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Tyrone Mercer
Booze soaked and inkstained, being juvenile in the cause of satire.
Interests: politics,science,technology,whiskey,whisky, women, and IRREVERENT Magazine.
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There's funny and then there's money. IRREVERENT once again tries to get both. Continue reading
Congratulations on the Amazon thing, but why not do the same thing at that other bookstore? I mean I know Kindle is like awesome sauce squared for us technorati, but shouldn't Nook kids get some Wheaton Love* too? *yeah you can trademark that, my gift to you
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...a couple of dump trucks of money from Simon and Schuster if they find collecting all the crap here wouldn't go amiss. Continue reading
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Jun 2, 2010
Hi Wil. I just discovered your podcasts and all I can say is WTF took me so long? OK, look I was one of those Trekies (yeah I said it) who HATED Wesley, and, stupidly by extension, your own august personage. I could claim the follies of youth as I was a mere cub of 18 (Christ has it been that long) when TNG premiered, but that's the coward's way out. Let me say instead that I've seen the light. I loved this my man and I can definitely feel the olde radio love you're bringing. I couldn't add you to my Google reader any faster without breaking a finger so you're not sending this stuff into the void...unless you count the one between my ears. Oh yeah...f'n funny duck joke, but please tone it down. I laughed so hard I nearly woke the kid.
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Mar 31, 2010