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Jesse Ventura has won the defamation lawsuit he filed against the widow of Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL and author of American Sniper. Somehow he convinced a jury that his reputation was sullied when Kyle told the world Ventura acted the fool at another SEALs funeral and then got knocked out. Ventura said he was suing the widow and kids because of his reputation, not for the money. So setting aside the grotesquerie that he even won, he should refuse to take the cash. He proved his case, he was vindicated, so he should be the "big man" he claims to be and leave the money to the family. I think this is worth some internet torches and pitchforks, so share this on Facebook and if you tweet #DontTakeTheMoneyJesse is the hashtag. Let's heap as much shame on the bastard as we can and make him live up to his own words. I use some choice NSFW words in the video. Continue reading
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I Posted this over the weekend, but most of us were out enjoying the Summer and MG Stark deserves your full attention. We are visiting Manchester, New Hampshire and spent a bit of time catching up with Someone You Should Know from the Revolutionary War. MG John Stark is an All-American bad ass both as a warrior and a wordsmith. He is best know for the New Hampshire state motto "Live Free or Die", which was the close to a letter he sent when he couldn't attend a reunion of his comrades. The full quote is "Live Free or Die. Death is not the worst of evils". Even Bettah! He fought with Rogers Rangers in the French & Indian Wars and was a great leader during our War for Independence. He has another quote used to inspire his men at the Battle of Bennington that will have you ready to follow him through Hell carrying buckets of gasoline. Check him out! Continue reading
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And I didn't misspell anything. Maroon is a Bug Bunnyism for an extreme dumbass. If we mainstream tyrants, we lose our necessary ability to judge some things as beyond the pale. Cordially, Jim And ditto to what Wolf said.
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During a lovely visit to Manchester, NH I ran across something that caused me some consternation. There is a cigar shop right downtown called Castro's Back Room, WTF? They have a statue of Fidel that stands outside and his wretched bearded face is their logo. I did not consider this to be a good thing so I went in to ask the owner if I was missing something. Was he maybe donating money to charities that benefit the Ladies in White or some other group that protests the regime? "No", he said, "Castro is the King of cigars and that's all I care about". Really, I said, but Castro is a mass-murdering f**khead and a communist who oppresses his people. "Yeah, I don't give a f**k about that stuff, He is the King of cigars." I noted that while he may be known for his cigar, he was better known as a totalitarian bastard who has tortured and killed tens of thousands of innocent people. But this didn't seem to matter to this clown, so I told him it is a free country and if he wants to glorify a communist SOB, he can. He agreed and pointed out that he fought for this country, and I told him that he didn't seem to get the whole protect against foreign enemies part of that. So I absolutely support the right of this maroon to associate himself and his business with a scumbag, you are known by your choices. He probably gets his clothes at Hitler's Haberdashery and orders lunch from Pol Pot's Pizzeria. Jackass! Continue reading
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Shorter Tester. He's just a knuckle dragger, plus we all lie. Cordially, Jim
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We are visiting Manchester, New Hampshire and spent a bit of time catching up with Someone You Should Know from the Revolutionary War. MG John Stark is an All-American bad ass both as a warrior and a wordsmith. He is best know for the New Hampshire state motto "Live Free or Die", which was the close to a letter he sent when he couldn't attend a reunion of his comrades. The full quote is "Live Free or Die. Death is not the worst of evils". Even Bettah! He fought with Rogers Rangers in the French & Indian Wars and was a great leader during our War for Independence. He has another quote used to inspire his men at the Battle of Bennington that will have you ready to follow him through Hell carrying buckets of gasoline. Check him out! Continue reading
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More likely they will request Keffiyehs. Cordially, Jim
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Sad but true ver. Cordially, Jim
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Sen. John Walsh of Montana is in trouble, he plagiarized a lot of his Master's thesis. HELENA, Mont. — Montana Sen. John Walsh's thesis written to earn a master's degree from the U.S. Army War College contains unattributed passages taken word-for-word from previously published papers. That is bad Senator and you should own up to it and apologize. The Democrat said Wednesday he was on medication and being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder from his service in Iraq when he wrote the paper. He said he was als dealing with the stress of a fellow veteran's recent suicide. Walsh said he made an unintentional mistake and did not intend to plagiarize. "I don't want to blame my mistake on PTSD, but I do want to say it may have been a factor," If you don't want to blame PTSD, then you shouldn't have. And you shouldn't have. Not only is it a factually inaccurate statement since PTSD does not cause lying or cheating, but now you have smeared all the people fighting their PTSD who do not use it as an excuse to cover up some sad character flaws. If you were an honest person before you went to war then coming back with PTSD wouldn't turn you into a cheat. Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at BLACKFIVE
Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren said that John Kerry was not invited to ceasefire talks led by Egypt in a major rebuke to the US,. "Oren cited the Obama administration’s strained relations with Egypt, and the “tension” in ties between the US and Israel. To Israel’s chagrin, he said, America has consequently not been able to play a more constructive role in this crisis, whereas previous administrations had been able to do so in past crises." This is a direct result of the Obama administration’s antagonistic approach to relations with Israel. We have lost the trust of our only true ally in the region by taking what has essentially been a pro-Palestinian position on the major issues like borders, settlements and even leaking sensitive information about Israeli plans to hit Iranian nuclear facilities. Kerry himself was caught on a hot mic this weekend mocking Prime Minister Netanyahu's characterization of the Gaza operation as pinpoint. The Palestinians are even using Kerry's remark against the Israelis to obscure the fact that their own human shield policies are purposely getting their own civilians killed to generate media attention and sympathy. The left has always had a soft spot for the cause of the Palestinians that transcends logic or reality and the Obama team is infected with it. Their quixotic belief that they could sweep in with hope and change the facts on the ground have proven to be unfounded. They emboldened the Palestinians with unrealistic expectations and set back the cause of peace. That may not be the direct cause of the current fighting, but it has certainly been a major contributing factor. Now we are reliant on the Egyptian regime and their dislike of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Hamas to serve as the interlocutor. The region and our good friend Israel deserve better than they have gotten from us. How low the once mighty have fallen under a President who believes America is not fit to lead. I think he projects his own flaws onto the country. We, and the world, will be many years recovering from the damage he has done to our strength and standing. Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
Well that and the whole rebuild the USSR amke it stronger and faster than before. But OK, I agree it will crash and burn and then what. More conquest. Cordially, Jim
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You need a refresher on tyranny. Putin owns the resources and can take them from anyone in Russia who currently cashes in on them. He is expanding the sphere and the people love it. Who is gonna stop him? And the Euros will abide whatever he dishes out. They have no other options. Cordially, Jim
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We have missed so many opportunities and caused so may to see us as weak. You can't blame anyone for assuming we will do nothing. It is our SOP these days. Cordially, Jim
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The shootdown of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 shocked the world. The Russian-led separatists in Donetsk appear to have shot it down in error while trying to take out another Ukranian military aircraft. The crash scene is compromised and there is no guarantee that an investigation will properly assess blame or anyone will be able to dispense justice. If it was not an intentional targeting of civilians then it was neither terrorism or a war crime. It remains to be seen what will come of this, but it hardly seems likely to lead to peace or stability. Some may hope this will lead Putin to reconsider his reckless adventurism. I am not one of those, and believe if anything Russia will admit neither blame or culpability. If heads roll among the rebels, it will probably be for internal discipline and not justice. There are no international organizations that can assert control or demand accountability. Obama and the rest of the lead from behind caucus are calling for the Europeans to raise up and take control. That won't happen and Putin may even use this to gain more advantage. Weakness inspires tyrants. Where is America? We are the only force that can check the Russians and Obama is on permanent vacation. A good take on this by Tom Rogan at NRO. Continue reading
Posted Jul 21, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
Muchas Gracias Amigo. Elephant in the Room needs a home. Cordially, Jim
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My favorite site and magazine National Review is asking for me, they just don't know it yet. National Review is seeking an editorial associate to focus on television and multi-media coverage. This position is best suited for a TV news junkie with an eye and ear for newsy video, audio, and stories. Key responsibilities and duties include: Watching live news coverage during the day and recognizing noteworthy quotations, trends, and narratives in the media’s portrayal of various issues; Editing video; Covering a wide range of subjects, including breaking news and following up with up-to-the-minute blogging of developing events; Providing quick content for social-media proliferation; Reporting on original stories A background and familiarity with politics, lawmakers, current events, and policy is a must. Please send a cover letter, resume, and relevant clips to mpeace (at) If that is not a call for my singular talents, I don't know what is. So please help let them know. If you tweet, I am @Uncle_Jimbo they are @NRO. The email in the post above could get some nice polite reminders of how awesome this could be for all of us. And I will be doing my bit to make a little noise, like this. Obama can't seem to get his head or his heart in the game as evidenced by his burgers, campaign speeches and fundraisers day while the world burned. Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
That is an excellent point, he sure got well quick. But hey Obama saved his life, so it all makes sense. Cordially, Jim
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There is a lot of concern about reports that SGT Bowe Bergdahl has been released from his reintegration treatment and now is just running wild and free. These concerns are valid, this is the Obama administration after all, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. So far he has simply returned to duty. He had to be assigned to a unit for anything to happen. If he is healthy enough then he gets a job and the next step, whatever that may be, will be done from there. His enlistment period is up and theoretically he could simply be processed and discharged. That seems unlikely because the uproar over trading five terrorists for his release will have alerted O's handlers this would not be well-received. The more likely scenario is that the 15-6 investigation into his disappearance, which was done back in Afghanistan, will be reopened or a new one started. They could simply convene an Article 32 hearing (military grand jury) to decide if charges are warranted. He is almost certainly guilty of some offense against the Uniform Code of Military Justice and Obama would be crazy to try to avoid some accountability for him. I know, I know, he is crazy enough to think about it, but in the end Bergdahl will face some justice. I talked to John Wagner about this yesterday while guest hosting Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Radio show. John served on the CENTCOM task force looking for Bergdahl and planning for his return. We certainly need to keep an eye on this situation as we cannot trust our Commander-in-Chief to ensure the right thing will happen otherwise. JOHN WAGNER, former member of the CENTCOM task force that searched for Bowe Bergdahl: Explanation of why the Pentagon has returned Bowe Bergdahl to active duty Options for the Army as it investigates Bergdahl’s disappearance What are the potential legal and/or punitive outcomes for Bergdahl? Wagner [ 10:00 ] Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
Only when they can point out it is chock full of dangerous guns of every generic type. Cordially, Jim
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Got to agree with you there Val, morons with guns are a menace. I can't even imagine being police chief in Detroit, Wyatt Earp would turn down that gig. Cordially, Jim
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Rolling Stone's 5 Most Dangerous Guns in America deserves a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Dam u Dum. It has been well mocked around the internets and caught the attention of Uncle Jimbo last night. He tosses an F-bomb or two out of sheer amazement. In case you missed it, here it is as captured at NRO. Rolling Stone has compiled a definitive record of “The 5 Most Dangerous Guns in America.” They are, and I’m not kidding here: Pistols Revolvers Rifles Shotguns Derringers So . . . pretty much every single gun legally available in America then. There are no words. He had no words, but Uncle J sure did. Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
This is rich. This is Mitt Romney rich. This is Bill Gates & Warren Buffet talking about the poor immigrants rich. Josh Earnest, the comically/ironically named fella, who serves as the President's designated liar was asked about the Wall Street Journal story which notes that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. In the past month alone, the U.S. has faced twin civil wars in Iraq and Syria, renewed fighting between Israel and the Palestinians, an electoral crisis in Afghanistan and ethnic strife on the edge of Russia, in Ukraine. Off center stage, but high on the minds of U.S. officials, are growing fears that negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program could collapse this month, and that China is intensifying its territorial claims in East Asia. But other than that, Mr. Obama, how did you enjoy your golf? The proper response from Mr. Earnest would have been to kneel, open his kimono and slice his guts out to at least die an honorable death and try to regain a sliver of honor. Instead we got this pearl of prevarication: “there have been a number of situations in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way that has . . . substantially improved the — you know, the tranquility of the — of the global community.” He could not have really said that, could he? The tranquility of the global community? I actually just stopped typing for a moment because I was so gobsmacked by the outrageous and crushingly dense nature of that statement. I guess I could be misinterpreting it. Perhaps he is referring to the tranquility of our enemies among the global community. Perhaps it was accidentally mistranscribed and he was noting that Putin is blissfully reconquering Europe, the Iranians are serenely building nuclear weapons, the Palestinians are pleasantly rocketing Israel, the Chinese are amicably acquiring vast swaths of ocean, and the Islamists are establishing a calm, cool and collected Caliphate. Now it makes perfect sense. Thanks Josh, it is all so much clearer. I am going to meditate on the soothing sound of millions of illegal aliens pouring across our non-existent border. Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
OK that was a fun little rant excursion you took there FLYNAVY, lot's of good references. I am thinking about doing actual video mockeries of the VOX mockeries. But like the Onion ,they are so lost in space they are almost unparodyable. Cordially, Jim
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Getting information about the Benghazi debacle has been almost impossible in the face of a full on campaign of obfuscation and lies from the administration. But there are some options still available and Vets for a Strong America took advantage of the power of FOIA. Veterans for a Strong America (VSA) has formally notified the Department of State they are seeking all of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s agency and home (personal) landline, mobile phone and email records, including information on any “alias” accounts, for the 36 hour timeframe surrounding the Benghazi terror attacks. Yeah it would be kinda nice to know what the great leader of the State department was doing instead of answering that 3am call. Patriotic Americans were fighting and dying, Obama was napping and fundraising, what was Hillary up to? Joel Arends, who is Chairman of VSA and also serves as a Major in the US Army Reserve, worked with leading national security expert and attorney Mark Zaid to file the request. Zaid represents several of the CIA officers who were on the ground in Benghazi during the attacks, and is renowned as the attorney who won the $2.7 billion dollar judgment against Libya for the 1988 Pan Am/Lockerbie bombing – the largest ever settlement against a foreign government for an act of terror. The FOIA request states that “To date and to the best of our understanding, no records have been produced publicly reflecting the details of Secretary Clinton’s interactions with other State officials (and/or other parts of the U.S. Government) during the 36 hour timeframe at issue in this request. That timeframe encompasses the entirety of the attacks on U.S. Government facilities and personnel in Benghazi.” All we know for sure at this point is that nothing was done to save our people. We anxiously await a full accounting of the actions Hillary took to fulfill her responsibilities. Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2014 at BLACKFIVE
The debut episode of the World Peace Report explores the Israeli response to sustained rocket attacks aimed at its civilian populace. Does the destruction of Hamas terrorist targets fit within the Laws of Land Warfare requirement for proportionality? The simple answer is yes and Jim Hanson explains why. More about this World Peace Media outfit shortly. Remember Pacify is an action verb. Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2014 at BLACKFIVE