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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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DH You are a real piece of work. Maybe I will just ban you, Deb for a lack of politeness. pl
DH No. As I said she was always nice to me. pl
Bill Who are Christie's neocon advisers? pl
PFC Chuck "Stonewall Jackson: The Man, The Soldier, The Legend (1997)" Robertson. A massive all inclusive work but IMO Henderson is real art. pl
rjj Mine is a 1911 2 volume, rebound in calf in Calcutta in 1926. I treasure it. pl
Trey N I am under the impression that he rode the Virginia Central RR from Rockfish Gap to Richmond and back. His troops marched over Brown's Gap to reach the VCRR which they rode to capital area. pl
ISL With respect to John Boyd I don't see anything original in his thinking. pl
DH I don't think "On War" had been translated into English before the WBS. Jomini and other European students of Napoleon seem to have been his major sources. He also carried Napoleon's Maxims with him. pl
Trey N As you know he was always in poor health probably as the result of a deprived childhood. The physical and emotional cost to him of the Valley Campaign must have been immense. I don't find his long nap under a White Oak tree to be surprising. IMO it is more surprising that the staff did not wake him. pl
Trey N There were many opportunities but none greater than that at Chancellorsville. I was asked my opinion. Lincoln and the other radicals had to sustain a Northern willingness to continue to fight offensively on a grand scale Public opinion counted. In that context the loss of the Army of the Potomac, would have been, IMO s crushing blow. pl
Babak I think so. The 2nd Corps of the A of NV reflected his personality. If he had not gone forward of his lines that night at Chancellorsville, he might well have taken the fords behind Hooker the next day. That is what he intended to do and wanted to see for himself if the ground would support this. Would the Northern war effort have survived the loss of much of Hooker's army? I doubt it. And at Gettysburg... Yes. pl
This was published over on The Athenaeum (my other blog) a while back. In conjunction with the present Russian led campaign in Syria I think it is worth moving it to SST as a teaching tool. It will be said... Continue reading
Posted 4 hours ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
LeAnder You SHOULD study the VN War. It always helps to have some idea what you are talking about over and above the emotions of youth and resentment. I can suggest a reading list. pl
Paveway Mark IV I don't know of anyone here who is a fan of the KSA government. I presume that you are Saudi. pl
Paveway Mark IV Nobody has ever used s "Paveway" moniker on this blog, ever and a password is not required to post a comment. You are in the upper Midwest. I won't say where exactly. Your remarks about the Mark IV are a direct lift from the wiki on the bomb. My point about the USAF is that I do not think anyone in that service would have the depth of knowledge about SA to write that analysis, which, BTW, I think is pretty good. My guess is that you are a university type playing games. Don't. This is a blog full of spooks. pl
Bill Herschel You think the US military decides whether or not to intervene somewhere? How droll. pl
Paveway Mk 4 The USAF and RSAF have them. Nobody in the USAF could have written your comment. pl
Beaver "Freedom is just another way of saying nothing left to lose." pl
TTG The Russians need to develop their plan to fruition fast enough to kill them before they do revert to guerrilla tactics. The question has arisen of what to do with surrendered jihadis. my preference would be that they should be handed over to the Syrian government for "re-education." pl
A.Pols Brunswick? He was a good man, one of many. "A poor thing but mine own." I put into it everything I had learned of life. pl
Tyler My point was directed to whether or not ANY insurgent force would have such a weapon in NW Syria. pl
"Even as its ships and warplanes conducted fresh strikes, Russia said it was willing to cooperate with the United States in carrying out attacks in Syria. However, speaking to reporters in Rome, U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter called the Russian... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Bandolero Not quite sure what the SA government's stated position is in your comment. pl
fasteddiez I can only hope that you have recovered better than they. pl
bth MANPADS have really small warheads. If you think they are a big threat why haven't they been used more by IS and Nusra? So, Russia is intervening in Syria and maybe then in Iraq to line the pockets of the oligarchs? pl