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Thank goodness there's an influential Republican fundraiser who can clearly see that a 'hug' and working with the President of the United States in response to a disaster is clearly more important than any rank bribery, intimidation, RICO violations and lying under oath could ever be. After all, Republicans have to keep their standards UP!
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Global warming potential of methane is based upon the expected operational lifetime of it, before it breaks down as a result of photolysis in combination with hydroxyl radicals. Since amount of available solar energy is fixed, at some point higher concentrations of upper atmospheric methane should result in a non-linear dynamic, increasing the global warming potential of methane by extension of increasing its half life, and therefore persistence and global warming potential. I have yet to see any study on this potential [and potentially disastrous] phenomenon. This dynamic is yet another potential positive feedback variable. Anyone have any data?
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Jan 5, 2012