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Thats a bunch BS!!! After that I would close all practices just like Salisbury said this morning on Armando's radio will happen again if they trust the moron fans again...this team cant even learn in this area,pfft
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Maybe Spazano wants this to be his last year? lmao!!
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Mando bailed on us again!! lmao!
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wow,I have always admired Armandito's work,I even listen to his radio show every morning,but to not respond to any of this feedback is gutless and "shady"
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Chad Henne!!! you should be ashamed of yourself sir!!How can you say your not embaressed after the way you suck at your position sir!You have to show emotion,show that you are pissed when you and your offense stink it up,show that your excited when your offense does something really good!! But you? Good thing its the time of the year when you can watch rudolph the red nosed reindeer and and relate to the toys on the island of misfit toys!!! You are a misfit sir!! How can you go home and even look your wife,or girlfriend in the face,not to mention the rest of your family and friends.Wave goodbye sir because you are gone you pathetic excuse for a QB who most definitely peaked at michigan. PFFT!!!
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Please for the love of God,FIRE HENNING NOW and replace him with anybody then bring in a new competent OC next year like they did on defence with Nolan! This is friggin rediculous!!!
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Oct 8, 2010