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That piece of garbage is perfect for all of you stinking u fans. Why are you so worried about Tebow? You should be worried about your bad team which is coached by a bad coach, and "supported" by bad fans. The only coverage "da u" gets is by this dumb reported who tells you "candicanes" to listen to such a horrendous song. With Tebow we are looking at 3 NCs in 4 and with Harris you are looking at 0 and 4 to start the year. Go Seminoles, Yellow Jackets, Hokies and Sooners!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2009 on Canes new rap song? at Eye on the U
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Adam S, I would not let comments like Mike's upset you. Billy Donovan is one of the most respected coaches in college basketball. He is still one of the best. A lot of Gator haters don't want to accept the truth. When Speights left for the NBA, Florida was left with no center and weak up front. Had Speights returned last year, I am sure the Gators would have been one of the favorites to win the SEC and to play in the NCAA tournament. Calathes, although a very good player, always struck me as a flashy player who made great plays at times but came short at crucial moments by either missing free throws or making bad decisions. He is leaving for Greece and that is okay. The Gators under Billy Donovan will be once again a great basketball team. By the way Mike, how many schools would love to have a two-time National Championship coach running their programs? I will say 99.5%
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delandcane, It is hilarious that you candycane fans keep referring to Gainesville as canesville. Gainesville is home to the three-time Football National Champions (remember 26-3? and two out of three?) also the overwhelming favorite to win number 4 this year; the basketball team that kicked your butt out of the NIT Tournament. To call the candycanes a contender for a National Championship in baseball is ridiculous. Have you followed them for the entire year? Miami was 15-3 and Florida 14-8 at one point during the season. Miami went 21-17(+4) and Florida 25-12(+13)the rest of the season. At home the Gators are 27-8; we shall see what happens this time around if your candycane team shows up in Gainesville. GO GATORS!
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