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Broken hearts, empty promises, nostalgic feelings, and the longing to be love and be loved again. These are some of the now common phases of life that we go through. It seems normal to go through courtship, to have an 'In a Relationship' or 'It's Complicated' status in Facebook. Sadly, it also seems normal to have your heart broken and charge it to experience. Don't get trapped in the rat race of love, courtship and relationships. Note: It's been a long while since I wrote about love and courtships. God has impressed this entry in my heart. I know that... Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2013 at Unclank's blog
Eight seconds. That is all the time you have to capture a person’s attention, according to The Associated Press. Busy schedules and non-stop media barrage are quickly taking up your potential customers’ attention. You have just eight seconds to make a solid impression and get them to your next step. In the digital world, this super, most important first impression is called your landing page. Webmaster's Note: This is a guest post by Alicia Lawrence What is a landing page and why do I need one A landing page is a tailored webpage that appears after a user has clicked... Continue reading
Posted Apr 24, 2013 at Unclank's blog
I admit, this is not a popular topic. Not in this day and age. No matter how you pepper it with soft, comfortable words, hell is a place that will always signal horror, regret, damnation and eternal suffering to each of us. There are things that we don't see - but oh how we feel it. And its effects extend to our physical, financial, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual life. We are all bound by chains. These aren't your ordinary set of chains. These chains are special. Yep. Tailor-made for you and me. There's one thing in common with our chains... Continue reading
Posted Apr 18, 2013 at Unclank's blog
Content Marketing and SEO are becoming tighter and tighter buddies. Special thanks to Google. And hey, it's not so bad when you're the end-user. There's more relevant, high-quality content because of all the content marketing that's happening. If you think you have great content that people should read and it's not happening, this post is what you are missing. Ever had that experience when you're walking and you see a tree with low-hanging fruit? Your favorite fruit. Did you let it pass you by? Nah. You probably plucked it and took it home to eat. Easy does it. Keywords for... Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2013 at Unclank's blog
There are tons of people like me. You may not know it but your son or daughter, your brother or your sister, your neighbor, your cousin - we are all somehow in the same boat, rowing on the same strange ocean, against the same tide. I was once a computer game addict. This is my confession. Our Faded Glory When God created the world, we are the peak of His creation. Made in His image and likeness - and all oh, the glory of what it is to be the best in all of creation. Adam was free to roam,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2013 at Unclank's blog
Ever had that moment when you thought you had all you need to write your masterpiece - just to be stopped point-blank by what people would often attribute as a 'writer's block'? Oh it happens. Brilliant ideas do fly away. Outlines are how to pull them own from the sky - to be written out in a grand, orderly manner. Bullet... Points? Shakespeare didn't have a computer before. He didn't have a typewriter either. He had a pen (probably a quill pen), a piece of paper, a brilliant idea, and brain to organize it all and write it out. He... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2013 at Unclank's blog
I'm in that time of my life when there is a need to raise up leaders in the team. I'm finally finding out that it is not an easy task. In fact, it is quite difficult. It demands a lot from us. For this post, I will discuss the first crucial requirement that we have to give our up-coming leaders. This entry has been inspired by John Maxwell's book "Developing the Leaders Around You" Give them Responsibility In the end, all successful people have one thing in common: The ability to take on responsibility People who are entrusted with responsibility... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2013 at Unclank's blog
I think it's high-time to start a new category in God and You - one about leadership. I’ve written a handful before but this time God is taking me to new levels about leadership – especially now that our team over at SEO Hacker has grown to about 15 people. There are numerous ways to grow as a leader – reading books, being mentored by someone, listening to podcasts, watching leadership videos, praying, reading and meditating on God’s Word, etc. There are three parts to SEO Hacker as a company, the first one is the blog. The SEO Hacker blog... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2013 at Unclank's blog
Apple and I got engaged last February 9. Just to explain, in Chinese tradition, there is something we call 'Ting-hun' which is how we celebrate a betrothal between a man and woman. It is a grand ceremony involving a reception, jewelries, exchanging of food, goods, and other respects between families. This is my story behind all that God has done leading up to our engagement ceremony. I basically grew up in a family that is in the middle-class. I praise God for my dad who is a great provider. We never lacked any necessary thing - food, shelter, clothes, you... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2013 at Unclank's blog
SEO is an ever-changing industry. We all know it. Not long ago, SEO used to simply be about keywords, then it became about links, then it became about all that plus social signals, plus site speed, plus less ads above the fold, plus, plus, plus. So what do we really need to consider in this new era of SEO? Here's how SEO looked like not long ago: It was mostly about links. Then Penguin happened. What I used to think when someone says the word "penguin" What comes to mind now We all need a little change in perspective. Linkbuilding... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2013 at Unclank's blog
Jealousy. For many of us who have finished school and are now at work, we think jealousy is so High School. For some men, being jealous is a girl thing. Still for others, it's for immature people. As for me, I look at jealousy so much differently after attending one Bible Study 3 years ago. Have you ever been annoyed by someone who has done nothing wrong to you? Have you ever had that feeling of not wanting to associate yourself with someone but there is no apparent reason as to WHY? That my friend, is jealousy. Sadly, it's not... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2013 at Unclank's blog
Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can freely use to measure and improve your website. It deals with your visitors, user activity, dwell time metrics, incoming search terms, and what have you. Thus far, we have compiled a series of tutorials for you to jump-start your use of Google Analytics: Google Analytics Tutorial - A tutorial about how to install the Google Analytics Tracking code and how to understand the Dashboard data. Here we defined Visits, Unique Visitors, Pageviews, Pages / Visit, Average Visit Duration, Bounce Rate and Percent of New Visits. This is critical to someone... Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2013 at Unclank's blog
Have you ever lost something? Before you did, did you look for it with all your heart, strength and mind? Frustrating, isn't it? I remember when I was still studying and I couldn't find an assignment I did days ago for our Chemistry subject. Back then, this professor was not only my class adviser, she was also our batch adviser and need be to mention, the most TERROR teacher I've met. No kidding, even my mom was afraid of her! So going back, I couldn't find my assignment. And knowing that I've already accomplished it beforehand, I didn't look for... Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2013 at Unclank's blog
February is a busy month. I just finished my talk in UST's PRISM event while I was preparing for a talk to the new Henry Sy Sr. hall in DLSU. It was the Economics Leaders Congress and I had the great privilege to be one of the speakers there. I talked about How you can Use Social Media to Impact the World. The event started with a talk from mr. Francis Kong Then the seminar broke out into groups and the youth leaders went to their respective interests. It was an intimate crowd for me. Intimate but jolly and cooperative.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2013 at Unclank's blog
Every love story has a unique blueprint - a fingerprint, if you would. Some build it from an encounter, some from a character, some from a belief. But there is the question of on what blueprint do you build a life-long romance? This entry has been inspired by the book "Fit to be Tied" by Bill and Lynne Hybels Life's Differences People have different backgrounds. Even if you tell me that you are very similar with your boyfriend / girlfriend, you are still brought up in two different households, knowing two different set of parents, having two different upbringing. These... Continue reading
Posted Feb 21, 2013 at Unclank's blog
I'm pretty sure that you're getting a good number of users pouring in to your website. The real question is, how many people really do read your stuff? How many of your users actually go through your webpages and take time to understand what you're talking about? How do you track that with Google Analytics? A Matter of Time There is a very simple way to measure out your engaged users. Time. The more time they spend on your pages, the more likely they are engaged with your content. For this entry, this is how we are going to measure... Continue reading
Posted Feb 21, 2013 at Unclank's blog
You must be saying, "But we cannot avoid discouragements!" True, in fact, as much as we cannot predict what will happen in a year, a month or a week, we cannot assume we will not experience anything discouraging in a DAY. But how do we react when we are discouraged? Usually, how long do you stay feeling the way you do after the particular incident "caused" you to be discouraged? This entry was inspired by the preaching of Pastor Bong. It opened my eyes that our feelings CAN BE masters of our emotions if we are careless enough to ignore... Continue reading
Posted Feb 14, 2013 at Unclank's blog
1 Corinthians 10:31 says, "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." I've read this passage a number of times but it was only last night that it made sense to me. Thanks to Jerry Bridges for his book,Pursuit of Holiness, I better understand how it is to care for my body as God's Temple. Technology and its advances have brought convenience and comfort to almost everyone in this generation. Everyday there's a new application whether it be for your pad, phone or computer to make your life easier; if... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2013 at Unclank's blog
For sure you have some outbound links in your website going to other websites for various reasons. We sometimes cite other websites as sources of fun, information, or attribution, etc. You can track which outbound links are clicked by your users by adding a short, simple code in your Google Analytics Tracking code. Where are you Going? For sure you'd like to see where your visitors are headed to after they've been through your website. Tracking where all your outbound traffic is headed can tell you which outbound links are doing well in your website and which are not. Here's... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2013 at Unclank's blog
Lots of relationships start out well. A couple goes on a date or two, they like each other, they get engaged and eventually get married. It's the happiest day of their lives! Six months later, they end up miserable and want to get a divorce. What happened? This entry has been inspired by the book 'Fit to be Tied' by Bill and Lynne Hybels which I am reading again in search of wisdom over partnership, conflict resolution and marriage. Some parts of this entry were also taken from this book. Put me Back Together Deep inside we're broken. Marred. Something... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2013 at Unclank's blog
Lots of things can happen in a website today. You can play a video, subscribe to a newsletter, even play flash games! Would you be able to track if your users are engaging in these activities in your website with Google Analytics? With the usual tracking code, you can't. So let's make some tweaks and make sure you're tracking these valuable interactions shall we? Pinpointing each Activity People go in your website to do a certain activity. Either it's to read the information in your page, watch a video, play a game, or simply send you an email using your... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2013 at Unclank's blog
What’s your goal? Google Analytics Goals and Funnels Visualization are the perfect tools to identify how your goals are performing and how you can improve your website’s strategy. Websites have goals. It could be an online store or a subscription site, whatever it may be, it’s important to have good goals in a website. But knowing the progress in your goals is totally different. The most common goal that a person can think of would be selling something online. This is known as an e-commerce goal. By the way, Google Analytics has an Ecommerce module, which I plan to make... Continue reading
Posted Jan 24, 2013 at Unclank's blog
So many break-ups and divorces are happening today. Some years ago, people would be ashamed to admit a break-up, much more a divorce. However, nowadays there are people who, without a second thought, would tell you that they've had 3 divorces or 5 previous break-ups. The sad part about it is that it's becoming the norm and society has accepted this openly. What are the reasons behind it? The Perfect Person There comes a time in our lives when we meet the 'perfect' person. We have a great relationship with them, perhaps even end up marrying them. And after some... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2013 at Unclank's blog
For link builders and SEOs, nothing is more frustrating than sending out emails only to sit idly by and twiddle our thumbs while shooting off the odd follow up email every so often. We have no way of knowing if our fragile bytes of text found their way into a comforting inbox just waiting to be opened like a present in December, or if they are experiencing a baptism by fire and duking it out with free online gambling ads and prescription medication in the spam folder. Truth be told, editors, bloggers, and site owners have become swamped with requests... Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2013 at Unclank's blog
Our emotions are powerful decision makers. It is more often used to make a purchase and justify why we need it. It move us as a person. It is a powerful force that can even drive our actions. The Bible often pertains to our emotions as our 'heart'. The Bible also tells us to guard it. How do we do it? This entry has been inspired by my meditation on God's Word in Proverbs. God revealed to me about the heart, safekeeping, a cancerous disease and the only cure. How do you guard your heart? There it is folks -... Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2013 at Unclank's blog