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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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Fred The appendices to the book contain data about the individual regiments of Tiger Infantry, their combat records, casualties, country of origin. Because of the Union blockade there was no immigration to the South after secession. These foreign born were typically New Orleans laborers and all volunteers. One regiment had (6h Louisiana Infantry) had 60% born in Ireland including the colonel. pl
LeaNder You have become stranger and stranger. Someone suggested here that you are no longer what you were. Your "ignorance" seems feigned of late. pl
Fred They are why LSU's mascot is a tiger. pl
mike & fred Both were fine units. There were two Louisiana brigades in the ANV until one was essentially wiped out in the Mule Shoe at Spotsylvania. My vote would go to the Texas Brigade in the ANV. In the Wilderness a Union officer said of them, "who taught them to attack as though life had no meaning?" pl
Harlan Easley IMO, no. the truth of Dayan's order to attack the ship as a matter of military necessity is bad enough. pl
All The cessation of the covert CIA program does not apply to the SDF/YPG forces in the north. This is where the US provided armored vehicles are going. Up there the SDF/YPG face the prospect of fighting attacks by the Turkish Armed Forces and their FSA unicorn allies. Ultimately they may also have to fight the SAA when they get to the point of trying to re-integrate the north into the country/ pl
Arioch the Go look in the archive. pl
Ken That confirms the lack of SIGINT collection targeting of Israel. As for the rest I read the transcripts. pl
LeaNder USS Liberty was a US navy vessel that had been converted into a SIGINT collection platform from previous duty as a freight carrier. Perhaps you don't understand that we do not call members of the US Navy "soldiers." They are sailors or naval officers, not "soldiers." The ship was armed with only a few machine guns because such ships rely on the freedom of the seas for protection because the US, like other countries does not wish to provoke a reaction to their presence. The ship was in international waters when attacked. What "larger rule?" pl
AC I visited the South Lebanon enclave when it was under Israeli and SLA occupation. I crossed the "good fence" with Brigadier Dani Rothschild, then in charge north of the border and swanned around looking at the situation with him. the Israelis lost men up there and you remember that it was the political revolt of the "grandmothers" that caused the Israelis to withdraw and allow the SLA to collapse. I agree that Israel will not want to position the IDf forward of their present positions on the height of land in the Golan. what they want is for the US to cripple SAG efforts to regain its territory. New subject: The Israeli meisterstuck in stragey in Syria is IMO going to result in an array of greatly strengthened opponents in the SAA, Hizbullah, the Palestinians (Liwa al-Quds), etc. Clausewitz observed that a tradition of victory creates strong armies, and they are winning. pl
Israel has backtracked on the Amman ‘ceasefire’ agreement negotiated by the US, Russia and Jordan. The latter established the outline for a de-escalation zone in south-west Syria. From the outset, this accord was all about Israel, and its Jordanian junior... Continue reading
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Ken Halliwell I have not banned you yet. Was the ship collecting Israeli signals or not? pl
LeaNder So far as I know there were no "soldiers" on the ship when she was attacked. Sailors and NSA civilians are not soldiers. The casualties can hardly be called "collateral damage" since the multiple attacks on the ship were quite deliberate. I suppose this is not a big deal in Europe but for us to have been crassly and deliberately attacked by a close ally is very much a big deal. pl
Russ W. I guess you mean that Harry K. was less than forthcoming with the file. pl
ISL Publius Tacitus wrote this, not TTG. pl
Youssef At the time of the attack the Israelis were in the midst of the maneuver operations that defeated the Egyptian Army. IMO and that of others, Dayan, who was running things, thought that the ship might be intercepting Israeli as well as Egyptian communications and decided to eliminate that risk. I am told by Israelis who were involved that several seniors argued against the attack but he rejected their advice. In fact the ship had no Hebrew linguists in the Naval Cryptologic Service (NSA tasked) cell on board and was only doing Egyptian intercepts. This may have reflected LBJ's pro-Israeli proclivities. Among the Arabic intercept operators there was one sailor who knew some Hebrew because he was Jewish. pl
Following up on Colonel Lang's post regarding the Saudi Arabian/Egyptian debacle in trying to bully Qatar (please see Little Qatar has bested the GCC and Egypt. Mufaja'a!), there are two other major developments. First, Donald Trump reportedly has ordered the... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
kutte Someone persuaded him to prostrate himself before the Saudis in the presence of the assembled leaders of the Islamic World. Who did that? pl
Peter AU Some, but not many. This "booklet" was produced by the National SIGINT school for the training of colonels and above and the number would have been very small. My MI officer advanced course were lucky to see it. This happened IMO because the instructor didn't feel like writing new material for this extra instruction at the MI school. My classmates were all SCI cleared at high levels. Only a dozen or so opted to take this particular elective in cryptology. I don't remember the classification of this particular item in the booklet. I would expect that at some point this was withdrawn from use in the LBJ directed cover up. pl
Dai Uy Yes it does matter because it is claimed by Clapper that the entire intelligence community agreed in the conclusion and it did not. pl
All A word of caution. If you write to say things like; Israel does not fear Hizbullah rocket and missile fire into Israel, and that Iran is continuing to develop nuclear weapons under cover of JCPOA I will judge you either a fool or an Israeli hasbara and ban you. If you write to say I am a liar in asserting that I read the Israel intercepts I the winter 0f '67-'68, I will ban you. pl
stonevender "Contrary to what the article says, I don’t believe that the transmissions quoted “have already been published in the past”" Wrong! I read them in the winter of '67-'68. pl
Jim Ennes, who was a watch standing officer on the USS Liberty asked me for a statement as to what I knew of the transcripts of Israeil conversations and the ship. This is what I sent him. I was quoted... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
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"On Wednesday, the Saudi-led bloc dropped its list of 13 demands to Qatar after Saudi Arabia, the UAE and their allies had failed to push the tiny gulf state to accept the demands via diplomatic and economic measures and didn’t... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis