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I was playing Red Dead Redemption and just like you warned would happen, I accidentally shot my horse. And it even happened exactly as you described! A bunch of coyotes were attacking my horse, and I tried to kill them (see, good intentions!) while I was tracking them, I fired and the horse's head got in the way, and well... you know the rest. It was like it all happened in slow motion, and there was nothing I could do to stop it! Just stand by helplessly and think "nooooo!" Also, I tried emailing you, but the internet has had a difficult time getting it to you. I've been informed that the email had not been delivered after 6.6, 9.8,13.8 and 26.3 hours. I haven't gotten another notice today, but at this point I think the Internet has lost faith in your email and is just half assing the whole process at this point. Perhaps I will hear back after 52.4 hours? Thought you should know that, in case more important people than I try to contact you. And according to my mother, I am quite important, so that would really suck to lose out on even more important emails! :p
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Jun 3, 2010