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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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It is fascinating to observe the media contortions as they go to extreme lengths to ignore profound and important news. I am referring specifically to the revelations that the National Security Agency, under the stewardship of Barack Obama, was illegally... Continue reading
Posted 17 minutes ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
jack "How did the Russians change the outcome of our election?" IMO they did not. pl
CWZ As a former DIO for the ME and S Asia and SSO det. commander long ago I assure you that some SIGINT reports are disseminated in "raw" form to recipients who are not analysts. pl
Dilbert D FB Ali is Canadian. He has nothing to do with our constitution. I am bored with the endless bitching about the constitution. the truth is that there is no actual way available to change the constitution in any important way. pl
Yeah Right So, your theory is that the Obama Administration ordered an illegal surreptitious physical bugging of Trump Tower in order to know what the Trumpies were talking about. Well, that is what Trump claims as well. pl
Yeah, Right I remember you. you have an IP address in New South Wales and an Israeli suffix on your E-mail. Interesting. I know. I know there are all kinds of explanations for that kind of thing but it still interests me. 1. The WP story says that it is based on Kizlyak's report to Moscow. BTW, the notion that he would report home on an unsecured phone line concerning a meeting like this is laughable except to the more ludicrous conspiracy fans. 2. A US government entity that desired to bug Trump Tower would require a FISA or other court warrant to do a "black bag job" legally. I have seen no evidence that this happened. 3. A private group? Who would that be and of course it would be a crime. pl
LeaNder You, too, have read too many spy novels and seen too many movies. some of you are wasting time here by making up the most outlandish theories imaginable. I consider this to be a place for serious thought, not the kind of nonsense that some of you indulge in. You are not the worst. pl
All Several commenters have put forward the notion that "some other source of information" (other than SIGINT) could have been the source of the material that the US internal spies (leakers)gave to the Washington Post. Well, the number of possibilities for collection means seems limited to me. In the intelligence world the number of black programs and SAPs is endless and one never knows what one does not know, but, the basic possibilities are: SIGINT intercept and decryption (this achievement would be a major asset of the US IC), one or more HUMINT assets in the Russian system (another major asset or assets), one or more electronic listening devices in the Russian embassy (yet another major asset) However you want to look at this the American internal spy or spies gave away information that directly implies the existence of these US intelligence assets. It is to be expected that the Russians will hunt for and correct these vulnerabilities. Get it? pl
Bill Herschel "I would be absolutely amazed if US intelligence can decrypt messages by the Russian Ambassador" Well, good. It is intended that you should be amazed. pl
Eric Newhill IMO this is not fake news. It is a massive violation of the US espionage laws. pl
b It is IMO much more likely that the spy (leaker) is a presidential appointee who is a holdover from the BHO Administration rather than a professional employees of the IC. You greatly over estimate the power of the IC. Normally, the political appointees manipulate the IC people and not the other way around. I would point to people like Evelyn Farkas who several times said on TV that she and a group of Democrats have banded together to screw Trump by using their access to government information. As for Maskirovka, what advantage would the Russians see in inventing a story like this? pl
raven Yes. Tyler gets more "slack" than Nancy K and you. pl
Toggle Commented yesterday on Tidbits - 23 May 2017 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
ghostship Oh, bull shit! the Russian ambassador's communications home would have been in either encrypted voice or text. You, too, have seen too many movies. pl
Sam Peralta At last! someone who understands the level of intelligence disaster involved in this. pl
r Whitman Why would you think that? Is it because the MSM keeps using the phrase probably to protect the leakers? This intercept is entirely within the normal mission of NSA. We want to know what they say to each other as the Russians want to know what we say to each other. This is the normal business of the game of nations. pl
DMC You are conflating very different things. Surveillance ops against Trump may have taken place but the intercept and decryption of the Russian (or any other) ambassador would be a routine task that NSA does every day. pl
khc An unnecessarily complex fantasy. By far the most likely explanation is the disclosure of successful US SIGINT. That is NSA's principal business and they are the best in the world at it. pl
Boronx Are the Europeans wayward children that they cannot manage their own mutual relations? pl
FB Ali The term "Deep State" implies a bureaucratic conspiracy. IMO that is very unlikely. If there is a conspiracy against trump it is among the Democratic holdovers among presidential appointees. A number of them have the access required to receive such documents. pl
LeaNder I have no objection to having women in the armed forces so long as they are no forced into roles for which individuals of either sex are not suited by virtue of personality or physical strength. All are not equally qualified. As TTG a few others here have said, One must have tried to put up a wet, general purpose medium tent to fully understand what I am talking about. pl
"Jared Kushner and Russia’s ambassador to Washington discussed the possibility of setting up a secret and secure communications channel between Trump’s transition team and the Kremlin, using Russian diplomatic facilities in an apparent move to shield their pre-inauguration discussions from... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Heros You are a classic Anti-Semite. Do you have a well thumb worn copy of the "Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion? I am probably going to ban you from SST. I will think about that. BTW my reference to "demonic forces" refers to forces within the bosoms of mankind, not to shadowy presumably Jewish groups. Also BTW, I will use whatever language I choose. pl
origin "the new Trump doctrine of non-interference in foreign domestic affairs announced in the KSA." I didn't hear any of that. What I heard was the mukhtar signing up to do SA's bidding. pl
jack "a ruse for regime change in Syria?" I am missing something. That is already our policy. pl
Origin Good! Let the EU and the rest make their own way and we can withdraw out forces from overseas. pl