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Cesar Sanchez
London, UK
Scientific editor, microbiologist [Editor científico, microbiólogo]
Interests: science communication, scientific publishing, social media, science, biology, microbiology, internet
Recent Activity
Dear Elio, I am really glad that you find "The Microbiology Weekly" useful! But I must clarify that this is just a Twitter newspaper, automatically generated from my Microbiology Twitter list (@TwistedBacteria/microbiology). The list is a collection of over 400 Twitter users with interest in the microbial universe. So, if the Twitter newspaper is useful, it is thanks to the microbial twittersphere's choice of stories (and maybe to my choice of Twitter accounts). Many thanks for the mention, and all the best, Cesar
Dear Merry & Elio, I've been following this blog for years, and Merry's contribution will certainly be missed. Live long and prosper on your lava island, Merry! Cesar (I once wrote "I'm not a Star-Trek fan"; well, that's not true anymore...)
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Thank you, Elio!
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Great post, Elio! The history of Latin American microbiology does include some fascinating chapters. The Spanish Society for Microbiology has a webpage with brief biographies for some microbiology pioneers, including Eugenio Espejo: Pioneers of microbiology / Latin American microbiology (English and Spanish versions) Readers may also find the following article interesting: Microbiology in Latin America and the ALAM (Latin American Association for Microbiology)
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Jul 21, 2010