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My solution is simpler: If it's going to wind up as HTML eventually, don't write it in Microsoft Word. Use the free Writer, the open source derivative of Sun Microsystems' Star Office Writer. It can compose documents with all the styles and nice appearance of Word documents, but when it exports the document as HTML, the resulting code is much, much cleaner. Any styles used in the document are included as HTML inline style blocks. It can also import Word documents, although I have no experience using it as a filter to clean up Word files prior to export to HTML. is a free suite similar to Microsoft Office, and is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux systems. (Up to version 2.4 it also ran on Windows 98 systems, and you can probably still find the installer in archives.)
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2010 on Cleaning Word's Nasty HTML at Coding Horror
Wow, man. It looks like pot enthusiasts were too stoned to make it to the polls or even send in their absentee ballots. On the brighter side, however, George Soros blew $1,000,000 on this effort, essentially pumping that much money into the state's economy without getting what he wanted out of it.
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We don't need Polanski here. With California's budget crunch and Gov. Schwarzenegger looking for ways to release thousands of non-violent offenders from the prisons to save money, why would we want to take on more baggage? Leaving Polanski in life-long exile from the U.S. and California is as good as a death sentence as far as I'm concerned.
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@ThinkerDude -- a similar hazard can be created by other "trivial" things, such as cats and small dogs that think it's "cozy" to curl up at the driver's feet, as well as soda bottles and other loose debris on the floor of the passenger compartment. Floor mats are just another piece of debris, unless they're secured to prevent them from creeping forward under the pedals. It's the driver's responsibility before getting underway to make sure the controls are free of obstructions that could jam them and make them inoperable.
Sorry for the victims, but it sounds in part like inadequate driver training, which is par for the course in California for the last 20-30 years, since Driver Ed was dropped from many high school curricula for reasons of cost. Fortunately, this isn't the case yet with aviation training, where fixed wing pilots have a 5-10 seconds to react and rotorcraft pilots have 1-2 seconds to react in the event of an engine failure, and there are programs for recurrent proficiency training in place. Maybe we need something similar for motorists.
I find it hard to understand how a floor mat jammed under the accelerator pedal could cause a fatality. There are a number of things that a motorist must be prepared to do instinctively, without lengthy analysis in an emergency -- kick the transmission out of gear, kill the ignition, apply the foot brake, and if that fails, apply the parking brake. That said, other than reasons of saving a few pennies, I don't understand why automobile manufacturers haven't solved this problem decades ago. I've flown a variety of small aircraft -- fixed wing and helicopters -- where securing the back end of floor mats with a couple of nickel-plated snaps is a standard solution. If the vehicle operator has his/her heels on the floor while pushing pedals, the mat will inevitably tend to creep forward unless it is secured.