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Mike Leach is a douche who runs the gimmicky spread. The U cannot waver from the pro set. Richt hasn't been able to get over the hump at UGA despite having years to do so. And he's not worth how much the billy-bobs in georgia pay him. Jimmy doesn't have the drive anymore/too old. Of course if Gruden were even mildly interested, they need to come at him with millions (ie, trustees need to put their money where their mouth is). Longshot.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2010 on Shannon out as coach at UM (updated) at Eye on the U
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Wow... you guys are screwed. Hope you enjoyed your few years in the sun. The damage won't necessarily be evident next year or the year after, but it will be soon enough. Good luck finding your next guy.
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Looks like someone just crapped the bed. Congrats on your FOUR year run. Now for some much needed humility for Gator fans who have so obviously (to everyone but themselves) carried an inferiority complex from over twenty years of FSU and Miami domination.
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As for playing in Blacksburg, this team showed me in Hellahassee that they are not affected by rowdy crowds. As for special teams, point well taken -- the deficiencies need to be fixed... now. But you're neglecting to see it the other way around. This Miami team has dominated despite poor ST! Once they shore up the coverage, think of how much more dominant they can be when teams have to go 20 yards farther for a score. The key (like most games, but especially this one) will be to stop the run and make Tyrod throw the ball. Yes, easier said than done, but this team can do it.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2009 on Why U should fear the Hokies at Eye on the U
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A USA Today Sports section was lying around and I saw this: YES, it's EARLY... but very interesting. Just figured I'd pile on some more hype.
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2009 on Will the hype hurt the Canes? at Eye on the U
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First, I am loving the fact that NO ONE on ABC/ESPN gave the Canes a chance. During halftime and after the game, the backpedaling from their predictions was priceless. Just goes to show how clueless these guys really are. Herbstreit was the only one who knew. As far as JH injury, from what he was describing, this is not a shoulder injury. He's describing an elbow/ulnar nerve "injury." Sounds like he got hit pretty hard on his elbow where the ulnar nerve (aka, funny bone) runs. He had numbness in his 4th and 5th fingers which is expected since that is part of the nerve's territory. He'll recover quickly from this (if he hasn't already). Wouldn't worry about it. Say what you will about our defense, but FSU has a great team this year. The defense was WAY more fundamentally sound compared to last year. Tackling at the point of contact was much improved. Agree with the amber alert for a pass rush, BUT fsu's O-line may have had something to do with that. I would like to put out an alert for Spence... hopefully he learns from this game. All in all, amazing game and gutsy performance that I haven't seen in years from the Canes.
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