTOH he said that he will govern from a POV that always places American interest first, seeks a rapprochement with potential adversaries; Russia, China, etc., will build very strong armed forces but be "very slow on the trigger." In the area of trade he says he will re-negotiate the free trade deals that so many Americans blame for the rapid disappearance of American industry. a great many people think, as I do, that the theory of comparative advantage in economics creates economies that benefit the investor class (like me) and puts Americans who once had good wages in the position of not having the money with which to buy the cheap goods that come into the country from China, Vietnam, Mexico, etc. Trump is a negotiator. He is now negotiating with various groups to sink a deal over the presidency but his very willingness to challenge accepted and received wisdom with regard to so many sacred cows indicates to me that this is probably the real Trump while the pandering to AIPAC etc is merely trickery but skilled trickery. pl
KH "your question." What question? pl
(Al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo) ********* "The attacks and losses we suffer are reported in a way that leaves the public in the dark about the true perpetrators of these crimes. For three days now, these media outlets have been accusing... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Junald Who are you quoting? pl
Haralambos Army SF (GBs) are armed, traveling teachers of various things who can also do direct action missions (raids, reconnaissance, etc.) The rest; Delta, Seals, Rangers are all direct action fighters who have no substantial teaching skills other than those that any soldier has for training his own unit and no real cultural knowledge. They have the much simpler job of just fighting. Needless to say the rigid, narrow minded people who are most of any military force's leaders hate these guys. They know that the GB's judge them and that is unacceptable. pl
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on De Oppresso Liber - TTG at Sic Semper Tyrannis
dmr If you want to say that casualties inflicted on a civilian population when there is not intention to attack them is a war crime, then you are saying that the war itself is a war crime. Do you think the war against the AQ, Taliban and now IS in Afghanistan is a crime? Collateral damage to civilian populations is a crime only in the mind of the pacifist Left. As for culpability of the RCAF at Caen and as part of RAF Bomber Command across Europe it is quite evident that after "Bomber" Harris switched to night attacks the campaign was directed at the German civilian population using whole cities as aiming points rather than specific industrial, governmental and military targets. This was in accord with the Douhet inspired notion of breaking the will of an enemy population and forcing surrender. The US did the same with its massive B-29 fire raids against Japanese cities including Tokyo where 100,000 were killed in one night. IMO these policies amounted to war crimes, crimes against humanity and made us no better than the Nazis with their policies directed at eliminating populations of "undesirables" or the Japanese with things like the Rape of Nanking. OTOH the US 8th Air Force flying from Britain stuck to bombing what I would consider legitimate targets in daytime bombing. As a result the 8th Air force lost 28,000 killed. This was a larger butcher's bill than that paid by the entire USMC in all of WW2. There is a small shrine in Westminster Cathedral dedicated to the men of the 8th Air Force. You can visit when in London. pl
A. Pols "Deep state interests." IMO the use of this term implies some sort of conspiratorial group. This does not exist in the US outside the arena of Zionist machinations and I do not think you mean that. pl
dmr it is not a crime if the attack was not deliberate. Civilians are killed in war. That is not a crime unless the killing is deliberate. The Canadian armed forces killed many French civilians in Normandy in 1944. RAF and RCAF attacks on the city of Caen are a prime example. Should Canadian soldiers and airmen have been investigated by a foreign entity and tried for war crimes? Get real! pl
dmr I see that you are Canadian. There is something strangely other worldly about the responses and attitudes of some Canadians. Perhaps that results from the very limited role Canada has had the luxury of playing in the shadow of and under the protection of the US. This is not meant as disrespect to Canada's small but effective armed forces but they represent an even tinier segment of Canadian society than those of the US. To put it bluntly you have no idea what the confusion and chaos of a battle is like and are judging people who have born the battle when you have not. "He jests at scars who ne'er has felt a wound." Look it up. As I tried to explain in my post, the US does not criminalize error and failure. IMO that is a sound principle. What would you have had the US do? Should those who were in some way involved in this giant "cluster fuck" been executed by firing squad in the absence of a chargeable offense? I will tell you again there would have to have been a deliberate attack ON A HOSPITAL for this to have been a criminal matter. Killing people and destroying things is the normal function of any country's armed forces. Soldiers are not policemen. It is seldom their function in the existing social order to make arrests. With regard to Canada I remember that the Canadian government chose to dis-establish its only active duty parachute infantry battalion after a Canadian soldier shot a thief at a supply dump in Somalia. This, instead of dealing with the soldier involved and his CO who was also involved. Statements were made in parliament that Canada did not need such violent people in its service. Ridiculous. pl
All Yes. This is what Army Special forces is about. I suppose that I am the oldest SF soldier here having qualified at Bragg in 1964. I met Aaron Bank there when he came for a celebration and served under Arthur "Bull" Simon. IMO they would both be proud of Martland and Freitas. De Opresso Liber. pl
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on De Oppresso Liber - TTG at Sic Semper Tyrannis
OMB Yes. Retired US armed forces members, as opposed to former soldiers, are still members of the armed forces. That is why you can still use government facilities, space available air travel, etc. Basically, you receive a reduced amount of pay because you are not required to do duty every day. So, it is correct that McRaven could be recalled to active duty and then disciplined. The government does not want that kind of confrontation and so it will not happen, but it could. pl
Bill Herschel I have asked a number of people I have long thought sentient what the actual as opposed to memetic notional issues are between US and Russian interests. None can answer me. pl
TTG In re Cynic he doesn't want to learn anything. He just wants to score points off the Yanks. pl
toivoS I am surprised that some of you are so unsophisticated as to think that the US would be allowed to impose a no-fly zone in Syria. Have you not been paying attention to the relative balance of power in Syria especially in regard to air defense systems? The Russians stood by and watched in Libya because they had no particular stake in a country that had repudiated its alliance with them in favor of an abject submission to neocon nonsense and at that point the depth of US hostility was not clear as it is now. As for HC she talks out of both sides of her mouth saying that there should be safe zones, but only if the Russians agree. Come on, folks! pl
cynic All right I will school you. Lawrence was an agent of the Arab Bureau in Cairo. He was loosely attached to the Arab Revolt in the Hijaz. The Arab Bureau gave him a free hand largely because it was not thought that he could do much damage to the cause of British capture of Palestine from the Turks by a conventional army attacking across the Sinai. If Washington had given USSF a free hand over the years the situation would be quite different. pl
BraveNewWorld You don't understand the game. What I am proposing is merely a ruse by which some people will be allowed to surrender to government forces. If the US does not agree to that, then, no safe areas. Voila! pl
"For that city, the U.S. is considering drawing up with the Russians a detailed map that would lay out “safe zones.” Civilians and members of moderate opposition groups covered by the truce could find shelter from persistent attacks by Syrian... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
rjj These "pahtridges" take me back to my adolescence in Maine. thanks. pl
Emad IMO there was no recklessness in US behavior in this matter. there were friendly troops in contact with the enemy and the US forces on the ground vectored the aircraft to what was thought to be a legitimate target. The system failed to identify the target as being an unauthorized target. that is failure, not recklessness. pl