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Paris, France
Human. Ruckus maker. Writer. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Futurist.
Interests: Reading, thinking, writing and seeing new places.
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You see, it is because people are actually poor that's why they resign to going around begging alms. And it doesn't matter whether they are dressed in a suit or in rags. The thing is, the point at which any... Continue reading
Because it affords another opportunity to do great work. Another opportunity to get better at your craft. To raise the ante and to lead new conversations. Of course, you do have a right to be sad after a failure event.... Continue reading
You really cannot control the kind of thoughts that impresses on your mind. But what is often within your power are the thought prompters -- those things you choose to hear and see. They are exactly what informs the quality... Continue reading
I don't know if staying ‘alive’ is easy for you, but for some of us, we fight daily to do so. We fight to get out of bed every morning and face the day in stride (even when it is... Continue reading
In a conflict situation, it is the wise that moves for peace first & not necessarily the one who is wrong (& sorry). For them, it is better to be at peace than to be right. And in the prioritization... Continue reading
In life, there will always be moments when we have to make hard decisions. And no matter who you are, you will not be excused from this. It is a necessary rite of passage. Sometimes, this decision will mean that... Continue reading
There are two ways to react to an unpleasant news about your neighbour. One way is to be generous and the other way is to show your other side. While your generous side says, ‘oh no, I wish this isn't... Continue reading
You don't do the world (around you) any good by withholding your best self from expression. And infact, it is not humility. Far from it. Part of true living is to know that people may feel insecure around you but... Continue reading
It is what it is. MISSunderstanding. Meaning that two persons could get along on other fronts but not on a particular issue. They miss a fibre of connection. And the fact is, there is really nothing wrong with both parties,... Continue reading
Talking about the idea of keeping the right perspective, for some of us, we were not supposed to miss the challenges we are currently facing at the moment. Yes. Those tough challenges you are facing now isn't so much a... Continue reading
Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak. Sometimes it just means you are strong enough to let go. And the thing is, sometimes, it really does make sense to give up. And it takes someone who has been there... Continue reading
What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it. Period. The thing is, the event is not the experience but the interpretations you give it. The judgements you make from... Continue reading
See, as humans, we will never outgrow the need for one another & infact we were not designed to be independent. If you are a specialist doctor, you will always need a good mechanic; a president will need a good... Continue reading
....even if you have to do so yawning. Just say it. To be courageous does not imply the absence of fear but your ability to act inspite of it. And the thing is, your knee may buckle in the process.... Continue reading
....any judgement premised on incomplete information is usually faulty. More often than not. They are usually very faulty. ‎ It is the reason why you should give allowance for the grey part of the situation that you are not currently... Continue reading
A critical part of what makes our humanity is that we are frail and very prone to errors & mistakes. Infact, we were all born foolish. And every passing day gives us an opportunity to gain wisdom. Line upon line.... Continue reading
As humans, it is important to recognize that there is no such thing as a self-made man. And for some, they may have just being too blind to recognize their helpers (sometimes, it is very tempting not to, mostly when... Continue reading
They say management is the gap between failure & success. The gap between depreciation & appreciation. And this also applies to matters of everyday life. Including our image capital. The thing is, if people have a perception of you that... Continue reading
If we do it, it is bad & totally unacceptable. But if you do it, we should understand. To you, there is no problem with that kind of double standard (the kind that you are both setting and judging with... Continue reading
You might have heard that you don't do yourself much good when you are the only one talking in what is supposed to be a dialogue. It is even more tempting when it seem like you are the smarter one... Continue reading that, while the former addresses who is going wrong, the latter addresses what is going wrong. One is what you do to someone while the other is what you do for someone. One is a gift of a nature... Continue reading
I don't know how you see it but i think it is much better to always arrive early than to be late. And reasons being that it serves your interest on two fronts: you arrive organized & settled and two,... Continue reading
There is both a thin and a wide difference between the Poor & the Rich. As ‎conflicting as this might sound, it is the truth. ‎ The thin difference are the little choices they make everyday -- how they use... Continue reading
There is a gulf difference between making money and making impact. You can make money and not make impact, but you cannot be making impact and not have the money you need. And to make impact is as simple as... Continue reading
There is the African adage about the lizard that fell from a tree and, surprised at the feat, looked around for an applause. On getting none, it proceeded to nod enthusiastically in self-praise. But you shouldn't adopt that approach. You... Continue reading