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Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the United States and other world powers participating in the Lausanne talks on Monday, saying that they are awarding Iran a prize for its aggression. "The emerging agreement in Lausanne sends a message that there... Continue reading
Posted 5 hours ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Rd If something like this brings the House of Saud down they will have done it to themselves. pl
Charles Thanks for the good words. IMO you can't write about military affairs without a lot of military detail that shows who these people are and what they are as opposed to the ordinary run of civilians. If you don't include this kind of detail on structure, ethos, equipment, then you just have a lot of frantic people running around aimlessly in the woods. pl
Fred you could get a deck with the First National Flag on the backs, "The Stars and Bars." Nobody will know what that is. pl
Bandolero First - I do not know what "catching the Saudis means" Please clarify. Second - "my question to you: do you think the Sauds risk with their intervention in Yemen that their dynasty falls?" IMO serious reverses involving a a country like Yemen would greatly weaken the Al-Saud hold on power. It would show them to be toothless. pl
Charles I I wuz growed like a plant to be like this. pl
James Morrison Was she nice? Are you sure it was a she? pl
Cee If you say so. pl
Charles I 25-30 years ago. pl
Cee I meant my trilogy, "Strike The Tent." pl
Cee It was not I who said the US is still part of the world. pl
David Habakkuk I continue to contemplate the justice of "zilch." IMO very zilch. pl
MRW "(Black Muslims from Northern Africa)" There is no reason to think they were different from modern North Africans. pl
Image pl Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
shanks I suppose the Nez Perce sudden decision to fight the US Army would be an example of the potential of a people unleashed, but I would argue that the potential was there. I have known peoples like that and others who were just as passive as toads and that I do not think anything would have roused, at least in the period of my experience of them. pl
Cee How are you doing with STT? Lots of unacceptable thoughts there. pl
Aka The US is still part of the world? Really? You have not been paying attention to all the nonsense about "American Exceptionalism" and "the city on the Hill." pl
Zanzibar Yes, some people become more wealthy as a result of participating in politics. Was that illegal or immoral? IMO that would have to be established in individual cases as a criminal matter involving influence peddling, bribery or the like. What would be your solution to the problem of humans wanting to be wealthy? pl
shanks Perhaps I have failed in many posts on the subject to communicate my utter contempt for social "science" attempts to explain human nature and behavior in individuals or groups. For me the essential defect in the social sciences approach to characterizations of humanity is the apparently inevitable reliance of the social "scientists" on definitions of the human condition that are Marxist, materialistic and economic determinism in one form or another. IMO the waxing and waning of the collective spirit of a people is an obvious thing. pl
walrus So, in your view the extensive lobbying efforts of corporation equate to control? Does it work that way in Australia? As well, the efforts of the US Government to advance American product sales overseas are evidence of corruption on the part of the government of the US? If so, why do we have the "Foreign Corrupt Practices" law? Is that just a sham and should the US Government not try to advance the interests of US companies? pl
FB Ali "The rise of the National Security State as the fourth branch of government" I have no problem with that assessment but that is a very different thing from asserting as walrus does that it is corporate entities who run US policy rather than the "national security state." pl
ryan "I heard a congressional committee head on CCN earlier today claim that Iran had 700 al-Quds men leading the attacks by the Houthis." Which committee head was that? pl
Martin J "... in the end these simple people don't really distinguish in their minds this Sunni/Shia difference; they are Muslim and that's that." "Simple people?" I never found them to be "simple people."Who are you to say "and that is that" in this dismissive way? I do not tolerate disrespect here, disrespect directed at me or anyone else. Are you a labor migration specialist? pl
Martin J IMO the Houthis will be limited in their scope of control to the traditional lands of Zaidi control. They will figure that out eventually. As I think we agreed before we are seeing the eventual re-partition of the country into its natural parts. pl
liza Without foreign troops I would expect SA to display its usual caution and make gestures around the frontiers of Yemen. The air effort will continue unless it becomes embarrassing. pl