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I admit I have my garden fenced off from the girls, but I do love to have them in there, my little garden buddies. Sometimes they are too zealous with their work and they dig up the roots of my stuff. I have some open grid garden trays that I turn over top of new seedlings and around my perennials I make a triangle buffer zone out of cut logs. This stops the digging up of my plants. I grow a few kale in the same spot every year just for the chickens and they work those over all year! But when the strawberries are up--no chickens allowed.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2012 on My Chicken Gardening Dilemma at Garden Rant
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it seems a little bit too antiseptic and plasticy to me. and aesthetically--not that nice. you wouldn't be planting flowers in your fancy set up would you? i like to feel like i'm improving the soil and environment for pollinators and other living things. somehow this just misses it for me
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2010 on But how does it taste? at Garden Rant
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Feb 20, 2010