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Dagny Taggart: Eh, the players! One has to start somewhere. I say we start with Mr Obama.
This is way off topic but very important Iran – In charge of OPEC – Masoud Mirkazemi, to chair the 12-nation organization during 2011
Taqiyya! He's allowed to lie to the infidels as long as it advances ISLAM Take NOTE. NO MUSLIM country has called for a jihad against him. HE IS A MUSLIM. They don't call him and Apostate. He is not an Apostate. He is doing exactly what is considered righteous by them. Remember the innocent story of Aladdin. The story tells the Muslim child that he should conspire and cheat and lie and if he's good enough at it, then he will rise to power.
The Imam is going to the ME and he doesn’t even pretend that he won’t be garnering support for the mosque during the trip. The developers are – Cordoba Initiative and Park51. The names say it all. They have the audacity to say that they will accept money coming from Saudi Arabia and IRAN. This Center is very large. This place is far and away from where people in NY live. The location is NOT conducive to worship. The location is not correct if all one wanted to do is have a place of worship. This is going to be something much bigger than that. This site was the location of the WTC. This site is going to be the cornerstone for the Islamic Caliphate in the US. They will create a BANKING system that will REPLACE our current one. They will force SHARIA compliance and that is going to be the demise of the WEST. This is more than a GRAVE SITE. The Ground Zero site is going to be the site from which ISLAM will be birthed in full FORCE. This Imam is also linked to ISLAM4UK. Look it up. To fold to this Mosque, will mean to literally, concede defeat. Where is the FBI? Homeland security? Janet Napolitano? look at the mission statement from park 51
When I blogged about it on my site, this is the LEFTY crap I got: John Stapleton says: August 14, 2010 at 12:08 am (Edit) Every conservative — and especially every birther who has called for a military coup in America should be PUT TO DEATH. I hate every one of you and I will dedicate my life to destroying you. I PRAY FOR CIVIL BECAUSE I WISH TO LEGALLY BLOW YOUR FUCKING HEADS OFF. AMEN. I looked up the IP -- it's probably a phony one just like the name. If the name is real, then it's to some reporter nut job. Eh! maybe it is real then. IP
MDL= mediocre, demented, liberal
How many ways does this man have to show everyone that he is a Muslim? Why has no one started IMPEACHMENT proceedings?
Many don't even know about the Mosque still. I'll be posting this on my blog. Meanwhile in Florida, "Florida – Burning the KORAN in protest to ISLAMIC sharia and jihad – CNN’s Rick Sanchez interviews Dove World Outreach Center’s Pastor Terry Jones – can’t understand why ANYONE would want to stand against ISLAM and Jihad"
There should be a concerted effort to Make sharia illegal and Islamification against public policy
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2010 on Mosqueing the Nabe at Atlas Shrugs
Here's another jab in the gut. NY just passed 2 additional HOLIDAYS for the Muslims in the PUBLIC school system.
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2010 on Mosqueing the Nabe at Atlas Shrugs
I'm a Jew. I have heard all that and worse to my face Another way to look at is --- Well, at least he admits it occurred. The holocaust, that is.
I can't find the logo on google images
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2010 on SIOA Trademark Sharia Enforcement at Atlas Shrugs
One should try to submit - Stop Christian's of America - just to see if that trademarks get passed. I DO think that this needs to be a FEDERAL case. The reason is that if you stop demanding that they retract their words,then it empowers them in to continuing the Islamozation of this country. It needs to be addressed. Islam imposes it self as the ONLY religion. It tells the people that to adhere to it's teachings, one must submit in all earthly ways to IT. That means that it's also a POLITICAL structure and therefore is a threat to the government. As Islam grows stronger it's followers decent to IT for the governing of the people. ISLAM imposes it's THEOCRACY through the will of the people to submit to it's RELIGION. That stands in complete contrast to our Constitution. The CONSTITUTION that requires the government NOT be able to ESTABLISH a RELIGION. This "religion" REQUIRES that IT establish the GOVERNMENT. It's clearly unconstitutional to continue to support a religion that is required as part of it's doctrine to CREATE a government. SHARIA LAW is the same to ISLAM as the CONSTITUTION is to the US. This is a threat on many levels, but that is the pink elephant.
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2010 on SIOA Trademark Sharia Enforcement at Atlas Shrugs
If the government rules that this mans freedom of speech is not protected, then one may infer that the government is establishing a religion - Islam. The reason I say that is, if it's going to be legal to defame Christians, Jews and any others, then the GOVERNMENT is establishing a religion by not holding each in equal gravity to it's LAWS. Freedom of speech is there to protect the speech that is provocative. Freedom of speech should be respectful, however, the precedent is what this court should be looking at. The precedents have been to protect even vile speech; ie, the cross with urine on it displayed in a public space, etc..... If they don't allow this speech, then they will be ESTABLISHING Religion in the US. The Muslims will then be able to use this the precedent for an assault in the courts.
This is coming to an IMAX near.
Let me, also, add that the HYPOCRISY of "privatization" is good for the space program, but the not good for Health Care is another example of the bipolar disorder that this guy suffers from. The GOVERNMENT take over of Healthcare was because they could not regulate themselves properly, so the FED had to come in to show them how to "straighten" themselves out. Now that it's the SPACE PROGRAM the OPPOSITE is true for the same type of thing? It's convenient to use one type of logic for one thing and when it's not so convenient to use it he uses another type of logic. Doesn't that STINK of LIES?
Obama is Privatizing space, dismantling NASA, and diverting monies to “Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX), a space-transportation start-up company founded by Elon Musk, a South African-American physicist and entrepreneur. 1. Obama is ceding space to Russia at the least and Iran at the most. 2. The media in US is supporting COMMUNISM and will be horribly surprised when a Dictatorship is what emerges. 3. Obama is diverting money to a “South African-American”! No one says anything? What are you people on? 4. I have to get these bits of information from, of all places, a Russian media? RIANOVASTI. When did Russia become the BASTIAN of TRUTH? 5. There is a five year goal. Why is it five years? This man ALWAYS has a plan. LASTLY 6. WHAT ABOUT DEFENSE? We will have no space defense. There is no way you can SHARE space with people that you are setting up defenses against. Duh!
Wonderful! Best thing to come out of Europe in a long, long time. Bravo! I posted this too everyone should get the word out to support this and have their grievances addressed
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2010 on Suing Muhammad at Atlas Shrugs
wow! I just read through that entire text. I could not stop crying. I could see my grandmothers grandmother in that. My grandmother, herself, had 3 children and only 1 survived from WWII. I am the only child of that survivor and I have only one child. Mine, is a thin line. I hope that I can continue that little thread and make it small yet strong with the history that is HER strong yet tiny thread in history.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2010 on Scenes from Jihad: Bulgaria 1876 at Atlas Shrugs
This is a brazen criminal act. Putin is old KGB. No one will find anything. Saakashvili thinks the same thing. “I think that his ideals will prevail ultimately, good will always defeat evil,” he added." is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 1, 2010