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Pete, tried sending these two additional questions for Dr. Rosenberg, however I don't know if you received them, so here we go again: 1) Can the football stadium or better yet FIU sell the naming writes to the stadium ($$$$$$$)? Or is there a limitation because the building was state funded? 2) How expandable is the arena or would we have to build a new arena to meet the Div - IA standards for major programs in college hoops? I ask because some of the SBC folks (UALR & N. Texas) have built beautiful arenas and our still looks Div II. GO FIU!!!!
Pete, a couple of questions for Dr. Rosenberg: 1) Any chance for land expansion either Youth Fair grounds or Tamiami Park to help FIU's massive growth? 2) What is the projected student count for 5 & 10 yrs for FIU? 3) What is the anticipated number of students living on campus @ MMC in the next 3,5 & 10 yrs? How many more fraternity houses are planned? 4) Now that we have a medical school, what are your thoughts about having a pharmacy school? No public pharmacy school south of Gainesville (UF) or Tallahassee (FAMU). 5) When is phase III or final phase of the football program suppose to be completed? If I think of any more questions, I'll post them. Thanks!! GO FIU!!!
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Pete, good to hear that you ran into Scotty Bryant! What's he up to? Did he graduate? Did he ever get an invite to any camp? CFL or Arena an option? That guy can play!!!! GO FIU!!!!
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2010 on Scrimmage No. 4 at FIU Panthers Prowl
Pete, excellent stuff! GO FIU!!!
When is the Sun Belt Anniversary Magazine coming out? This will include an article BY YOU on the history of FIU Football, correct? Let us know. GO FIU!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2010 on 2010 Preview: Defensive Backs at FIU Panthers Prowl
Pete, don't know your restrictions, however did you get my question on Dasher? First, your thought? Second, will he be out a few games or all season? Thanks! GO FIU!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2010 on Scrimmage No. 3 at FIU Panthers Prowl
It seems all College Football forecast publications, EXCEPT for Sporting News have us at or near the bottom of the Sun Belt. It seems that Sporting News did some research just by their discussion and description of our program. Hey, they might of read the GPP during the Pete's days! Well they predicted MTSU would win the SBC w / FIU 2nd. SBC game of the year will be MTSU @ FIU for home finale!!! Pete I've heard that Dasher @ MTSU may be suspended for the entire season due to legal problems, more specifically gambling. Any tidbits of info on this? GO FIU!!!
Pete, what a welcomed read!! Good to have you HOME!!!
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Hey CC at least his English language is understandable, unlike some other head coach in this area. GO FIU!!!
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Good to hear that the LB position is solid. Now we need beef upfront on the D-Line to make those LBs even better. Any JUCOs coming to the D-Line? Troy lives off these JUCO players and several may end up playing on Sundays! Great story on a great guy! PM is the toughest & smartest player I've seen in a while. Good luck to you and thanks for wearing the blue & gold. Remember: "LET THEM KNOW WHEREVER YOU GO!", that you're a Golden Panther! GO FIU!!!
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I too agree w / FIU Fanatic. Don't lower yourself to MIAcanes level. GO FIU!!!
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Hey Pete, nice seeing you @ the game tonight. Guess what? I can post on the blog again. Tried your suggestions and they worked. Thanks. GO FIU!!!
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Pete, Your thoughts on FAU hiring Mike Jarvis? GO FIU!!!
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Hey guys just bought my brick for the new stadium. I think the program is great and helps in the build-up of tradition at FIU. Remember all these other universities with great traditions had to start with someone deciding to make a difference. It might has well be us! GO FIU!!!
Toggle Commented May 26, 2008 on The Next 70-Something Days at FIU Panthers Prowl
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AlexFAU, you read my post all wrong! I was complimenting your programs improvement over the last 5 or 6 years. Read it again. Of course I know about your victories over us in football, I've been to every game we've played against FAU. My point was exactly the fact that we regularly TROUNCED FAU for a long time in all sports before we both got football. Then FAU got football one year before FIU and not only improved in football, but you guys have improved in nearly all your teams. You need to re-read the post. BTW talking about FIU fans being bad is like an alcoholic telling someone that they are drinking too much! Believe me; BOTH universities need MAJOR improvement in that area! GO FIU!!!
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