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Greater Los Angeles
The Model 1911 is a classic and beautiful piece of machinery. Call before you come over - I don't like surprises.
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Bingo! Article 2, section One. Thank You.
They will probably garner a couple of dozen protesters which the media will report as a significant number, or they may even describe a crowd "estimated" in the hundreds.
Actually, the headline should read: "Obama Pulls His Executive Orders from his Drawers" There, fixed it.
"This is a disturbing thought and I would not be surprised if it is deleted." Leslie, political discourse is never deleted at Atlas Shrugs.
This is a teetering point with Egypt. Sisi looks like a likely leader of the country. And he's not bad. The Egyptian military is pounding the Islamists in the Sinai, especially near Gaza. And Obama cuts off their aid in response. The Egyptian military needs helicopters. I would withhold buckets of money and those F-16s until they continue to behave well - and yes Virginia, that is the ONLY reason to give foreign aid - to ensure they behave well. They need our tanks more than our own military wants tanks right now. The cooperation between Egypt and Israel to carry out these counter terrorism moves bodes well for the way the political process is turning in Egypt - so obviously Obama must rush in and screw things up. A wise statesman would dribble out the military aid and watch how it's spent to decide if it should continue. For the moment, the Egyptian military is spending their efforts wisely. By entirely limiting military aid to Egypt Obama is directly aiding the Muslim Brotherhood.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2013 on Grievance Mongers Tunnel at Atlas Shrugs
The leaking of state secrets needs to end. The people who are letting these secrets escape are violating a trust. Some of the secrets are shocking and some are damaging to our security. A secret it a secret. The NSA has been very bad, but should we be giving the enemy regimes the names of our covert operatives? I say NO. Spycraft has existed much longer than our republic. Let us do it correctly. Fuck Obama.
The US had better smarten up quick. The people have let Obama use the sequestration to cut the military's balls and it's stupid. They are seriously talking about eliminating entire fleets of aircraft, I believe eliminating all of the A-10 fleet was on the table. And that's at the same freaking time as we are paying to rewing the A10 fleet into the next couple of decades. We only made about 230 C17s and they are closing the production down in 2015. 230 or so aircraft? Any idea how many aircraft were consumed by any of our last major conflicts? WWII, Korea (for which we were ill prepared), Viet Nam? We lost a bunch of B52s in Nam. To clarify, the plan would be to move the fleets from active Navy, Air Force or Marine service and transfer them to the Air National Guard. They would still be used for training and support, it's a balance sheet thing. We couldn't afford to send a Naval boat to the Mediterranean until the purpose was to topple another Islamic state headed by a dictator somewhat friendly to Christians, Jews, and the US. Then it was worth something like 3 ships or more based on flimsy evidence. And by the way, those few missiles O was going to toss over go for 1.5 - 2 $M each. And in the beginning the limited plan was 3 or 4 missiles toward each of 50 targets. That's $400M in missiles alone. It cost money to deploy and deliver. That would have been almost half a billion in missiles alone. Probably a billion dollars to spank Assad, and that's with no boots on the ground. OMG, the fu*cking idiot didn't even realize he was playing cat and mouse with WWIII. Thank god Russia solved the problem and Obama can get back to ruining the economy and taking away guns. One thing is clear. If Obama is STILL a Muslim, he is Sunni.
"The current military isn't worth SHIT and will NOT save US." I don't disagree, however your comment merits a bit of discussion. I believe our military is still the best in the world, but weak and ineffective leadership has been installed in the highest ranks in the current liberal effort to keep the US from projecting power and preserving hegemony. It's not the fault of the man who is boots on the ground that he's not allowed to load his rifle without a permission slip. National Review just ran an article that broke down by the numbers just how ineffective using the sequestration to defund the military really is in terms of limiting the deficit, and how enormously damaging it will be to our national security. We are seeing leadership by those who admire Cloward-Piven strategy. It is the same self-destructive philosophy applied to statesmanship. It all makes me wonder what Bolton has written about things lately.
You seriously need to read the story more carefully. The details may be a bit sketchy, but it clearly states that the children never set foot in Canada and were killed in Somalia. The wife was Kenyan, not Canadian, and was unable to obtain Canadian citizenship. But you are right, this was sick.
Your grammar is so incomprehensible you should just hang it up.
I'm not a spook, just an engineer with an $$BI. If you want to be able to walk in to a $CIF then your clearance makes you subject to being polygraphed, anytime, without prior notice. They make an appointment at your convenience and ask you not to drink the night before. It’s a requirement for your maintenance of your clearance, but not necessarily your employment. I have good friends who have been debriefed for failing their poly. Sometimes it happens as a matter of course simply for being briefed into a new program with different security requirements than your last. I’ve also been asked to sign non-disclosure forms when coming on to a new program. Accepting a clearance is accepting a responsibility as well as an accountability; both of them are for life – much of the info you may use in a SCIF is secret for life. But asking a person to non-disclose something after the fact is security bullshit 101. It’s like putting the toothpaste back in the tube – you just can’t do it. Depending on the level of your clearance the nature of the questions may be limited. At the first level there are no "lifestyle questions" - they tell you this openly on the outside. You are welcome to draw your own conclusions, but I believe this means that they won't ask if you're queer of do drugs. HAH! In a conversation with a fellow who held a higher clearance than mine he told our small group that in his poly they asked deeper questions, like if he was faithful in his marriage. Or ever screwed a goat, but at that point I think he was joking.
Long comment...I enjoyed reading what you wrote, though I loathe the situation you so accurately describe. We have a president who wants to put us on the wrong side in a war we should stay out of. And the balance of power in the world is changing. China has put their military on a modernization program. China and Russia are building up their militaries and their spheres of influence like mad while our military is cutting back due to the punitive nature of the sequestration. Obama makes the allies he wants instead of the allies the US needs. We are infiltrated all the way up to the Commander in Chief. I wonder if we will ever know the truth about the man.
Dude! Six of one - half dozen of the other. Acid or knife, she's left with partial blindness and I suspect some permanent degree of disfigurement. The kid who did this should have his ass beaten within an inch of his life.
John Bolton has in the past explained brilliantly why we should be staying out of this; it is sectarian violence and we don’t have a dog in the fight. Stupid lefties think that if we merely plant the seeds that a Jeffersonian democracy will spring up from the ground where ever we intervene. I read an AP story quoting the White House as saying that they (Obama administration) didn’t want to put boots on the ground or create a no-fly zone (Syria has a good sized air force, even if they are a little low on munitions). No, the plan would be to use missiles to take out their missile batteries and artillery and air bases. Umm, the missile batteries the Russians just sold them? That kind of statesmanship could stumble us into a hot skirmish with Russia on Syrian soil. And with China and Russia together blocking UN sanction of military intervention, does anyone think he’ll go through congress to approve his actions? I’m feeling an executive order coming on in 3…2…1… Obama may want to move in soon. There is increasing in-fighting among the various rebel factions and in fact they are spending resources that would otherwise be spent combating the regime defending the territories they control from extremists that they are not aligned with. Russia and China have both been aggressively modernizing their militaries and working to expand their sphere of influence in the world. Both countries likely see Obama’s weakness and lack of intelligent foreign policy as what is now an eight year open-door on expanding their roles in the world, but Syria is the wrong theater for countering that.
Oh stewardess, I speak jive and he said ... Rory, what you suggest would be an interesting project.
"It is astonishing that Zimmerman was acquitted, considering the immense forces of the Obama administration and the institutional left working furiously to convict him." Pamela, it is to the credit of the jury that Zimmerman was acquitted. This should be over now for Zimmerman, but Holder may go after him. They should be going after Holder!!
Here is the money quote, I guess from the boy’s mother after speaking with her son: “They normally have their bottles on their table but they were kept in a tray by the teacher.” This means that the teacher went around to every student’s desk and confiscated their water bottles for Ramadan. Young Luke apparently would have had to go up to the teacher in front of the class and ask to reach his water bottle from the tray in which the teacher had it impounded. And the denial by the teacher is really humiliation of the infidel for the benefit of the muslim students. Where in the heck does this teacher think he or she is teaching anyway? Texas?
John, Not only am I not attacking you, I didn't even respond to you. Paranoid much? My response was to Roger and the only thing I said about you is that you are promoting a false flag theory about the brothers, which you are. And it is nonsense. Your assumption that I am unaware of the issues you've mentioned is wrong, I'm keenly aware. While media reportage of the events hasn't been perfect, it seldom is with a rapidly developing situation. The media didn't create the evidence. Go find yourself a real conspiracy to theorize about.
Roger, I think you meant to direct this comment toward John, not toward Paul. It is John who is promoting the false flag nonsense. The name of the commenter precedes the comment.
Constitutional legitimacy: is the ink even dry on that constitution that the MB just wrote?
That's great question, you just reminded of my reading of that book. The author's son infiltrated the CAIR offices and made off with a great many internal documents.
I have been saying for some time that Obama will find it necessary to overtly supply weapons to cover up the fact that he has already been covertly supplying weapons to the "Syrian" rebels. I use quotes because many of the rebels are not Syrians, but rather global jihadists who go where ever it's hot. We should not be involved, and frankly I think the tack Russia is taking actually gives her the moral high ground vs. Obama's actions. John Bolton has schooled us that we should stay out of matters that are essentially purely sectarian clashes and Syria is that. He's also schooled us that the U.S. should not be giving monetary aid to countries where it will do nothing to further our state interests and he is spot on there too. In his two terms Obama is hell bent on surrendering our projection of power and giving China and Russia our tier on the world stage, turning a more-or-less stable middle east into a cadre of governments run as Islamic theocracies rather than the dictatorships relatively friendly to the U.S. that he should have left standing everywhere he decided to F around with the lives of American troops (which lives he shows no regard for), put our great grandchildren in debt with his deficit spending that included maddening quantities of jizya, stacked the supreme court against the Constitution, and I'm preaching to the choir. I have seen it opined that his end-game in promoting the rapid change in the rule of middle east states is the destruction of Israel. I'm not convinced he's able to look that far ahead. Those would be chess moves and I think he's a checkers kind of guy - but who knows who is really pulling his strings. //end rant
gospace, you're thinking of Beslan.
Anytime someone trots out Timothy McVeigh I trot out Hussain Al- Hussaini and ask if they've ever heard of Jayna Davis or her book, "The Third Terrorist". Then I explain the reason they are under the same impression that McVeigh's was a case of domestic terrorism is because Clinton kept the FBI from pursuing an investigation into the Iraqi who was behind the bombing. Clinton didn't want an act of Islamic terrorism on his watch and so he made certain the truth would not be discovered. Truth will percolate, eventually. Some are willfully blind to facts not in line with their agenda. Soon after the jihad connection to the Boston bombing is discovered, the news cycle will somehow circle back to Newtown and Sandy Hook and most people will see this as normal. Of course there will be more, and I expect more bumbling and false reports from all agencies and news outlets, and I expect outrageous handling/manipulating of the situation by the Obama regime.
Brings to mind Milton Berle and Flip Wilson in drag. I guess they weren't trying to be taken all that seriously. This was a classic too: In all seriousness, the ad is brilliant.