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The only thing I can add personally is that I met Wil at PAX Prime 2010. I asked for a picture, and he concisely explained that he was there to attend the expo, and would feel obliged to take pictures with everyone. AND THAT MADE PERFECT SENSE. He was still a nice guy and I still appreciated having met him. Lilith, I don't understand your sense of entitlement to other peoples' time. Do you think that once a person offers some of their time and effort to the public, you are thereafter entitled to ALL of that person, whenever and however you desire? That they can no longer limit their interactions with you? The fact is that people are invited to cons because they have done something special and a crowd wants to see them. After they hold up the end of the bargain (whatever that agreement with the con is) you don't think they deserve SMALL perks while attending that con? Because you were not personally satisfied, and other people voluntarily took a Star Wars themed picture, you're this enraged? There's a huge difference between being a dick and not being able to give everyone (or let's be honest, just you Lilith) everything all the time. Imagine if you were famous, Lilith. You do what you can to give some people an enjoyable time. Then, you want to do something to enjoy the con yourself. Can you honestly say that I have a right to your time? That anything you do that doesn't involve me is you being an asshole? I understand you're just trolling and will feel vindicated by people even responding to you. You're still a dick.
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Jun 19, 2012