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No way we do this trade unless Gasol is being flipped in another trade for someone better. Makes no sense t trade our youngest star for an older star.
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i think trading for josh smith makes a lot of sense! Him and Rondo played together in high school! I can see him on the receiving end of many lobs. The Hawks would want jeff green and maybe baby or kristic. That would be a great trade in my mind. Smith is more aggressive than Green and can be molded by the verterans in Boston to be better with his shot selection and overall game. i like it! The mentioned trade of green, baby and Ray is way too much to give. Unless they sign and trade jamal crawford to us, but still i would rather keep Ray. Baby and Jeff green is enough to get Smith.
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ok....your reasoning sounds good, just hope Danny does not pay more than 4-5 million a year for him. let him go if another team is willing to pay more than that. Hoping Baby leaves :)
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i agree.....whoever wants to pay him more than 5-6 million is not doing a good job as a GM. i was commenting on the post that he will get 6-10 million. Big baby thought he deserved paul milsap money two years ago and we got him for 3 million. it will be close to the same this year. only someone really hurting for a power foward and desperate will pay him more than 5 mil per year.
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Not too impressed with your first post. I think Big Baby is worth 3-5 million a year at most. your 6-10 million is a little overblown. Also, we do not own the free agent rights to chris johnson. he played with the trailblazers after us. I will forgive you and hope for better posts in the future.
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Jun 2, 2011