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The reason he didn't keep stockpiles was because he could make them in 5 weeks. Why risk getting them found until you are ready to use them. As to a choice between Saddam and ISIS, that is a false dichotomy. We had a shot at a real democratic Iraq until Obama decided cutting and running made more sense. Cordially, Jim
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One of the biggest complaints about the Iraq War by members of the left was that "Bush lied, people died" regarding the existence or not of WMD. This factually inaccurate phrase was bandied about so relentlessly that is became conventional wisdom among the perpetually unwise. The NY Times published a story last week noting that a number of US troops suffered injuries from encountering these supposedly non-existent weapons. The argument often centered around whether Saddam had stockpiles of active chemical and biological weapons and/or programs actively working on those as well as the big baddy nuclear weapons. As it turned out there were no stockpiles of recent vintage and most of the weapons the troops ran into were of pre Gulf War vintage. But programs that could produce chemical and biological weapons and most importantly the scientists and institutional knowledge to do so did exist. They could have had fresh batches of all kinds of bio-weaponized evil in as little as five weeks. Saddam had made a calculation that this capability was even better than the physical weapons themselves which could be found by the UN inspectors he let gallivant around the country. So the inspectors dutifully reported that they had found no weapons or factories and too many people took this as evidence that Saddam had been defanged. Wrong, and the danger posed by a dictator with the ability and inclination to build and use these weapons should not have been ignored. Frank Gaffney discusses all of this with the former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy in the Bush administration Douglas Feith. Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at BLACKFIVE
An excellent piece in how our enemies are gaining supporters and fighters from the Center for Security Policy's Nik Hanlon. The recent interplay between al Shabaab and the African Union military mission in Somalia offers new data on the role of ground troops, the holding of territory, and Islamist recruiting. After conventional ground forces deprived the al Qaeda linked group of its last stronghold in Baraawe, al Shabaab retaliated with a failed assassination attempt on the Somali president in Baraawe. To a more tragic effect, they succeeded in killing thirteen innocent civilians in Mogadishu with a car bomb yesterday. The loss of Baraawe was a big loss for al Shabaab. They once enjoyed control of two major port cities where they could earn money in exports and bring in weapons and new recruits unchecked. It is unwise to assume that these groups are simply unsophisticated savages. Savages, yes, but sadly getting more sophisticated and savvy all the time Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at BLACKFIVE
I don't disagree with any of that. I am just mocking the need some have to give high-falutin' names to things like a group with no command structure. Mob would have been a perfectly apt descriptor. Cordially, Jim
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The analysis of ISIS has gone over the edge with this bit of silliness. Writing in the respected Small Wars Journal, First Lieutenant Dennis Lowe said the Islamic State uses something called a “rule-based swarm maneuver system” that draws from Somali tactics in the early 1990s. OK there LT, that is a bit overblown dontcha think? Here is what he says "Rule-based, swarm maneuvering actually is" “Maintain an extended line abreast, keep your neighbors just in sight, but no closer, move to the sound of guns, dismount when you see the enemy, when you come under fire, stop and fire back.” Really??!! That kinda sounds like round up all your goat-raping buddies, load up the pickup trucks and head out barrel-assing across the desert shooting at whatever pops up. I know there is a well-founded instinct to try and figure out our enemy so we can effectively fight them. But turning their version of drive-by shootings into more than it is, doesn't really help. They are not an Army, just an awesomely armed religious gang. Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
The jury in the trial of four former Blackwater guards has been deliberating for more than a month now. They may soon return a verdict in a case that is politically motivated and which has been consistently riddled with inaccurate reporting. Here is a summary of the events as they most likely occurred. A Blackwater convoy entered Nisour Square, Iraq, in September 2007 and when it left, 17 Iraqis had been killed. That is the only truly undisputed fact in the case against four former Blackwater employees currently on trial. One guard, Nicholas Slatten, is charged with murder and the others are charged with manslaughter and other lesser violations. The legal standard in this case is whether they reasonably believed they needed to use deadly force to protect the their own lives or the lives of others. This means the truth about threats they actually faced that day is irrelevant. What does matter is what they perceived and believed: If they thought they were being ambushed, then they are not guilty of murder or manslaughter. Let’s review the incident: Blackwater convoy, Raven 23, entered Nisour Square soon after an IED blast had gone off nearby. During the same week multiple attacks on them had occurred almost every day. They began operations to close off traffic on both sides of the circle and allow their vehicles to cross. During that process, a white Kia sedan approached one of the Blackwater vehicles and that event sparked the entire horrific incident. The Blackwater guards claim they signaled the vehicle to to stop, but when it reached a certain proximity it became a threat to their lives and Slatten opened fire. That split second decision is where the difference between a mistake and a crime resides. Slatten did not have to be correct that the vehicle was a bomb, he simply had to reasonably believe it was one After Slatten shot the driver of the Kia, an Iraqi policeman came to attempt to aid him and his mother who was the passenger. As he did so, the Blackwater guards say the vehicle continued to roll toward them and they believed the Iraqi officer was pushing it toward them. More of the Blackwater guards began to fire and the situation became increasingly chaotic. According to Blackwater personnel, they began taking fire and believed they were involved in a coordinated ambush. Numerous Iraqi witnesses claim there was no fire at the convoy and the guards simply shot indiscriminately into the crowd. EXCLUSIVE statetment to BLACKFIVE: During a previous attempt to prosecute the guards in 2008, a State Department Diplomatic Security Officer contacted me about the case. I met with him in person, verified his credentials and confirmed he was on duty when the incident occurred. He provided me with pictures of the Raven 23 vehicles when they returned to the State Department compound, as well as copies of radio logs from the command post. The pictures show numerous bullet strikes on multiple vehicles and the logs confirm what he heard live over the radio, “Contact, Contact, Contact!” as the convoy reported itself under attack by small arms fire and numerous follow on calls stating they were involved in a running gun fight. Raven 23 also reported the source of the fire was Iraqi Police officers. The insurgents often wore military and police uniforms to allow them to get close to targets so this was not surprising to the guards. The convoy continued to report small arms fire throughout the next 10 minutes and their exit from the area. Damage from small arms fire to their vehicles, including one that had to be towed back to the compound, was verified by multiple State Department personnel. My source said, “ I know the guy who went out to check out the scene and he said there was AK brass all over the place. Blackwater had all US weapons, so that didn’t come from them and somebody was sure shooting at them.” One of the Blackwater vehicles was damaged so badly that it had to be towed back to the State Department compound. This contemporaneous radio report by the Blackwater guards stating they were being ambushed, as well as the physical evidence that their vehicles took incoming fire, very strongly bolsters a case for reasonable self defense. As it turns out, Slatten was wrong and the first vehicle was not a bomb. The cascade of deadly events he precipitated has led us to the current trial and the ongoing controversy over what, if any, punishment he and his coworkers should face. He bears moral responsibility for those he killed, as do the others, but if they did so acting in good conscience, they should be acquitted of the charges of murder and manslaughter. Previous stories on this incident. "Contact! Contact! Contact!" "Source, SOFA talks sink Blackwater guards" Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
I sat down with former Congressman and US Army Bn. Cdr Allen West on Monday to talk about how we should confront our Islamist enemies. His ideas will not surprise you. Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
I spent the day yesterday ay the National Security Action Summit II which was put on by EMPact America and the Center for Security Policy along with Breitbart News. The day started with a screening of Dinesh D'Souza's powerful movie America- Imagine the World Without Her. I spoke with Dinesh before the screening about how America is equipped to deal with an existential threat like Islamism, both abroad and also in a clash of cultures her at home. He believes that although we have been weakened by the depradations of progressive politics and multiculturalism we can still rise to the challenge. Continue reading
Posted Sep 29, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
That is an excellent start and much needed. We can kill terrorists (and should) but it really does take Muslimes to shame Muslims into reality. This needs to get spread around. I will help next week. Cordially, jim
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2014 on World Report- Obama starts his own war at BLACKFIVE
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I love "Don't bring a knife to a Tomahawk fight"/ Levels and levels of referency fun. Cordially, Jim
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2014 on World Report- Obama starts his own war at BLACKFIVE
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What if Obama got the Daily Show treatment for his fecklessness, incompetence and hypocrisy? Watch and see. Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
Trying out a new format for videos. It is supposed to look like the Daily Show and will be serious and mockerational depending on the purpose. This one is mostly serious with some solid and well-deserved shots at our President. Some of these from me, but many from the Generals whose advice he refuses to take. Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
Oh No, Gen. Dempsey said the forbidden words during his Senate testimony. He admitted the blisteringly obvious fact that if the wish and a prayer plan of airstrikes and arming "moderate" rebels, US combat troops are the only thing that will work. That set off the White House Emergency Spin machine with America's Spokesperson (me) and both John Kerry and Obama being extra clear about no combat. Between us we got the General back in the boat. Continue reading
Posted Sep 18, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
No it is not. It is Security Policy Theater. Cordially, Jim
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Did Frank Gaffney's radio show today talking Syrian rebels, ISIS, and Gen. Dempsey's oopsie testifying to the Senate and saying the forbidden "boots on the Ground" phrase. Hanson [ 10:00 ] Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
I didn't say I don't like the law. I agree with the law and the policy. I don't like the threats. Especially when coupled with a delay in greenlighting the rescue op and even more when you consider the RANSOM (Taliban & Qatari cash) we paid for Bergdahl. Hypocritical BS and incompetence form Obama. Cordially, Jim
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Obama has chafed my cones. Threatening the Foleys and Sotloffs w/ prosecution if they tried to ransom their sons, dithering over launching the rescue op, leaking the details of the raid after Foley was dead and so much else. Not the nice sweet Press Secretary in this one. Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
That falls under the Letters of Marque and Reprisal section and I am perfectly fine with that, which probably doesn't surprise you. The more people killing jihadis, the better. Cordially, Jim
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The Islamists have declared and are waging war against us all over the planet. In his Not War speech this week, President Obama asked Congress to act. I concur, the should declare war on ISIS, AQ and all the rest officially. That would put the President on notice that we expect him to do his job as Commander in Chief. Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
Major Garrett of CBS asked "Why would anyone watch?" Obama talk about his ISIL strategy tonight when he will not be announcing any specifics or an actual plan to win. Painful but legit question, I have some painful and funny truth in response. Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
WTF did Ham do then? If he did nothing, he is equally culpable. Stand down is BS, what matters is no stand uo. No one was launched or even alerted. Cordially, Jim
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2014 on Where was the Cavalry for Benghazi? at BLACKFIVE
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An icon of the Old West is the bugle sounding the charge as the cavalry rides to the rescue of Americans in peril. We had an isolated outpost in Benghazi under attack by murderous savages, they sent for help and they got...Jack. Hillary Clinton and her boss Obama did not send any help or even alert any units to get ready and head that direction. Obama napped to be fresh for some big fundraisers the next day and nobidy can seem to say what Hillary did, if anything. They failed to protect the Consulate in Benghazi and worse yet, they failed to respond when US soil was invaded and US personnel, including our Ambassador, were killed. The recent show on Fox 13 Hours with the CIA contractors who were given at least half an hour of stand down orders proves there was a conscious decision to abandon our people. That is awful. But what about the complete lack of a stand up order? That is equally damning and both Obama and Hillary have the blood of those men on their hands. Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
I should have added disgrace. Cordially, Jim
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It was a dull and listless speech given by a man who doesn't believe the words he is reading. There were some good things in it, but the man delivering it and the promises in it is an empty husk. Cordially, Jim
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During his Press Conference at the end of the NATO Summit today, President Obama test flew his new ISIS/ISIL strategy. I think this has real promise. Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2014 at BLACKFIVE