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I will take any rumors with no sources even!
Looks like Nowak will talk about the picks live at 3:00 PM on MLS' website now.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on MLS Expansion Draft Thoughts at Soccer By Ives
The draft is suppose to be starting right now according to MLSnet. Any news?
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on MLS Expansion Draft Thoughts at Soccer By Ives
What other rumors are flying around? How would it have been classy to keep Hamlett on after he beat up Soumare? I think he should have been fired right after that. That would have been the classy move.
Ives, your thoughts are a joke. Hamlett had his chance to win with Conde, Segares, Rolfe, Soumare, Blanco, and McBride. He got into a fight with Soumare and he is no longer with the Fire. Segares is probably going to Europe, Rolfe is going to Europe for sure, Blanco will be gone for at least half the season and probably isn't coming back, McBride is up in the air and either way had one goal after May, and Conde is likely to explore Europe too. Hamlett couldn't get the Fire over the top in MULTIPLE formats, not one trophy, and now the makeup of the team is going to be entirely different. Why in the world should the Fire have kept him? You honestly expect him to go farther with substantially less? This isn't a charity or government work. You can't keep someone around because they are a quality person, standup gentlemen, honest guy and produce passable results. The team needs a new direction. Hamlett may have not done anything to deserve getting fired but he certainly didn't do anything to deserve staying on.
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Posted Nov 25, 2009 at Seviybreccos's blog
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Nov 25, 2009