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Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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Thomas Stop listening to the maundering 24/7 news IS has suffered no serious setbacks as yet. pl
nickb I called up that article this AM. Google Eric Holder Columbia and you will get all kinds of citations. He has been the beneficiary of EEO considerations from the system he dislikes. pl
b It has been so long since a reliable census in Iraq that nobody knows how many of each there are. pl
"General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Iraq's government must be ready to arm Sunni tribes as a precondition for getting outside advisers into the western Iraqi province. Washington hopes Iraq's government can rebuild... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
ScottS I guess the deciding factor in an attempted DoJ attempted takeover of the police in Missouri would be whether or not the state government feels intimidated enough to "knuckle their forelocks" and say "Aye! Aye!" rather than appeal a district court judge's opinion. Ah, well maybe a naval analogy is not appropriate in Holder's case. pl
AE pl
C. Tuttle IMO, no. And so we should pursue our own interest by doing this as a UW op from a base in the KAR. pl
Sd If you don't understand the "battle lines" you don't understand anything. As for the "barrel bombs," war is all cruelty and destruction. pl
All As I understand a federal judge can order a change based on his perception of a violation of federal law or the constitution. That order is subject to appeal. People sometimes accept a "consent decree" rather than contest a judgment but they need not. pl
CTuttle Looks like DoD is catching up to SST. pl
Babak War is not just a matter of arithmetic. IMO, having lost the Army of the Potomac at Chancellorsville, the political process in the north would have caused the US to abandon its attempt to regain control of the South by force. The war aim of the North was conquest. That of the South was defense. Jackson was intent on a night attack in the moonlight to capture the fords over the Rapidan in hooker's rear. The will of the AotP was badly shaken. In a surround situation there might well have been a dramatic surrender. Remember, it was not until Gettysburg two months later that the AotP had ever won against the AoNV. Alternatively, if Jackson had been in command of II Corps at Gettyburg, he would undoubtedly have driven straight through the town of Gettysburg and up Cemetery and Culp's Hills on the first day. the right wing of the AotP had been crushed and confederate possession of these positions would have prevented consolidation of the fish hook position. IMO Meade would have withdrawn to the south to keep his army between Lee and Washington. This, too, would have been a crushing psychological and political blow to the North. PL
shege "Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney" Yes, old hands but incompetent or driven by neocon ideology. Powell's idiocy in "buying" the WMD crap is matched by the purposeful conspiracy to invade Iraq indulged in by the others. pl
shege Your memory serves you ill. these were completely different groups of people. pl
OGP Actually, the II Corps (Jackson's force) marched to the nearest railhead just east of the Blue Ridge and then rode the trains to Richmond. Yes, Jackson famously fell asleep under a White Oak tree after having perfectly executed Lee's plan to bring II Corps from the valley and have it fall in on McClellan's right flank. It was a very Napoleonic plan. something like the Austerlitz campaign plan. Jackson slept through the sound of the battle on his right and nobody woke him. pl
OGP Neither Lee nor Jackson had much experience before the WBS. Jackson's only command in the US Army was a two gun section of artillery at Chapultepec and Mexico City for which he was brevetted twice to major. He read extensively and intensively while a prof at VMI and his knowledge of the operational level and of strategy was quite good when the war started but as a tactician his handling of troops was often ridiculous. At First Kernstown Shields would have destroyed his force if Garnett had not ignored Jackson and began to withdraw. Jackson had told Garnett that even though the Valley Army had run out of ammunition they should stay in place while Shields advanced because "they will go away." Garnett's reward was a court-martial for cowardice still pending when he was killed leading his brigade in Pickett's Charge. At Fredericksburg Jackson wanted to stage a night attack on the Yankees in which the Confederates would strip to their underwear so as to be recognizable. This was in December. Nevertheless he grew more and more skilled as a tactical commander until he was as good in that area as in higher command. At Chancellorsville IMO he would have destroyed the Army of the Potomac and ended the war if he had not been mortally wounded while doing something he should not have been doing. That is, a personal recon in the dark in front of his lines during a major engagement. Lee was Scott's staff engineer in Mexico. He was occupied in Corps of Engineers civil works until he obtained a lieutenant colonelcy in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in the 1850s. IMO, he personally wrecked the South's chances at Gettysburg by insisting on frontal attacks instead of listening to Longstreet's advice, but he, too, got better and better. His command in the Overland Campaign of 1864 was magnificent, and he was a man noble above the powers of most to imagine. pl
"Asked at an event in Washington on Wednesday about reports that Chief Jackson might be leaving, Mr. Holder said: “It’s pretty clear that the need for wholesale change in that department is appropriate. The exact form of that change, I... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
"... But it’s clear the finger-pointing between the White House and Pentagon reflects no mere technicality. Both examples cited to me by well-placed sources close to the Defense Department offer new evidence of a criticism that has dogged this administration... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Matthew Stonewall was an amateur soldier until he started fighting in the WBS. The same was true of Lee. pl
nickb Ginger is sitting at my feet as I write this. pl
Mark Logan Yes. there was a great deal of variation in the way Blacks were treated but there was also a lot of variation in the North in the way industrial workers were treated. Northern workers were free to leave? Sure if they did not mind starving. My original point was that we are now 150 years away from slavIry and 50 years away from legally enforced Jim Crow. is it not time for people to take responsibility for themselves? pl
Mark Logan yes there was a constant fear of a servile revolt in the ante-bellum South. That rarely happened but they were still worried about it. Jefferson wrote "we have the wolf by the ears," and that is what he meant. OTOH the fanciful notion of the South as a concentration camp for Blacks is very exaggerated. In Alexandria in 1860 (census) there were 8,000 whites, 2,000 free Blacks and 2,000 slaves. Quite a few of the free Blacks were slaveholders. Usually their slaves were relatives, held legally in bondage to protect them from expulsion from Virginia under the capricious manumission laws which kept changing with regard to the ability of newly manumitted blacks to stay in the state. In regard to "slave patrols," these often included armed slaves as did the plantation guards organized by owners. As I have written here before, slaves often possessed firearms and were expected to hunt for themselves and for the big house. Skilled workmen were often allowed to live in town away from the farm and to ply their trade as; blacksmiths, masons, coopers, carpenters and so forth. Income was divided and the tradesmen frequently bought themselves out of slavery on the installment plan. Let's not get too carried away by sentimentality. BTW, Southerners were much more likely to be rural and skilled hunters. There was also a strong military tradition in the South resulting in strong militia units which existed like VMI for the purpose of some day resisting Northern aggression and not for chasing fugitive slaves. Actually what you said is insulting. I am surprised. pl
Edward Amame Be a proud Marxist (small m) like Dorothy Day. Jesus loves you. He loves Stonewall Jackson as well. Curious. pl
Anonymous We took a neighbor out to dinner tonight. He has sold his house and is going home to Canada. I thought what I had said was clear. pl
Edward Amame "just a struggling member of the middle class who chooses to make common cause with other members of my class and with poor working people instead of with bankers and CEOs." Would it be fair to describe you as a Catholic NY City Marxist? The "class" thing makes this very clear. Along with my upper class Puritan colonist ancestors there were a lot of other people in my pedigree who came to this country that nobody did anything for. They made their way or died in the attempt. I think that is how it should be. It is a hundred and fifty years since the end of slavery in this country and fifty years since the removal barriers to voting, residence, etc. Stop whining on behalf of people who whine and snarl while waiting for "the man" to do something for them. I go to meetings here in Alexandria where the NAACP whines about the lack of job training in the town. We just built a new version of TC Williams High School. It cost us a hundred million dollars. It has a marvelous vocational arts program. I have taken construction courses there myself. The drop-out rate among Blacks in that high school is very high. pl