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Young Nightmare Gangsta
Mile High City
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I don't give a fuck she can till get the bidnezz. Matter of fact thats the name of my new track stand by yall! LOL! Yeah we all know dumb hoes like this, but thats why we beat and retreat. A female with class we beat and treat.
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I knew bout most of them cats just from they myspace music pages. My boy for 60s so he hipped me to Nip Hu$$. I honestly don't really dig most of them youg money cats anyway. Freddie Gibbs been holdin it down in the Mid West Gary India so if yall dont know hommie google or you tube his shit. It's pretty tight. I just think this rap game is turnin into a soap opera and shit. Like alot of these cats is doing some real live female shit with all this bloggin and interviews and magazine articles. Then they talkin bout how gangsta they are on a track. Knowin it prolly aint shit to get the next mans number and blast him on the hip like 'a hommie whats the word with this stuff you talkin man to man?' and then they can take it from there. The whole world dont need to know bout the shit.
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Apr 7, 2010
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