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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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Edward Amame In re your response to Fred. You accuse him of racism because he disagrees with you? you Clinton people approach the tactics of the Bolsheviks. Is little Donny Deutsch your hero? pl
Sans Racines The Colt Python is believed to be the finest revolver ever made. Colt has degenerated into a maker of rifles and not great rifles. The tolerances in this piece are very close and the finish is superb. Colt archives sent me the train of ownership and making. I have never fired it and will never. I am thinking of whom I can leave it to. In the matter of heirlooms I also have a lot of Randall knives ordered or bought. I gave my MACVSOG Randall knife to the museum at VMI. It is engraved . I have a carving set from Randall that has never been used and will not be. I waited three years for them to make that. Sorry to inflict. pl
mike allen I don't care what trump's attitude toward the military is. He is not going to be president and commander in chief as HC correctly says. She will be and so her attitude toward the military and foreign policy matters. pl
fred Yes. Think of Jean de Villiers. pl
mike allen Neither Marshall not Eisenhower ever commanded anything in battle. I do not consider that theater command is a combat command. People in such jobs are really strategic thinkers and diplomats. Marshall had a great character but he never had a chance to command anything in combat. pl
mike allen I have heard McCaffery recount what CC said to him in the car while he was trying to be pleasant, not all that easy a task for him. the story is not about McCaffery, it is about the attitude that Chelsea Clinton had acquired from her parents. People want to tell me that what a child says is not indicative of anything. I do not accept that any more than I accept the idea that HC's Wellesley graduation speech is not representative of the woman today. pl
Edward Amame We need to have some clarity in terminology. For me the Blob is the WH/Obama Admin. term for the Washington/NY City branch of the international globalist Borg. Obama also calls it the "Foreign Policy Establishment." Same thing. pl
kooshy NSA is headed by a general or admiral. pl
mike allen I would say that Scott was the best US general of the 19th Century. Wellington thought that as well. He had thought that when Scott cut loose from his base at Vera Cruz he was finished. pl
EA The convention here is "Borg." pl
doug They play every side against the middle (them). Now the Turks and the Filipinos are doing the same. pl
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gowithit Also in my regiment's museum was a punch bowl made in Mexico City from looted altar silver from somewhere back along the road to Vera Cruz. It was hand beaten and had some suitable inscription. I guess they were on occupation duty for a while. There was a punch cup for every officer then in the regiment. I remember the one with Lt. George E. Pickett's name engraved thereon. I suppose that 1/2 Infantry has these things now. pl
Lefty You were in the Corps then? pl
trent VPI band in foreground, Our two Bns in middle ground, color party between. this was 1961. Kennedy. pl
Larry Kart "and/or record them under false pretenses" How would this alter the veracity of what is said? pl
" ... the activity reflects alarm over Trump’s calls for the United States to pull back from its traditional role as a global guarantor of security. “The American-led international order that has been prevalent since World War II is now... Continue reading
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"Jaish Al-Islam allegedly reached an agreement with the government and will surrender the strategic town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta. Reports appeared amid a series of setbacks by the militants in the region. The Syrian army is now deployed in... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
b Congratulations on the numbers. In re US/Filipino relations I know that you cannot resist a chance to be critical of us. IMO the US decision, taken in an imperialist period of history worldwide, to retain control of the Philippines after the Spanish left was a bad decision. My father loved the Filipinos (evidently in many ways) but he always said that permanent retention of the Islands was out of the question because there were too many people in the islands who did not want it and would fight over it. As for the Moros the conflict between Christian and Muslims in Mindanao is far older than the US presence in the islands. pl
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mike allen I was suffering from too much to eat last night. Sorry about Chapultepec. the big story there is the ninos heroicos (the cadets of the Mexican military academy) who joined the garrison to fight on the walls. Actually, the Mexican War is a rather amazing thing. The Mexicans and Americans were rather evenly matched in numbers and equipment. Scott's amphibious landing at Vera Cruz to begin the campaign up to Mexico City always amazes me as a planning achievement. pl
Pacifica Advocate Thank you. pl
Patrick Armstrong "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more or close the wall up with our English dead." Harry at Harfleur. pl
walker Ah! Another troll! I had never heard of O'Keefe until yesterday. So, you too think he faked the tapes. Wonderful. pl
eakens He is just a troll. pl
mike allen Saladin was a very Arabicized Kurd. His people often do not want to claim him. It is as a great Islamist jihadi that he is really famous. As to his gallantry he was often just as quick to massacre prisoners as anyone else at the time. After Hittin he had all the turcopole native cavalry prisoners belonging to the Hospitallers and Templars put to the sword. they were native Christians, about 10,000. He gave Sufis and other mullahs from Damascus the opportunity to each behead a Templar or Hospitaller knight or sergeant, another very large number. When Jerusalem fell to him he let people buy their freedom and passage to the coast and those who could not were sold into slavery. Walter Scott knew very little of Saladin. pl
Freudenschade You do know that the musicians in the Army band are solders also? Or don't you? pl