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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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walker The belief that the ancestors of Southerners were honorable men and that they should be revered. pl
luxetveritas You think I don't know who he is? I was a professor at West Point. You want to be argumentative? bacevich has the cultural baggage of his regional origins. you are gone. pl
Babelfish They did not call him that. Their feeling for him was familial. They fought on for him when all was lost. pl
luxetveritas Bacevich should stick to the Middle East where he knows what he is talking about. pl
Pacifica Advocate "Good lord, where to begin: A) "Antifa" stands for "anti-Fascists." The reason the term is used is because it's a loose collection of groups who are opposed to fascism. While I find a lot of their privvy dialogue quite immature and misguided, I personally see nothing wrong at all in a collection of groups who are united in physical opposition to the rise of fascism." I am not Harper but it seems evident to me that whoever it is who displeases you by "shorthanding" the broad spectrum of alt-left as communist is guilty of doing the same thing that you do when you shorthand your opponents on the right as fascists. And BTW, where is the evidence of growing "fascism" in the US? pl
Recorded here are the stiring words of one of the Republic's more insightful editorialists as he proposes a method to heal the wounds of this great nation as they came to me, as, to quote MLK, "I had a dream... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
LeaNder And what "context" would the left wing city government give him? That he was a racist criminal? pl
"Uncle Bob." as the troops called him) ******** "It also said that Mr. Custis, while dying, told his slaves that they should be freed immediately, rather than five years on. Lee challenged that account. In his letter to The Times,... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
b "The "fat kid" won this round." I will believe that when the big Kahuna exercize is cancelled or delayed. BTW you are exaggerating the criticallity of Andersen AFB and the Guam naval station. You know that US capabilities are much greater than that. pl
Toggle Commented yesterday on Guam rejoices! at Sic Semper Tyrannis
mike, TTG et al An IS-HTS alliance across the Salamiyah road-Ithriya corridor seems very unlikely to me. These jihadi groups consider each other to be more dangerous and anathema than mere apostates and heathen. No, the only way out for the IS fighters is east which means to run the gauntlet of R+6 forces on either side of the two pockets. Hopefully, R-6 will leave corridors for them to try to escape through. Good Hunting! pl
james f Why "with respect?" I share your appreciation of Cleburne, his views and those of his friends. As mike and I somehow agreed a few days ago the manpower problem was central to difficulties in Confederate grand strategy. A measured early emancipation in 1863 based on voluntary military service as Cleburne recommended would probably have solved that problem. pl
ALL Some people here continue to be unable to tell the difference between analysis and advocacy. Work on it. pl
nancy K "that seem to have forgotten that they left the military years ago or were kicked out,' Any basis for that claim? pl
Nancy K Once again, this is a federal republic and the popular vote is irrelevant. You actually don't see that the left establishment as well as the antifa left are seeking to carry out a Great Cultural Revolution? That does not mean that I do not see the far right as a serious counter-revolutionary force. pl
James F The planter class had the opportunity to avoid service but few did. Their casualty numbers reflect that. The only Applachians who supported the Union were in east Tennessee and in the W. Virginia counties in the really high country. Along the Ohio they supported the CSA as did W. Virginia people in the panhandle. Which hobby horse are you riding? pl
origin Too much trouble - enjoy the numbers. As for PT, He is occulted. i have concealed his true name and identity deliberately. Why should you complain? You do not use your real name. As for Augustinl, This is not a public space and I have enough SJWs here. I am not interested in providing you a platform. pl
Brother Joe Where do you see the post numbers? pl
All I opted recently to put numbers on the posts by I don't see them. Where do you? pl
All Thanks to TTG for the great work As you can see the situation has continued to develop with link-up of the Ithriya south and north of Palmyra jaws. IS will attempt to break out to the east. pl
Booby Yes, Forts Bragg, Hood, Lee, AP Hill, Benning, etc., started as temporary camps during WW1 and were so named to encourage Southern participation in the war. The South had been reluctant about the Spanish War. Wade Hampton, governor of SC said of that war, "Let the North fight. the South knows the cost of war." pl
Seamus Padraig Virginia may be such a state but the law does not matter. IMO McAuliffe would never have allowed their unmasking. IMO he has further use in mind for them. pl
Keith Harbaugh Evidently you don't value my opinion so I won't give it to you. pl
kerim Yes, we are staring into the depths and the abyss has begun to take note of us. BTW the US was put back together after the CW/WBS on the basis of an understanding that the Confederates would accept the situation and the North would not interfere with their cultural rituals. There was a general amnesty for former Confederates in the 1870s and a number of them became US senators, Consuls General overseas and state governors. That period of attempted reconciliation has now ended. Who can imagine the "Gone With the Win" Pulitzer and Best Picture of the Year now? pl
Jony Canuck Hell, in Canada they may be considered Conservatives. We don't really care what they are called elsewhere. pl
I understand why some people dislike Donald Trump. He certainly says intemperate things, appears to have no deeply intelligent governing philosophy and is at the extreme end of the narcissist spectrum. That said, the media/punditry meltdown over his alleged "ambiguous"... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis