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Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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Attican Alan This looks to me like the US armed forces pushing back. I used to "leak" things to the press on order from CJCS just to "even up the score." This is an old game. pl
We have been distracted by Gaza and the R2P campaign against Russia. While we have been so deflected, IS in Iraq have been busy. The idiot press has interpreted IS' consolidation of its gains as exhaustion or some other nonsense.... Continue reading
Posted 5 hours ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
alan "Mega?" pl
fred "If the "West" really wants to inspect the crash site why don't they go via the Russian federation?" For sure, but that would destroy the "Bad Russia! Bad Dog!" meme. The utube of Mika's Freudian slip, "Morning Jew, uh, Morning Joe" is funny. I guess Polish Catholics with aristocratic pretension disdain more than just Russians. pl
Cee I was quoting de Borchgrave. pl
MRW I think that Eldar would agree with you. he simply didn't start his narrative back far enough. pl
CD IMO he still wants the money for his library. in addition to that his Chicago and New York creators can still help him a lot in retirement. they made Rahm Emmanuel a rich man with very little effort. pl
“Under those circumstances, Israel would potentially have to contend with tens of thousands of casualties, the paralysis of all its systems and the need to create defensive measures for individual neighborhoods and even for streets. And all of that is... Continue reading
Posted 13 hours ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
All After consultation I have yielded the Warsaw Ghetto piece to Confused Pondered for authorship. pl
All Tomorrow I will write on the Warsaw Ghetto and wait for the result. pl.
Matthew I do not deserve to be mocked in this. I said what he should do. He has decided to buy a house in the San Diego area. My uncle Gordon lived there in San Clemente. He was deserving. pl
Big Bird I will try again. The NG was created by the incorporation of some state militia units into a force that is under the sovereignty of the states and the federal government What drove that process was the failure of the RA to obtain the consent of Congress for creation of a massive reserve structure directly subordinate to the RA. Some of the units brought into the NG were much older than the RA. the oldest was the 182nd Infantry Regiment (Massachusetts) My ancestors were among the founders of this, the West Regiment of Militia in the 1640s. Some other units are Confederate in ancestry. The 116th Infantry Regiment (Stonewall Brigade) is an example. pl
All IMO BHO should have told him. "I am a lame duck. if you don't do what I want I will sequester all your money for the rest of my term. If your flunkies want to try to impeach me I will conduct a campaign against you in the US on the basis of your utter worthlessness as an ally." pl
Barack Obama: "I demand that Israel agrees to an immediate, unilateral ceasefire and halt all offensive activities, in particular airstrikes." Benjamin Netanyahu: "And what will Israel receive in exchange for a ceasefire" politifact ------------------------- And what will Israel "receive in... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
WRC "The State Self-Defense Forces exist under Title 32f the US Code. The National Guard under title 10. 95% of all salary and expenses and equipment for the NG are federal expenditures. When employed in Presidentially declared disasters but not federalized under Title 10 typically FEMA reimburses the State and DoD for NG costs" Title 32f does not create state Self-Defense forces. it merely recognizes them for federal funding if that is desired in an emergency. the same thing is true of NG expenses. pl
WRC Interesting but irrelevant, all this funding business deals with state and NG forces when they are doing something the federal government approves of. None of this prevents a governor using these forces under his sole control if the state pays alone. pl
Marcello Fair has nothing t do with it. The levels of savagery achieved with HE and incendiaries were quite sufficient. "Modern" conditions? Laughable. pl
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on The Hannibal Directive at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Cee A massive and aggressive propaganda campaign is now underway designed to keep the US "in line" Steve Schmidt, the political consultant made an angry endorsement this am on Morning Joe of every thought Bibi ever had. This was not an accident. Schmidt's attacks on Kerry were sustained and purposeful. pl
ulenspiegal IMO neither the Waffen SS nor the Algemeine SS really had non commissioned officers nor commissioned officers in the sense that the Heer had such structure. The Waffen SS was an armed force built on the mutual esteem of Imperial German Army enlisted men from WW1. This mutual esteem and an absence of appreciation for traditional military structure among such veterans was expressed in the manner of function of the various Freikorps "armies" in the 20s. The spirit of such formations transmitted itself into both the SA and later the nascent SS. The SS did not address senior leaders as "sir," did not salute and generally were more of a an armed gang than they were an army in the sense that the Heer was an army. It is true that some of the low numbered Waffen SS divisions were quite effective. Typically these units were headed by leaders who had extensive military experience as officers in the Heer. An exception would be Sepp Dietrich who had been an NCO in WW1. IMO much of the disregard of the law and custom of war demonstrated by the Waffen SS was a product of the lack of real, structured leadership among them pl
LK I see this as something like "The Producers." Casting will be critical but when do we start writing? pl
LK He is not through. He may do something like adopt a child to continue the fight after he dies. pl
Big Bird "Gov. Perry could call up the Texas State Guard, as distinct from the Texas Army National Guard" He could use either or both if he is willing to pay their costs. pl
Thomas "Through the years meeting people who truly served in combat, the shared trait I saw in them was a self aware humility." Yes and often expressed in black, sad, gallows
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on The Hannibal Directive at Sic Semper Tyrannis
highlander I have known CIA people whom I though friends. It was usually a mistake. I have seen them abandon in the field native irregulars working for them along with USSF seconded to them. On one occasion they (Colby) insisted that I should do the same and when I would not threatened that they "would remember me." In the run up to our air attacks on Libya I watched as a CIA civilian briefer tried to persuade the NSC staff (North) that we should bomb married family quarters at Libyan air bases because that "would impress them." I informed CJCS of that and he told the WH that we would not accept such targeting. The CIA is or was manned by people with zero sense of ethics or morality. Expedience is all for just about all of them. In war, actual war, as opposed to CIA war, one accepts losses as inevitable but one does not inflict them deliberately on one's own. pl
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Matthew Yes, but the main thing was the strategic bombing thesis that held that civilian populations could be brought to their knees through bombing alone. pl
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on The Hannibal Directive at Sic Semper Tyrannis